Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Look Mom, no bike lane guidelines! :-( Who needs them anyway?


I was finally able to venture out and over to a just updated bridge next to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. (Las Olas Bridge) One thing that immediately caught my eyeSurprised smile was the “NEW” bike lane designation road markings.Thumbs down While very stylish; I’m not too pleased with the elimination of the striped lines. Obviously cyclists know their lane; it’s the vehicle operatorsAnnoyed that tend to fudge and ease in / out of bike lanes, WHEN STRIPPED! Now with no stripe line guidance, the tendency for vehicles to veer into bike lanes will sadly increase.Broken heart

lane lightsBUT… all is NOT lost; as there is a new rear bicycle light that offers it’s own bicycle lane strip markings as you can see in the photo and also the little gif file in this post. The light is titled

thexfire” and is reasonable priced. Amazon.com carries the light; but some of the customer reviews have stated that the product (Sold by Amazon) might not be the REAL product and that’s why the link provided here, takes you to the REAL product website!Thumbs up