Saturday, March 28, 2015

Calling all EZ Biker Friends and Visitors! Please take a moment and sign the petition and let this school Athlete wear his jacket, because… HE HAS EARNED IT!


One has to really wonder who seriously makes up these DUMB rules!Steaming mad  KS high school says no to varsity letter for special needs student.Thumbs down I admittedly posted a proposed FB cover photo at their Facebook site as seen here. I deemed it, “Operation Rudy”.


I have since gotten a lot of positive feedback on this; but that’s just not enough! An online petition has been setup and I have posted a request for all my Facebook Friends and now here… for all my EZ Biker Friends and visitors to PLEASE take a moment and sign the petition; I did and it made me feel great!Open-mouthed smile


Here is the Facebook link to Wichita East High School.