Saturday, November 29, 2014

OT - Recent events (Sadly) leave EZ Biker no choice but to immediately act on the situation!!! :-OOO



All further posts have been suspended until this action is officially put in force!Surprised smile

Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


Hey EZ “SLACKER” fix your website links!

imageHello EZ Biker or should that be EZ Slacker? I remember you posting a short while back that you were going to fix some of your no working / out dated links, but… Seems to be some serious SLACKING rolling around here! Signed Tine ;-)

GAWD Tina, you are SO RIGHT and I’m SO BUSTED! I guess I could put the spin… on, that I have been too busy bicycling; but we all know that’s not true!LightningI promiseLightningI’m going to get on that and have those puppies working very soon!Thumbs up

I like “Stolen”… bikes that go BOOM! ;-PPP

bikes that go boom

Needless to say, bicycle thieves have never been on my popular list;Wilted rose as people I would enjoy being around. And while I do fantasize about castration or maybe a loss of a limb,Thumbs up for these scumbags; I don’t really harbor any desired physical harm towards anyone. BUT… having said that, here’s a pretty COOL device I read at Bike Portland Org. that would at least be rather entertaining; especially if it was something I could visually observe.Winking smileIt’s basically a GPS activated explosive device, that when activated by your smart phone, the handlebar ends go BOOM!Surprised smile Now not the kind of road side explosive heard of overseas; just a enough BOOM, to freak out the scumbag bike thief. BUT… in this day when one can sue another for ANYTHING, I’d have to be really concerned about the liability aspect here. Suppose when you detonated the device, this sent the scumbag thief crashing into a vehicle or into pedestrians. Surly some ambulance chasing attorney could make some kind of compelling case out of this, against the owner of the bike. Still that little Devil inside me… would truly LOVE to hit that button and see that scumbag, totally spaz out on my stolen bike!Nyah-Nyah Here is the link to read more about this BOOM device!Winking smile

Friday, November 28, 2014

Bicycles that transport families around! :-)


OT–Take Cover!!!


Admittedly I have done the bunker post via Black Friday before; but this one has a little animation added! Good luck to all you BRAVE SOULS venturing out into the Shopping Arenas out there! TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!Nyah-Nyah

What “Cyclists” need to know about trucks! :-O


There’s a really good informative post at the BROL forum about Trucks, traffic and cyclists!Thumbs up Here’s also the link to the actual page where you can click on the various images and see the animation of how trucks function in traffic and various DANGEROUS situations, cyclists need to watch out for!Thumbs up

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OT - BLACK… Friday… Let the games begin! :-PPP


OT - Here’s how I’m doing my Black Friday Shopping… :-PPP

pressing-a mouse button

Thursday, November 27, 2014

OT–Wishing ALL a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day! :-)


OT–All Americans regardless of Color, Creed or Gender deserve…


…Liberty and Justice For all!Thumbs up



OT–Way to go Dillards!


I hope Customers will show their appreciation by shopping at your stores after Thanksgiving!Thumbs up

Bicycles that work for a living! :-)


Bicycle quote of the day! :-D


M Facebook cover photo… (Repost from my post on the 24th)


THESE are the stores I’ll be shopping at AFTER Thanksgiving Day!Thumbs up

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Got your fold bike yet EZ?


Hello EZ, I see you are doing a lot more posting about fold bikes. You seem to be pretty motivated in getting one and I’m wondering what your status is on that? Signed Becky

Hey Becky, thanks for your email and YES I continue to indulge myself in looking at all types of fold bikes out there. (Remember I did have a Dahon Mu P 8 at one time) Admittedly there are about 3 serious contenders; with one particular one, I’m continuing to look at and visit their website more often.Surprised smileHint; I did do a post on it, a short time ago, voice a certain feature that seriously has me LUSTING for THAT bike!Smile with tongue outFor now I continue to troll around at the various fold bike forums and websites and I’m waiting for black Friday to see if maybe a HOT deal might happen, on that certain fold bike.Red heartSo stay tuned!Be right back

Bicycle(?) moment of the day! :-P


OT–FREE screen capture utility tools! :-D


Hello EZ Biker, I really like your site and you seem to use a lot of really cool photos and graphics. Would you be able to offer any information on screen capture programs out there; preferably free ones? Thanks, Sam

Hello Sam, thanks for your email and good question. There are tons of screen capture programs out there; as well as FREE ONES too! In ddddddddddddfact if you have Windows 7, you have a FREE  capture utility already to go!Surprised smile Just go to your start button and in the search box, input clipping and it should come up at the top of the box. Right click on it and drag to your desktop. (For quick access) I just made a short cut function to it; as you see in my brief gif file. I also use Fast Stone Capture (Even thought now it’s become shareware instead of freeware) BUT… there is an early version of Fast Stone capture when it was freeware and you can find it at this link. (Scroll down to the bottom)Thumbs up

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Bicycle quote of the day!


OT–Certain people… need to study up on what “Innuendo” means!


Perhaps it’s time for all involved parties… to step up and take a lie detector test; if they have NOTHING… to hide! Ninja And by the way, I’d be “Honored” to wear a t-shirt or bike jersey, like what’s pictured here! Thumbs up