Monday, June 15, 2015

Go ahead, do the CRIME (Especially if it concerns a cyclist; YOU WILL “””NEVER””” DO THE TIME!!! :-((( I’m really POed!

You know EZ Biker Friends, I honestly keep wishing that things will turn around for a lifestyle I have thoroughly LOVED for 50+ years! That people will finally have respect for any and all on the roadways and make it safe for everyone. But alas, I’m just a silly old foolish daydreamer, when it comes to the just stated wish.Sad smile I’m SORRY to say, but cyclists have ultimately LOST the war, for coexistence with vehicle operators.Wilted rose Clearly the Judicial system, society and the world as a whole genuinely have no care, concern for equality for cyclists, verses vehicle operators; as seen here: Woman handed phone ban, 90 days in jail for killing cyclist during call. Steaming mad 90 FUC*** (Excuse my profanity) DAYS for taking the life of an individual, due to YOUR negligence in the operation of your vehicle, while using your smart ass phone! Ahhh, no BIG DEAL here; you will be out of jail, probably sooner than that and back shooting your mouth off on a smart ass phone in no time. Verses a bicyclist, THAT WILL NEVER SEE DAYLIGHT AGAIN!Steaming madI TRULY PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS PEOPLE! Steaming madBUT… hey it’s a new world out there and obviously it’s not a world that bicyclists are welcome in anymore!Broken heart