Friday, December 11, 2015

UPDATE... Major issues already!

Well EZ Biker Friends, if other are having the same issues I am; there's going to be MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Pissed OFF Bloggers! Right off the bat, I can't setup my new account with the Open source writer because, it says my username and/or password is invalid. I have only been using the same log in information for the past 5+ years! I can log into my email with using the same information this Open source site says is invalid!
I have setup an account with and even my sign on information is buggy, signing on with them! I submitted my issue; so lets see what happens. Well... it might be time to go with another blog service..........
Stay tuned!

Update # 2
I saved this blogger forum link from the last time there were issues. This present one is just starting to COOK. Here's the link:!topic/blogger/lw_sNsyySKI 

But you will probably need to sign in om your google account.... 

 UPDATE 3 - Changed see Update # 4

For any of you that might want to send OLW aka GitHub a little LOVE... or help email, here's their contact email link: 


 Here is the BEST source to send in your issue to.

Once you have clicked submit you can click on the "Issues" tab and see your submission and others. I just submitted mine and already got a response. They are aware of the Blogger log on issue!

Here is the response I just got... So they are aware of this isse and am working)?) on it... :-///