Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Ti Aero for a… STEAL!!! :-OOO


OK for some of my fellow Bent cyclists out there; here is a REAL StealNinja for a “Titanium frame bike! This has been listed at the BROL for sale forum for sometime and is identical to my beloved Ti Aero.Red heart The seller seems to be pretty motivated to get this puppy sold; so you might be able to make them a good offer on it. Here’s the for sale forum link to check out this beauty!

Yea! Someone is finally noticing! :-DDD


Here is the link to this story! Thumbs up

Hummm, just how long is this pace line? ;-PPP


Monday, September 29, 2014





OK, this is clearly off topic; but I feel it’s important enough to post anyway. I for one am AMAZED of how much serious $$$$ Bucks Comcast and other ISP generate on a mere monthly basis! Easily MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars from just their set top box, modem rentals and (Continuously) repeat programing on their cable TV side.Steaming mad NOW if they get their way, they will be able to control your internet speed and obviously force consumers to PAY HIGHER FEESMoney for higher speed internet! I think these GREEDY Sob's make enough MONEY and it’s time to engage them and BLOCK them from gaining this kind of control over their consumers! PLEASE take time and sigh the petition and pass this onto as many folks as you can!Thumbs up Here is the link to the MOST IMPORTANT petition to sign! PLEASE do it NOW!Thumbs up

BREAKING News! Cyclist KILLED by Hit and Run SCUMBAG?


Please go to this link for this Heartbreak story. Sad smileI’ll be doing a follow up on why it’s “Open Season” on Bicyclists in THIS Country!Steaming mad

A City Government that’s Pro Utility Bicycle Orientated!


Again, one of my favorite local cyclist orientated sites here in South Florida, Spokes “n” Folks Thumbs uphas a really good article about a local government source that has acquired a really great looking (And functioning) utility bike, for inner city use. Now the trick will be… getting the employees to use it!Winking smile

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Retro Hottie moment… ;-D


OT–BREAKING News! * Worst ever computer bug: Tech panic spreads Computer virus!

imageWell the GOOD NEWS here is, Windows OS users don’t seem to be in DANGER here; just you Linux and Mac computer users. It’s serious enough that someone could send a command to your computer to open / close your cd drive tray.

I really enjoy this Site and even subscribe to it, receiving email tidbits from time to time. Very informative and helpful, even for us NON-Geek technology / computer savvy users.Party smile

In my various jobs over the years; I have conversed with a lot of fine (VERY Intelligent) IT and computer support personnel.Nerd smile And the stories and some possible predictions or scenarios they have talked about, are down right SCARY!Surprised smile Believe it or not, there are people (One IT person labels them TTs – {Technology Trolls}) in this world who basically eat, drink, sleep exist 24 hours / 7 days a week, 365 days a year, doing nothing else but, compiling personal information of people, writing computer code / viruses, figuring ways to hack into computers and maybe even bring the internet as a whole to a plug pulling stop.Surprised smile For the life of me; I’ll never understand why people continue to unconditionally trust technology, with their most sensitive information. OK, I’m guilty too of doing online banking from my computer. But I make sure I have updated virus protection, firewall; as well as numerous redundant backup of all my information; along with even a hardcopy (Paper) of my transactions. Even on my blog, (And Facebook) I’m mindful of what I post. To see all the personal information people disclose at sites like Facebook or Twitter; is just manna from heaven for those TTs – {Technology Trolls}.Sad smile

Interesting website! :-)


While browsing at the BROL  forum I came upon this thread: Bicycle Blue Book.com, that pretty much offers a ballpark idea of what your used bicycle might be worth. Much like the bluebook for vehicles. While I don’t know if I would put 100% belief that the price quotes are the final say; it at least provides you with a (Again) ballpark idea of what your bike might be worth for sale or trade purposes.Thumbs up

Saturday, September 27, 2014

MMMMM, Pocket Llama by Bike Friday! Gorgeous! :-DDD


OK… A few more HOT Folders have been added to my wish list! The Pocket Llama by Bike Friday is the new contender to maybe be added to my fleet! Thumbs up

Time Travel Moment...


OT–Obamacare, your thoughts EZ?

