Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hummm, have I been doing TOO Many Blog Posts?

My curser seems to be getting WARM… Nyah-Nyah

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another HOTTIE Sighting! :-D


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reason 10009000 why doggies need to be on a leash in public! :-O


Monday, February 25, 2013

The REAL Stars at South Florida HPV Challenge! :-D


The 2013 Florida Challenge was an absolute blast! Lots of friendly bent folks and all kinds of really COOL bents were on hand for chapter one of the event, held on the Brian Piccolo Park road course, this past Saturday, February 23. (I didn’t get to make the 2nd part on Sunday; which was held on the Velodrom track. And NO, I didn’t place anywhere in the top 5 and NO, I’m not bothered by that either; I was there to have fun… Yea RIGHT! Nyah-Nyah I Snaileven got beat by one of my blog followers!  Party smileBUT out of all the COOL good people and happenings, the photo above, clearly is the STAMP of the BEST part of this event! These two little Darlings battled it out and did an absolute superb job on the track and racing too! They both lasted the entire 20 minute race and never looked like they were the slightest bit tired! Unlike EZ Geezer, that was seriously looking for an AED, after that event… Winking smileFor more photos and results, check out the following BROL link: HPRA Florida, Feb 23-4 2013 Thumbs up

OT - Talk about GREAT ESCAPES!!! :-XXX



Sunday, February 24, 2013

EZ SURVIVES Florida Challenge!!! :-OOO



Some really GREAT times, stories and photos to be seen! 2 Young female participants STEAL the show! More details soon! Be right back  Update 1 – 11:29AM– Yesterdays results! EZ Biker aka Kenneth Evans Nyah-Nyah

Ultimate 3 wheel recumbent trike? :-O


OT–My NEXT… Job!!! :-PPP


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some serious Bicycle PIMPING here! :-D


Friday, February 22, 2013

Tour De Broward, this Sunday! :-D


WELL, I was planning on actually doing 2 bike events this weekend, BUT… my bank account says NO NO NO! So I’ll do the race thing Saturday $20.00; I can afford that and wish all my fellow cyclists a GREAT ride at the 4th Annual Tour De Broward! This event has reportedly attracted as much as 5000 riders Surprised smileand you can enjoy nice long stretches of road out in West Broward. This is an event, I hope I can do next year… Yea, how many times have you heard THAT? Nyah-Nyah

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ladies & Gentleman… START YOUR PEDDELING!!!


Yep, it’s THAT time again folks and believe it or not… I’m planning on DOING this event, Surprised smileon Saturday! (Road course)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sebring 2013 Photos by Photographer Sean Rayford and Video by gasman068!!! :-DDD


Go to the following link and scroll down to bottom of the page. Thumbs up And also… check out the Great Video here! Excellent Photos and GREAT job by everyone!Open-mouthed smile

The event, I’ll make it back to; I Promise!!!

This was suppose to be posted on Friday, February 15; but out of respect for my Dear Friend Kerry's Mom, I'm posting at this later time.

February 16/17 2013 will usher in another GREAT bicycling event in that of  Bike Sebring! Thumbs up This is one of those FEW events, I continue to have MAJOR OBBESSIONS of wanting to go back and do! Don't tell anyone smile What adds to the GREATNESS of this event, are the local townspeople that help and support this yearly Mecca for aspiring ultra long distance cyclists and those needing a RAAM qualifying event to do. I have quite a few friends that will be doing this event this year and I wish them all the best and by all means, ENJOY EVERY ASPECT OF IT! Here is a link to my past experience doing this SUPER event! Needless to say… I’ll BEEE BACKKKKKK!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HUMMMM…. Mixed feelings about this… :-@

Cyclists might be allowed to yield instead of stopping in Aspen I don't know smile OK, I confess I have gone through some stop signs in my life… at about 4 AM and no one around. (Just glad there were none of those signal running cameras around… Winking smile) And while this might be a GOOD thing, what happens when THERE IS TRAFFIC around? A lot of cyclists tend to be creatures of habit and this is a type of latitude, I personally don’t feel warm and fuzzy about this. Embarrassed smile And what happens if there is an accident, involving a cyclist and vehicle, where the cyclist forgot to YEILD? I see the potential for a lot of senseless litigation and $$$ being generated by attorneys in this issue…  Thumbs down

Monday, February 18, 2013

OT–CHEAP way to avoid being woke up by your battery backup!

imageI don’t know if anyone else has ever had to deal with this; of being awakened lunapic_136050005647457_4during the night, with that piercing BEEEEP BEEEP sound from your trusty battery backup unit. GRRR! OK, so lets try and find a SILENT battery backup? Sure they are available for a few extra… $$$…
WELL have no fear for GEEK Biker is HERE, with an absolute DUUUUH  resolution to this issue! idea  The main thing I really don’t want getting turned off is… my computer, right? So, I setup a multiple plug outlet and plugged my modem and other things into it. I then just plugged my computer cord into the battery backup system. Now if the power goes out, I can still properly power down my computer (Enjoying the BEEEEP sound…Disappointed smile) I don’t believe there is an issue with my modem shutting off quickly and once the power comes back, I’m good to go again. Once I’m done computing, I remove the cord plug from my laptop, turn off the battery backup and now enjoy uninterrupted sleep! lunapic_135738704623177_Thumbs up

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sometimes HOTTIES are merely sighted!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dry-dock mode for EZ, this Sunday! :-O Why? Click the link below!


Here is why I will not be riding on A1A this Sunday! Update! Here is a pdf map of the course, for anyone that may be around the area.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Best of Luck, safe riding to all Bike Sebring Participants!


WELL, once again, it’s THAT time of the year again, when I really wish I was doing the BEST event I have ever done, Sebring! However… check out the predicted temperatures above and… Surprised smile It’s going to be a rather CHILLY ride! The fun will be starting tomorrow morning at 6 AM!!! Thumbs up

OT–Welcome to the floating palace of…SHI********


You know I’m at a complete LOSS, when it comes to those OPULANT Floating navel palaces! DREMEY cruises that cater to your every BLING desire… Party smileuntil… PSSSSSS, there goes the ships engine!  Carnival Triumph cruise ship adrift; long lines for toilets, food… Surprised smileNow, that Pleasure palace becomes nothing more than a floating cesspool toilet, Dog faceleaving it’s poor passengers to endure overflowing toilets, little, no food or skanky cold edibles, no air condition; the list goes on! Thumbs down

Now you would think, as much $$$ as it costs to build these porcelain… er floating palaces, there would be some sort of emergency (Redundant) backup power and systems overall! And what about all these fancy electronics and the capability of getting rescue ships and or supplies out to a stricken ship? I think every cruse line ship should be required to have backup system and should be certified, to be able to even sail in US waters! THIS is totally UNACCEPTIABLE! lunapic_135738704623177_20