Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hey! I’m not the only RAIN WIMP!!! :-D


This past Saturday I decided to do a little long ride than my usual Cemetery loop ride and headed to Pompano Beach. There was a fairly decent headwind so I obviously got a workout on my snailwind… On the return side a few of those… Surprised smile rain drops started sprinkling around and my leisure ride turned into an assertive RIDE to… BEAT the RAIN! Just leaving Ft. Lauderdale Beach, a LARGE group of cyclists group 60+ (Probably from Miami) was heading to the beach, with me thinking, enjoy the moister you all!Nyah-NyahNot 10 minutes later, here’s that same group shooting past me over the 17th St. Bridge! I guess they felt the need to pass getting tinkled on, by Mother nature…….Nyah-Nyah