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You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em…

2015-01-29_1-06-39Quote from the blog: “Nine years ago Jim discovered John Tolhurst’s brilliant bicycle conversion kit…”

“…Recently, as two-wheeled recumbent sales have slowed and Cruzbike’s growth turned into decline…

“…Unfortunately, John, Jim and I did not agree on how to move toward that shared goal. After months of heart-rending discussion, we all concluded that we must reorganize Cruzbike’s ownership in order to move forward. Ultimately, John decided selling his shares, rather than purchasing ours was his best path forward…”


Sad smileWELL… another bent manufacturer is in the process of making “Changes”, as a fellow partner (The actual equipment designer) has decided to bail… This clearly can’t be a positive sign for the recumbent industry, as people are beginning to see the writing on the wall.


You know EZ Biker Friends, I have recently received numerous rather unfriendly emails, inquiring as to WHY I seem to be on some sort of anti or negative bent attitude tack of late. Admittedly a few recent posts have not put a positive spin on recumbents or bicycling in general. While I’m no foreseer of the future, I do pay attention to signs;Lightning as seen in some of my previous post links and links. And the signs I’m seeing these days, are SADLY, just NOT looking good for recumebnts, much less the hpv (Human Powered Vehicle) bicycle industry as a whole.Sad smile Technology (aka Electronics) is totally being (Insatiably) consumed by humanity on this planet. It’s like a form of euphoric drug that has just totally taken over this planet. e-bicycles continue to be popular and will in short time, outsell the hpv bicycle. It seems like everyday I get an email of another bike shop closingWilted rose or some one who just got an e-bile and is totally smitten about it. I’m not sorry to say; I don’t LIKE e-bikes and will NEVER purchase one, for the remainder of time I’m on this planet. BUT, the sad reality is, this form of bicycling and total lifestyle of electronic  technology is here to stay. Enjoying low fuel prices; there’s a reason for that!Disappointed smile Electric vehicles are slowly but surely forging their way into the consumer mainstream. BUT (Again…) folks this is truly NOT unexpected! When you look back to when the wheel was invented, to the horse and buggy days, that have faded into obscurity; all this is a fact of life.

I truly LOVE and enjoy bicycling and will forever be on some sort of HPV bicycle, be it a recumbent or upright!Surprised smileBut I too, see the writing on the wall and those “Signs” that eventually point to the FACT that there won’t be a bicycle shop around to repair my recumbent, much less then any bicycle period. (Hopefully not during my remaining lifetime though…Winking smile)

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Bikes that work for a living! :-D


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YEAAAAAAAA! Finally, some cyclists receive FAIR Justice!!!


Here’s the link to read more about this!Party smile

Rans bicycles under new management! :-O


Well the BIG news in the Bent world is that Rans Bicycles is under new management!Surprised smile RANS Bikes: New Owners! And while I wish the new owners great success,; I do so with cautious optimism.Fingers crossedUsually when a company “Spins off” a part of their company (A polished version of kicking a money losing part of your company to the curb) it’s not a good sign.Sick smileThe HPV side (Human Powered Vehicle) aspect of bicycling continues to ever so slowly fade into the sunset; as e-bicycling continues to energize on a daily basis. Given the fact that recumbents are not sold in a lot of bike shops, their demise is close to reaching the preverbal tipping point.Wilted rose BUT hopefully the new owners will exhibit a gun ho attitude and the willingness to aggressively market their recumbent bikes, that will at least (For a short period) slow the demise of the recumbent bicycle as a whole.Fingers crossed

This makes the PERFECT Sense to me!!!

image is one of my FAVORITE sites to visit on a continuous basis!Thumbs upHere’s a recent post that’s SO TRUE!!!



See the solution at!Thumbs up

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OT–The true application of “SOFTWARE”!!!


NOW this is absolutely COOL! A bracelet that puts a computer screen on your skin!!! Surprised smile

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To a Very Special Friend, Marilyn Hayward (On YOUR SPECIAL DAY) whom I Dearly miss! :-(


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Here’s the DIRT on this!Winking smile

Mr. Cub Legend… RIP… :-(((


How Exercise Keeps Us Young…


Good health news for geezer bikers, is an interesting read at the Bent rider forum. The poster added a link from the New York times on the BEST KEPT SECRET…. Surprised smileHow exercise keeps us young”. Pictured is… Smile with tongue outDROOL Christie Brinkley (60?) looking quite well and healthy! Obviously her workouts using the Total Gym have paid off!Winking smile I’ve owned and used one of those devices and it truly is the BEST form of all around exercise. If I wasn’t such a dedicated… cyclist, I be using one of those machines religiously everyday.

But back to the topic at hand. I totally agree with the article in the New York Times and bicycling (Being my present avenue of exercising) has paid off for me, for the longest time. Quote from article: “As it turned out, the cyclists did not show their age. On almost all measures, their physical functioning remained fairly stable across the decades and was much closer to that of young adults than of people their age.” Not only does it keep the weight down, keeps your body in good physical shape; but it also helps in reinforcing your immune system. I rarely ever get sick (Cold, flu etc.) but when I do, I find that my body tends to rebound and fight off those aliments, FASTER, because of my routine exercise. (At least 15 miles a day cycling) I would suggest to anyone out there, if you are looking for a great way to work out and enjoy great scenery, bicycling is the fountain of youth ticket for you!Thumbs up

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MMMM, should have considered braking… sooner? ;-OOO


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Bicycle, the Family transportation source!


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