Sunday, March 24, 2013

To my Facebook and other Friends…. Please TAKE the hint… or… else…!


WELL… once again, I have gotten NUMEROUS invites to participate in one of those ANTI Bicycle Campaign events!  Annoyed If you have followed my blog, you surly know by now that I’m NOT a fan of these negative goofy events; that ultimately put a BAD light on cycling altogether. I’m really trying to be nice here… BUT… I’m kindly requesting that you all PLEASE STOP sending me invites to these… clown events! GoatTo anyone I receive another invite from, you will be unfriended in Facebook, Wilted roseyour email deleted from my account and basically I really have no desire to keep in contact with you anymore. I know this sounds rather MEAN spirited; BUT it is one of my few undesired issues, I really don’t want appearing on my radar! Thumbs up I have also added this logo on my blog sidebar, so everyone knows, this site SUPPORTS Cycling, through MORE positive avenues. Thumbs up