Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey fella, I wanna check out your bike! Hey stop! :-XXX


Years ago, there was this cyclist named Frank Fiddle, that use to ride with our group. One early morning, he was on his way to meet up with us and encountered a guy, that wanted to check out his bike. AngelThe guy seemed friendly enough, so Frank stopped. Soon after a few more guys casually joined in and one blurted out, what if we wanted to take your bike man? DevilThey then proceeded to casually assume a possible surround, smack down, grab the bike and run mode. At that moment, a police car High fivecruised by and Frank blurted out, Good Morning officer, could I see you a moment? The RAT pack, quietly and quickly exited and Frank went on his way; lucky to still have his bike. Don't tell anyone smileAfter he told us that story, I have since then, gone into the “Don’t Fiddle around mode” whenever I ride late or early in the morning. Pointing upThat very thing happened to me this past weekend, via the above post title and I sped up, didn’t look at or even acknowledge the person. Call me rude, paranoid or whatever you want; BUT… I won’t ever stop, pause or even slow down, when approached by someone, I don’t know, while cycling or in everyday life. I see news stories everyday; how (Trusting) someone gets pounced on, Ninjafor no reason and they are now a victim. Sad smileSadly, this is the kind of world we live in today. LightningBe ALERT and AWARE of your surroundings and people around you at all times. If you don’t KNOW them; keep your distance and don’t fall for that “Could I ask you some things about your bike or whatever?” Scotty, WARP speed NOW! Thumbs up

Saturday, September 28, 2013

OT–I’m MAD AS HELL!!! :-@@@ Here’s my feeling about a possible US Government shut down!


Steaming madIf you agree with me; please pass this post / photo on!!! Thumbs up

Really COOL Vintage Bicycle Poster website! :-D


Check out this site for some really GREAT vintage bicycle posters!!! Thumbs up

Friday, September 27, 2013

Never a TRUER statement was spoken! :-D


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bents in the news!!!


Check out the news video here! Thumbs up

Certain things never change! ;-DDD


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pretty Poetry in motion! :-)))


OT–Hello! Sponsors! You can FIX this! :-$$$


Admittedly, next to my bicycling, I truly have one other PASSION…  NASCAR!Thumbs up NOW… maybe THIS is an ONLY ME issue; Nerd smilebut I have heard from a few others that (Likewise) don’t find favor with the way NASCAR has setup it’s Championship finish. I have to Truly wonder, WHY sponsors (The REAL FUEL Moneythat keeps NASCAR rolling) have managed to endure this GOOFY arrangement as well! If I’m paying out serious $$$ to sponsor a race team, through out the season, why should I continue to do that, if my team fails to make the championship cut? Broken heartOh look, there’s my companies name plastered all over a racecar that’s a has been, with no chance to win the overall Championship.Thumbs down This type of format, may be OK for college sports; but then, you don’t have all the major companies / corporations fronting a lot of DOLLARS, to keep that team rolling! HELLO? Mobile phoneNASCAR SPONSORS? IMHO, the Championship should be wide open, from the first event, until the last lap of the last race! WHY? Because again, that’s what I as a Sponsor and Fan, pay my $$$ to go see and… SUPPORT! Thumbs up

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toddler bike ban: "A three-year-old girl has been banned from riding her Barbie bike… :-(((


Bicycle NAZI Home owner associations obviously exist in other parts of the world too! Hence the reason I WILL NEVER BUY A HOME OR MOVE INTO ANY NEIGHBORHOOD, THAT HAS A HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION! Here’s the link to the latest Bicycle Nazi Home Association in England… Thumbs down This story was collected from  Thumbs up

Monday, September 23, 2013

My kind of Twerking!!! ;-PPP


Turn your Dockers shoes into bicycling shoes? :-OOO

Read a pretty interesting post at BRL about: Homemade Clipless Shoes. Thumbs up I kinda like this concept, where you could just replace your present shoes with another pair, for a lot cheaper price! Plus if you have a certain pair of shoes you really enjoy, Princesswhy not take them cycling with you? Check out the site, retrofitz, that offers information on this! Thumbs up

Sunday, September 22, 2013

OT - Emmy Awards go from CLASS to ASS!!! :-CCC


Actor deserves individual Emmy tribute!


Ummm, I think you are suppose to go UP the other side! :-PPP


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Does Rans Recumbents have the “SILVER Bullet” for the ultimate pain free bicycle seat??? :-OOO


Out of all the recumbent bikes I have ever owned, the Rans Tailwind has been the ONLY bike I have parted with and then purchased another one… “5 times over!” Surprised smile WHAT is the single 1 most thing that continues to draw me back to this bike? The SEAT! Surprised smile  Recumbent seats generally are more comfortable and allow you to ride much longer distances without recumbent BUTT. Wilted roseHowever, on the Tailwind you actually sit more upright on it (Like a road or diamond frame bike) and yet, the PURE sitting comfort continues to be there, for miles on end! WHY? Light bulbWhat’s the secret in this? Well, sometime ago, I took my Rans seat off the bike, for cleaning and I happen to notice, the CUPPED frame design of the seat. This clearly conforms to the human rear (Butt) form, but also the added ingredient is the foam that is filled into the cupped area. The mass (Padded) area in the cupped area, acts as a continuous *shock absorber. Nerd smile OK, not sure of all the technical analysis behind all of this; BUT… the design works and I can sit / ride on my Tailwind for HOURS, with NO seat / sitting issues. Thumbs up Presently, you have a lot of bicycle seats out there that offer extra foam, gel, padding; but all have one thing in common… the frame is STRAIGHT, not curved or cupped! So even when you have all the padding / gel; ultimately your butt will continue to press down on that substance, (With nothing to *absorb your butt mass) which results in discomfort.  LightningWhat if… a bicycle seat was designed with the seat frame being cupped? Nerd smile Like for example the Rans Crank forward seat, seen in my photo here? (Presently, I’m seriously flirting with adding a Rans mini to my fleet) Instead of the straight frame, that the seat still seems to show; why not design it in a cupped manner and then fill in the rest with foam / padding. I’m willing to BET Money you could ride a lot longer on that seat! Lastly, why not take some of the standard seats seen in my photo here, and design them the same way? Could the CUPPED seat be the silver bullet to ending upright bicycling's sitting issues? Fingers crossed