Friday, April 03, 2015

OT–Getting into cockpit; Captains priority… :-/


The recent horrific tragedy of the Germanwings Airliner, with the Captain being locked out of the cockpit; brings to mind an early Star Trek episode. (Yes, I’m an EARLY Stark Trek trekkie) There was a segment in the wrath of Khan where Captain Kirk was able to deactivate the defense shieldsLightning on the starship Khan had commandeered. This was purely a Captains Only capability, to be able to do this. No one else had access to the code or were even allowed to perform such a tactic.

Perhaps in this technology driven world, a similar type of protocol could be implemented by the Airlines globally? If the aircraft cockpit door utilizes an input code to open, then the captain should be able to input that code and get in. OK, the captain on the doomed flight did this and was still unable to open the door. SO… what needs to be done, is to setup a “Master” unlocking code, that will override all other input locking commands. NO ONE else will have that code except the flight captain of that specific plane, they are flying that day. And this is a code that’s changed on a daily basis for all airplanes globally. Before the captain boards their aircraft; they (ONLY them) are presented with that master code. Now this is something that would be internally done and not publically known, by anyone else, except the airline security team and the airline captains. The one problematic flaw to this would be if the cockpit door electronic system was actually disabled. BUT then, perhaps a manual secret opening mechanism, KNOWN ONLY BY CAPTAINS could be utilized. Again, this is something the general public and news media would never be made aware of.

This may all sound rather goofy; but at least a captain and their passengers would have a possible backdoor way in, to keep everyone from having to agonize on a impending certain death scenario.Thumbs up