Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OMG! EZ actually DISSING a bent??? Say it AIN’T SO EZ!!! :-G


Yikes! Surprised smile Has December 2012 already come upon us? How could we ever read in print of EZ being negative towards a bent? Disappointed smile OK OK, relax, it’s NOT as bad as you may think! I recently received an email from a long time bent rider that had previously stated he would be a metal frame cycling rider forever; only to cave in and acquire one of those plastic… carbon fiber bents, the bent industry has so steadily been moving over to. Fingers crossed “Well EZ, I have learned my lesson and have parted with my carbon fiber high racer.” He goes on to foretell of how really high maintenance and profound phobia he has had to endure on a thoroughbred bent, built purely for speed and performance.  The OMG, I just flatted and laid my CF bike down on the pavement and OMG, I hope I have not cracked the frame anywhere kind of sickly feeling. Sick smileMy friend apparently is not alone in this; as I continue to see numerous CF bikes up for sale all the time on the various bike for sale sites. Some with only a few months of ownership with them. Disappointed smile Needless to say, some of my upbringing has come in very handy for me, in that I have always been schooled in the fact that metal will be with you a lot longer than plastic! I purchased my beloved Titanium Aero back in 2003 and the little beastie is still going strong, 9 years later! Thumbs up And hopefully Fingers crossed my next acquisition for a low racer type of bike Red heartwill be a Titanium one as well!