Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fold bikes are NOT just city dwellers! :-OOO


One of my favorite website / forums I visit almost on a daily is / folding-bikes! Thumbs upSeriously folks, for anyone really wanting to find out about folding / commuter bikes; this is the place to visit! I actually own Thanks to this site for my pending fold bike purchase…Surprised smileOOPS! Not suppose to have let THAT out of the bag yet! I really enjoy all the assorted forums; but a few do stick out, above the rest. Folders in the wild, is one of the forums, I REALLY Love.Thumbs upThere seems to be this misconception that folders are just for domesticated in city / town kind of riding… WELL, I have news for you; these little beasties can be serious off road / trail blazers as well!Surprised smileHence the picture in todays post (With more to come) of… folders in the WILD! Obviously you don’t have to wait for them here; as you can always go to the site directly!Smile