Saturday, July 25, 2015

First it was physical doping… NOW… Mechanical doping? :-(((


I truly PITY anyone who was not around before 2000, on this planet!Sad smile Humanity cherished and revered something called integrity.  Cheating was still around then; (Todays cheaters didn’t start the fire on this – From a Billy Joel song) BUT it was considered a MORTAL SIN and society didn’t put up with vermin like that. WELL, like the land line phone, integrity obviously is likewise obsolete now!Broken heartAnd of course this would have to happen at an event, that has constantly defecated on integrity; the Tour de France.Wilted rose The revelation for this years event, are tiny little motors, built into bike frames that help cyclists in the climbing parts of the race; as stated by former 3 time TDF winner Greg LeMond.Surprised smileARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?Steaming madAnd here’s a link to a website that goes into detail on how it’s done.NinjaClearly this is just ANOTHER example on how technology (Like you see demonstrated by the BORG, in Star Trek) continues it’s quest to assimilate clueless humanity!Thumbs down