Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A nice long HARD bike ride! Just what the Doctor ordered!


Well EZ Biker Friends, I have finally… calmed down, thanks to some very long mileage bike rides this past weekend.Thinking smile There’s just something about those mass shootings that just sends me into orbit! Especially when people are just standing there like cattle WAITING to be killed and doing nothing! To anyone reading this (Especially if you have children) PLEASE… get your school aged child enrolled into a self defense class ASAP. It’s the single best deterrent towards guns and may just save your child's or others lives. Think for a moment, what if this incident had happened in a kindergarten, grade or high school classroom? If adult kids or people are attending a college and freeze up during an event like this… what do you think younger kids will do? While self defense / martial arts training won’t insure your child's safety 100%; it will at least give them a fighting chance, to defend themselves, period!Thumbs up