Tuesday, January 13, 2015

OT–Man, I WISH I could get a job HERE!!!


Restaurant bans tips, starts paying servers $35K per year!Surprised smileYou know, I really have never had a problem with Pittsburg; other than the COLD WEATHER! I actually have a lot of Friends from there.SmileHummm, maybe I need to seriously learn how to deal with the CHILL, (Consider re-locating???Surprised smile) for the kind of Excellent Wages this establishment Bar Marco is offering it’s employees! It’s quite obvious it’s owners know the value of having dedicated, happy employees that will give 100+ % if they are treated right! It’s clearly a WIN WIN WIN for everyone. Patrons will get enthusiastically served by happy employees, the patrons won’t have to worry about leaving a tip (Or it being factored into their bill) and the owners will probably even increase their total profit, by happy patrons returning and bringing their family and friends as well!Thumbs up ATTENTION other businesses, you should seriously try and acquire a playbook from Bar Marco and seriously consider embracing their philosophy!MoneyHEY WOULD YOU ALL BE INTERESTED IN AN OLD GEEZER DEDICATED CYCLIST TO ADD TO YOUR SERVING TEAM???Winking smile