Wednesday, December 31, 2014

EZ Biker miles for 2014………….

Well Thankfully, I don’t SUCK, as I did (In fact) better my bike riding miles over my 2013 miles!Thumbs up Hopefully with my pending… NEW fold bike acquisition, I’ll be able to BREEZE pass the 2014 miles…Winking smileI’m really going to try and put together a consistent DAILY ride regiment that will be scenic,Sun with some beach ridingIsland with a palm tree and 2 lovely bridges to endure.Disappointed smileThe actual miles (Distance wise) won’t be there, but the lovely… bridges will give me some good climbing endurance training… I hope!Winking smile

Hey everybody can we stop so I can take this call? Hey EZ where you going? My ending thought for this 2014 year… ;-PPP


OT - To ANYONE who may be drinking and… driving on New Years Eve / day… :-O


For Florida residences, please use the number below this sentence!Thumbs up


Here are some links for Florida the all over the country.Thumbs up

PLEASE be CAREFUL out there folks! We don’t want to lose any of you!Smile

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

OT - My Sincere Prayers and Healing Thoughts go out to all on board Air Asia Flight 8501 and to Their Families as well……………:-(


OT–Seriously Folks, why would you buy a phone WITHOUT an exchangeable battery? :-OOO

Galexy S5

Quoting Forest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”Nyah-Nyah As the Holiday Season winds down, I’m beginning to get emails from family and friends, telling me about their wonderful or awesome gifts they have received. Various folks are telling me about their iPhones, Android phones and extra fast charger units that can be purchased to re-charge the internal battery in them.  DUUUH, why didn’t you just get a phone with exchangeable battery?Nyah-NyahI honestly can’t help but LAUGH, when a certain Friend calls, only to tell me a short while later, they have to end the call, because their phone has to be plugged into the charger. AND… what if… your house loses power for sometime; you and your fancy (Internal battery) phone are SOL!Wilted rose

OK… now for some SHOCKING news…Surprised smileYours truly, WILL BE (Finally) assimilated into the (Smart Phone) CELLBORG Collective, in the very near future!Surprised smile(I have a really FUNNY photo of that too!) BUT folks, trust me on this (I mean you can bet the entire farm on this) the phone I get WILL HAVE A REPLACEABLE BATTERY!Thumbs up(And some spares to boot) And finally, a Forest (EZ Biker) Gump quote: “Life is like a box of cell phones with internal batteries; you never know when they will conk out!”Nyah-Nyah

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Monday, December 29, 2014

Retro URO… The belly rider! ;-P


Hey Man… Ride a bicycle; don’t make war! ;-DDD


Sunday, December 28, 2014

OT - I’m praying for the best for the crew, passengers of this plane and their families!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Prayers and Mending Thoughts go out to these Wonderful Police Officers and Their Families………………………… :-(((


Sad smile

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Just got bent; need a good tire pump emails! :-D

I have gotten a few inquiries about bicycle pumps and I ‘m happy to say I have used a Planet Bike pump for ages and never had any issues.  There is an active thread at the BROL forum on this and here is  the link   to read more about it!Thumbs upShould my present pump give up the ghost I plan on keeping with the brand with the purchase of a Planet Bike 1002-3 ALX Floor Pump! Check it out at the Amazon link.Smile

OT–Wishing everyone a Happy Fruitcake Day! Now send those yuk gifts merrily on their way! :-PPPPPPPPP


Really! Today IS Fruitcake Day… I just tweaked it a little……………… Nyah-Nyah

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D



Drone fails

“We”…………. are among you! :-O


Bent Rider On Line “Bike Of the Year”…


The 2014 Recumbent of the Year thread at Bent Rider On Line is rather interesting as there seems to be some discord among the bent brotherhood on the selection process. John Schlitter’s High racer (Encore) is the winner! Kind of NOT really surprising to me though as it’s about the only NEW  2 wheeled recumbent (Yawn – Just {Still} another… high racer…)Sleepy smile to come out this year. I honestly wish I could get more excited about this; but these bikes of the year awards just seem to be the same old thing year after year. LAME!Annoyed

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wishing all my EZ Biker Friends, Fans, Family and Friends, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Wonderful New Year!!! :-DDD

blog-e-card - xmas-2014


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

OMG! Bike PORN before Christmas! ;-DDD


OT - Move OVER Santa Claus… There’s a new PLAYA in town!


