Sunday, April 26, 2015

OT–ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE! :-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


Posted on my Facebook page a few minutes ago. You know, I truly continue to be SADLY astonished, SHOCKED AND TOTALLY PISSED OFF with our American youth actions these days!Steaming madKids of today (At least Americans) are truly clueless of the real world out there! They have no respect for our American Flag and our Freedoms that THEY obviously take for granted; not realizing the ULTIMATE SACRIFICES that were made, by fellow Americans in the armed services to keep these sniveling ungrateful little PUKES enjoying the good life!Steaming madI guess in some ways I’m thankful to God that I didn’t have kids; because if one of mine was discovered to have been part of this; they would get no more college funding from me ever and seriously, I might just SERIOUSLY disown that child! (Or even worse; make them pay for their own smart phone subscription!Annoyed)

Believe it or not; there is a country I respect and admire, as much as my own country and that's Israel. And the reason for that is they require something of all their youth; which THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO DO! I truly believe there ought to be a mandatory minimum 2 year military service  requirement for ALL AMERICAN Children, once they hit 18 years of age NO EXEMPTIONS / NO EXCUSES! I think that would surly put an and to the present OMG, I’m so cool and I can disrespect my countries Flag and military personnel; because I’m a sniveling little spoiled brainless UNGRATEFUL USA brat!Steaming mad