Friday, February 20, 2015

OT - Is that file, attachment SAFE?


You know EZ Biker Friends, I have had the misfortune of downloading a file and infecting previous computers I have owned. SO, I’m most diligent when I download ANYTHING, even font files!Surprised smileUsing my anti-virus program and another virus scanning program, I always scan my files, download, etc. religiously. (Did I just repeat myself?)Smile with tongue out Anyway my 2 step process will now be only a ONE step with a really (Totally conclusive) online website called Virus Total. (You have the option to download the program onto your computer; but I’d prefer to use the online version, so I know the definitions are always up to date. This site checks your files against (Almost?) every virus program out there! (And some I have never even heard of) This is an EZ Biker GREAT site pick!!!Thumbs up