Thursday, February 12, 2015

OT–PURE Selfish GREED demonstrated by this company! :-(((

Picture1I feel the need to VENT here, concerning a certain company that clearly is showing the world it’s contempt for it’s employees that bust their butt, to make this SCUMBAG company money! Let’s cut back employees work hours to 30 or less, so we won’t have to foot the bill for healthcare for them. Yea, this is a nice, warm, fuzzy caring… employer, I’d like to work for…Steaming madPersonally, I’d truly enjoy seeing every employee, walk off their job at this GREEDY ASS companyThumbs up and then let them grovel for someone to come work for them. BUT in this present day and time, that’s how companies roll.Thumbs down Make all the profit you can; while paying your valued employees, as little as possible!Wilted rose Now I feel SORRY for Office Depot, being taken over by this Cheesy Greedy Loser of a company!AnnoyedLastly, I’m done doing business with this scumbag (No respect for it’s employees) company!Steaming mad