Thursday, June 11, 2015

Don’t make bicyclists more visible. Make drivers stop hitting them.


An inspiring (If not Fantasy, in this present day) quote by Eben Weiss who blogs Bike Snob NYC. The article is a very interesting read; with a rather SHOCKINGSurprised smile statement: “About 100 years ago, the auto industry pulled off a neat trick:

It stole the public roadways from us.”Surprised smile Believe it or not, pedestrians and cyclists were the dominant roadway occupants, back when vehicles were first being introduced to the mass public. And there were STIFF laws and regulations protecting the original uses of the roadways until… the sheer number of vehicles finally swung in favor of the vehicle masses. Sadly, this dominance will only continue to grow; pushing not only cyclists of the road; but… pedestrians as well!Sad smile