Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ummm, did you just start doing drugs there, fella??? :-///


You know there’s a saying that has been around for a while: “Don’t go there”; something a certain former Pro cyclist(?) Scott Mercer should honestly take heed to. The tweet photo here was taken from an article I recently read and I have to wonder if ole ScottyAnnoyed finally cavedWilted rose and took a sampling on some sort of recreational substance… when he posted this.LightningYou see Scott, by making that statement, you basically branded every cyclist that competed during the time that Pharmaceutical LOSER Lance did; was in fact a doper; WHEN IN FACT THEY WERE NOT! You see Scott, there really are people in this world that have INTEGRITY; verses others… who think they are Mr. slick, everyone else in the world are stupid and they can get away with anything.Thumbs downObviously you have a right to your beliefs and if you are such a supporter of Mr. Pharmaceutical; I’m sure he will be glad to share some of his space here with you…Annoyed