Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rans bicycles under new management! :-O


Well the BIG news in the Bent world is that Rans Bicycles is under new management!Surprised smile RANS Bikes: New Owners! And while I wish the new owners great success,; I do so with cautious optimism.Fingers crossedUsually when a company “Spins off” a part of their company (A polished version of kicking a money losing part of your company to the curb) it’s not a good sign.Sick smileThe HPV side (Human Powered Vehicle) aspect of bicycling continues to ever so slowly fade into the sunset; as e-bicycling continues to energize on a daily basis. Given the fact that recumbents are not sold in a lot of bike shops, their demise is close to reaching the preverbal tipping point.Wilted rose BUT hopefully the new owners will exhibit a gun ho attitude and the willingness to aggressively market their recumbent bikes, that will at least (For a short period) slow the demise of the recumbent bicycle as a whole.Fingers crossed