You know EZ Biker Friends; I’m not one to ever slightly even ponder changing traditional values, norms or life long traditions; BUT… I just experienced something UNIQUELY EXTRAORDINARY with!Surprised smileHear my story this Friday, December 26!!! (It will be added to THIS post)Be right backUPDATE – 12/26/2014

Admittedly we do live in an instant gratification age, thanks to technology; so my post here about may seem comical to some folks out there. But I would be willing to bet the farm (If I had one)Nyah-Nyah that THOSE folks have not been around as long as I have.Email Back in earlier times. it was a given that the US Mail (Now snail mail) would take 5 to 7 days to get to it’s intended destination. Then in 1963, something came a long called the zip code that cut that time nearly in half in some cases. WOW!Surprised smile Ditto with packages, the established delivery time was usually 4+days, until something came a long called special delivery mail; which resulted in packages getting delivered in just a couple of days. WOW2.Surprised smile The delivery industry was clearly getting it’s short time delivery act together, totally! Now lets fast forward to current times and a certain retailer that clearly has come into existence, due to the internet, named I have been a Prime member with them for quite a while and have absolutely enjoyed “FREE” shipping… and in less than 2 days time. Now folks I’m no Dumbo here when it comes to how they can achieve that. If you put two of the same products side by side at Amazon, you will see how a Prime / 2 day delivery one does cost a few “CENTS”…MORE.Money But compare that to you driving a distance to a local retailer, dealing with crowds, long lines waiting to check out, fuel used to get there and back, dealing with trafficWilted rose there and back and those few extra… cents are a bargain! I remember reading a short time ago, where Amazon was planning to push the envelope even further by doing a “Single” or same day delivery of purchases?Surprised smileHOW is this possible? Yet, I’m happy to state here; that I have actually experienced that SENSATION in that past 24 hour time period.Surprised smileI found need of a few things and decided to place a last minute order at 12 noon on the 23th of December. (Seeing a notation that the delivery would be after Christmas, this Friday) Fine no big deal; I was OK with that. BUT then, the very NEXT da (The 24th) BEFORE even noon time I got a note that a package from Amazon had been left at the front door! They had actually been able to deliver 4 items I ordered in less than 24 hours time! WOW3!Surprised smile Too bad they don’t offer a travel service that can get a human where they need to be in one or two days time!Nyah-NyahClearly local, general and worldly retailers need to be really concerned about this kind of service that’s becoming more readily available. (The sheer linguistics of achieving that, is truly mind boggling) And if you have an issue with a product, a few keyboard strokes, mailing label later, drop off and run at a local delivery service; your account is credited for the return, with no hassle, is like manna from Heaven!AngelHow (Honestly) can anyone compete with that?Disappointed smileI have to wonder if even Santa Claus (Amazon Claus?)Winking smilemight even consider putting His sleigh and reindeer out to pasture and just use Amazon as a delivery source for Christmas? (Ohhh NO, EZ Staunch Traditional Biker, didn’t GO THERE… DID HE?)Nyah-Nyah As much as I still tend to be somewhat anti-technology (Still refuse to embrace one of those fancy smart phones) I could get REALLY use to this snap of the finger; here’s your purchase in your hands, without ever leaving your dwelling INDULGENCE / service!Red heart

Lastly, too bad they are not local here in South Florida; I’d sure LOVE to try and get a job with this juggernaut instant (AWESOME) service orientated company!Thumbs up