UntitledHello EZ, great to have you back posting at your blog; I really enjoy your articles. I know this question is (OT) Off topic) but I’m still curious about your thoughts on the gov health care / Obamacare. I seem to remember you not being a fan of this law; has your views changed? Signed Eric
Hello Eric, Thanks for your nice email and I too, am happy to getting back to some more fun avenues, in my life.Thumbs upAdmittedly, I was never a fan of Obamacare, because it’s just another avenue for our government to take a personal hand in how we go about our life.Thumbs down To me, when government ends up being involved in an industry; that tells me, that industry didn’t care enough to keep it’s act together and now you have someone stepping to take over your responsibilities.Black Sheep The healthcare industry (Doctors, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals etc.) had all the time in the world to make this industry a workable and affordable one for the masses. BUT… they just sat idly by and ultimately allowed the government get it’s foot in the door, with the result being Obamacare.Broken heartThe only issue I continue to have with this… Law… is it’s “SELECTIVE” enforcement. Certain religions, groups of people, including our so-called government representatives are just a few of many, that are exempt from having to comply with this… law… of the land.  EXCUSE ME, if this is a federal government law, than all states and people residing under this government, should be required to comply with this law, period. (The ONE… exception being the Indian nations; as we did take their country away from them) We likewise have various states that don’t or won’t comply with this… LAW. EXCUSE ME(2) but failure to comply with your governments mandated legislation should result in loss of federal funding for your states needs. After all, aren't we suppose to be the “United States”?UmbrellaBut we are in a new age and that philosophy is obviously obsolete and / or no longer embraced by the masses.Ghost
Having said all of this, I must admit here…, I like Obamacare. Surprised smile I actually read up on the plan and there are some very worthwhile advantages to it; especially if you are a low income wage earner and working for an employer that doesn't offer healthcare coverage or offers some CHEESY medical discount crap plan. (Like my present employer does) I am looking into the plans and I’m hoping to have my coverage setup shortly.Thumbs up

Yes…. I’m infected……. again……… :-OOO

My Doctor has advised me that there’s no cure for my affliction and the best thing to do is go with it and let it run it’s course! Winking smile Todays Flirtatious wink with the DARK SIDE, showcases a really nice website dedicated to The Folding Cyclist! Thumbs up For anyone wanting to see just what kinds of fold bike goodies are out there (And there’s a ton of them) this is the site to check out; especially the Folding Bike Buyer’s Guide. This site has clearly helped me in breaking my promise Nyah-Nyahnot to ever ride a folder bike; much less an upright bike again. Embarrassed smile And… I may have actually found my little piece of fold heaven… More details soon! Be right back

Friday, September 26, 2014

Now THIS… is a BBBBBIG Ring!!! :-OOO


A Bicycle Folder Photo Moment...


Carbon Fiber bike? EEEEEEEEEK! :-OOO

Broken Carbon CO2Hey EZ, good to see you are back on your blog again and hopefully out on the road more often! I have had metal frame bikes all my life and I’m flirting with maybe scooping up a carbon fiber one; as there’s a super deal at my LBS for a used one. (Local bike shop) Have you ever had any experience, ridden or owned one of them? Just curious. Signed Brenda

Hello Brenda, nice to hear from you again and yes, I’m looking forward to crawling Turtleback along A1A, very soon.Open-mouthed smile Ummmm, carbon fiber bikes… EEEEK! I truly admire these bikes and I have actually ridden a few and found the ride to be really nice and VERY FAST. BUT… it’s NOT a metal frame and what if???Surprised smile (I crash or lay my bike down) Chalk this up to my upbringing; but I’m just NOT a fan of these bikes! If I had $$$ to burn, was some kind of GO FAST competing pro or I was doing RAAM, (Race Across America) I might take a different view. But for common everyday or weekend bicycling? Nope and the photo seen in this post, Crying faceshows you why. I don’t remember the specifics of this incident; but I do remember reading where the rider started to feel a sagging sensation and then… Surprised smileMind you, this is NOT a common occurrence; but you have less of a chance enduring this fate with a metal, aluminum or titanium frame bike. As far as a USED one? I personally would pass on such a purchase; as you have no real idea if the frame has ever been seriously dinged or damaged. (But then that’s just EZ PHOBIC Biker… ;-P) Sometimes frame failures (In metal too) take time to develop and then what do you do now with usually an un-repairable (CF – Carbon Fiber) frame, you blew BIG $$$ on? Surprised smile Having said all of this, it’s really up to you Brenda! Perhaps you can check with some carbon frame owners; who will probably laugh off my observations. But for me, metal is how I pedal!