Monday, May 11, 2015

Buying directly from the factory… The kiss of death… that will only quicken the demise of recumbency… :-(((


A very interesting post at the BROL forum about: 2 wheel bents disappearing from stores gives way to a very SAD reality closing in on the fledgling recumbent or bent bicycle industry.Sad smileBack when bents were finally getting serious and making a play in the bicycle arena, it was not uncommon for small builders to sell from their garages and small factories. The hope was that local bike shops might find the product market worthy to maybe carry in their stores.Fingers crossed Some bent brands did manage to achieve that goal and did establish a number of dealers around the country and even worldwide. BUT… without getting into the numerous MISTAKES bent builders made (marketwise) bents, just didn’t take off and the retail industry basically just blew them off totally, as a limited niche product.

Now the trend seems to be, going back and selling directly from the factory; which clearly will be the KISS of DEATH for manufacturers embracing this philosophy. They may sell bikes but… finding a bike shop that will actually work on that unique device, will ultimately be a consumer dismount. What’s the use of obtaining or owning a product, you can’t find anyone to work on or repair it.Crying face