Friday, December 18, 2015

Alternative Blog clients…

OK EZ Biker friends, this is NOT the BIG announcement; but instead a suggested work around to the present OLW issues. I believe it’s going to take a while before they get that all sorted out and thus, I plan on looking into using an alternative blog client for the foreseeable future.

I remember doing blog client research back when I first started to move into blogging. And YES, there are some pretty decent alternative blog clients out there and here are some links to go check them out!

Over all search for blogger clients link in bing:
Five best free blogger clients (A little dated) but I think some of these can get you by, until OLW gets sorted out better.


One specific client program that’s pretty high on my list is this one:
UPDATE 12/19/2015 - Not sure if this client works with Blogger as of yet. Have sent an email to them.

 UPDATE 12/20/2015 - Got an email back from these people and they still don't support Blogger; but they might look into it. I sent them some links of all the fun that's been going on... :-PPP

Got the following client link in:  It has not been updated since 2011; BUT... it works with Firefox and has been noted for working with Blogger.

I’m sure there are others and if anyone has some good suggestions; PLEASE pass them onto me and I'll share them here! (Replace the AT with @)

UPDATE! Got this from Angie! Thanks! :-D