Tuesday, June 09, 2015

OT - Seriously folks, if the “Internet” ever crashes…


Well EZ Biker Friends, as you know we had a brief interruption of being able to post on our blogs via 3rd party blog clients, like Windows Live Writer. (WLW)  The issue was the result of Google changing it’s login procedures via a 2 step process that obviously was not setup for other Google services and external vendors that access the services. (Did that make any sense?Confused smile) Needless to say I went and connected to the Microsoft and Google / blogger forums to research the topic and see if others were impacted as well. Oh YES, the forums were bristling with news of the GREAT DISCONNECT and there in, lies the reason for my pictured photos. For the most part, (Early on) various posters were pretty calm and collected about the issue and were hoping for a solution. BUT… that calm and collectiveness SOON began to fade and be replaced with totally WACKED out, FREAKING out posters,Lightning to the point you would have


thought their recreational drug supplies had run out and they had no money to acquire more. I mean seriously folks, this honestly sends a chill up my spine, just imagining (WHAT IF…) the whole internet crashed? Based on how much EVERYTHING IN DAY TO DAY FUNCTIONS (NOW) are dependent on the internet; just the disconnect for a few days, would be catastrophic.Surprised smile So I guess we can add internet ZOMBIE apocalypse, to nuclear, biological, volcano and a meteor crashing into earth, to the list of how humans became extinct on this planet!Broken heart