Saturday, April 18, 2015

Could this be “Folder Bike” heaven? :-O


Doing my usual Bike Forums (Fold) bike browsing, I came upon a thread:  I tested the Expressway 1 and purchased the Dahon Speed P8 and one posters comments caught my eye. A bike shop that sells fold bike ONLY?Surprised smile Following the link; it took me to 2 Fold Bicycle Shop. The website is a tad Spartan; but they seem to carry a lot of the really nice brands out there. Dahon, Tern, etc. Very little photos to see at the shop; but I went to their Flickr photo site and the shop looks pretty cool! And there’s ONLY fold bikes in it!Surprised smile For any fold bike enthusiasts out there, especially in the St. Petersburg Florida area; this a shop to check out!Thumbs up