Saturday, July 11, 2015

Purchasing OLD Technology for a specific feature is RISKY! :-(((


As is typical for me, I’m SLOW to embrace new things, especially when they are technology related.Turtle A few months back I decided to move on an early style Garmin GPS device, Forerunner 101 for one specific reason; it had replaceable batteries.Thumbs up There are various vendors at that are offering them and the $160.00 price ,(About the same you can purchase a more newer model for) that seemed to be a pretty good device. So for the next month or so, the device worked really well and I was getting close to removing my present bike computer with sensor off all my bikes. Then this past weekend I glanced at my device and it had stopped working. I turned it back on and it worked for about 5 minutes. Thinking maybe the batteries were the issue, I changed them out back home; (2 separate sets) only to observe my $160.00 purchase was still DEAD.Wilted roseI then went to the Garmin sight, only to find that they don’t even offer any kind of service or repairs on this unit anymore…Steaming madNeedless to say, I’m NOT a happy camper at the moment! Obviously the lesson here is, NEVER purchase OLD technology; no matter what great feature it may have… Lightning