Thursday, June 04, 2015

OT–Proof I sent and you received my email! :-D


Admittedly, I miss Outlook Express,Sad smile for basically ONE feature I have always found useful; a received / read email receipt. There have been some instances where a former employer / supervisor was notorious for: “I never received any email or notification on whatever issue, from you. only to THEN have to change that tack, upon being presented with copies of email sent, received and open receipts.Nyah-Nyah(That use to totally PIS… him off, every time) I began to contemplate resurrecting Outlook and talked with a few of my old IT friends and got several Great suggestions for email tracking services. If you don’t require to send a lot of return receipts then GetNotify is a site you need to check out. You get 5 (FREE) email notices (To send) on a daily basis and more if you make a donation to them. (See the site for that information) For me, I’m good with just ore or two emails that I want to make sure the intended parties at least received and maybe opened. This is a good site to check out!Thumbs up

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