Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Bike Industry is Sick(?) No… It’s (SADLY) nearing DEATH! :-(


One of my favorite websites, Bike Shop Girl posted a rather interesting article, the Bike Industry is Sick and Hiring More Women Won’t Fix It.Surprised smileApparently women have not faired well in the industry and this article brings a lot of that out into the open. To be honest, I was not aware of this issue. (DUMBO Biker here… ;-)

Sadly, I wish the bicycle industry was ONLY sick; but it’s a lot worse than that.Disappointed smileAnyone that has kept up with my blog posts over the years, should know that I’m a strong believer of something called “Signs”. (See my link and link on this) When a series of things start consistently happening; it’s time to step back and get a serious READ on possible pending events!Confused smileSome of those… signs have recently been posted, like a local recumbent bike shop closing it’s doors (After 47 years in business) and a widely know bike shock absorber company, likely ceasing operation. I have started networking with other local bike shops (To see if any will service my bent) and surprisingly a few that before wouldn’t even let you bring a bent bicycle in side) are actually receptive to doing recumbent bike repairs! Some bike shop owners are realizing that even unreal… bicycles represent “Business aka $$$ income” coming through their doors. But more signs are appearing as well. One long time shop owner made a startling revelation. In the past we use to have a high volume of parents bringing their kids in, to purchase bicycles. That’s just NOT happening anymore. We likewise are beginning to get inquiries about electronic bicycles or e-bikes; along with a few incoming for repairs. In a previous post, I also reported on possible “Mechanical doping” aka adding small motors to TDF (Tour de France) bicycles.


These and a lot more signs continue to make themselves known. I’m truly going to miss hpv (Human Powered Vehicle) bicycling!Crying face