Thursday, May 31, 2012

OT–The new money down the drain addiction device… :-P


Well, I had one of my friends stop by today to show me their fancy new $$$ cell phone Call meand the great… monthly p$an Surprised smilethey are now SADDLED with paying… MoneyIt must be NICE to have that kind of cash to blow every month! So I decided to do a little more research and found the following article: The 7 worst smartphone injustices and how to fight them WOW, they get you coming and going! Black SheepFor me, I have a simple little $19.00 phone and a 1000 minutes for $100.00 a year plan; which to date, I have used up 47 minutes… Rolling on the floor laughing  My cell phone gets turned on maybe once or twice weekly… Rolling on the floor laughing

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MMMMMM, GREAT Recumbent… Trike Concept!!! ;-D


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New road bike manufacturer in South Florida… :-P


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Part 2…


An album on what Memorial Day REALLY is!

Memorial Day 2012……………………………….


Sunday, May 27, 2012

PLEASE God, before I die; let me live in Portland Oregon!


Hello EZ Biker, I really enjoy your site, even if I still ride and prefer an upright bicycle. So you seem to be very occupied with Portland Oregon; would you really consider moving there? Signed Sandra.

Hello Sandra, thanks for your email and the answer to your quest is (Wait for it…. YES!) Thumbs upThe simple reason is this is clearly a State and region that truly embraces bicycling and backs up that devotion with continuous bicycle event through out the year. As an example, coming up this June; Pedalpalooza is 3+ weeks of bikey fun. Surprised smileWith 249 different events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free. SO what kind of bicycling events are happening in good old South Florida? Sleepy smile(See bottom side of the photo in this post) SO (#2) let me get lucky in the lotto and it’s Portland Oregon, here I come! Thumbs up

OT–Our FUNNY sign for the day!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hey EZ, one of your online / editors links has warnings! :-(

Hey EZ, just wanted to advise you that apparently has some serious malicious issues and I get several warnings when I click on that link! Signed Adam
WOW, Thanks Adam, Thumbs upI have checked on my link and you are correct! Surprised smileI’m going to remove that link from my page for now and will check on it sometime in the future and see if it’s working again. Fingers crossedIt’s one of my most used sites for adding an animation to my photos that I post here at EZ Biker.
UPDATE: The site seems to be back up and running again; I suspect their internet address had been hijacked or something. I'm going to wait a little while longer, before I re post the link to my favorite sites though. Thanks Adam and others for alerting me to this!

My Beloved Ti Aero makeover!


OK OK, I have gotten numerous emails requesting some sort of looksee at my new made over Ti Aero, by Josh at Atlantic Bicycles. Thumbs up  With exception of the HED wheels (The wheels from HELL) Devilthe bike went together really well and the result is a SUPER SMOOTH ride! While I like the rear bottle holders; I have not accomplished the art of putting them back into their slot while riding after 3 dropped bottles in my ride today… Confused smileThe main upgrades were the wheels, XTR rear derailleur, X-eyed brakes and the Bentup bicycles rear bag. As I mentioned earlier; the ride on this makeover puppy is nothing less then a SUPER SMOOTH ride! Mug Josh you have done good, freshening up my Beloved Aero! Thumbs up

No hands, no promises, NO EXCUSES! :-D


My ultra cyclist friend J. Preston Thumbs uppassed on coming to work yesterday to hang with a super inspirational cyclist, Hector Picard of seen to the left of the photo. Admittedly, I didn’t look close at the FB photo of John and Hector, as I was too focused in slamming John for playing hooky from work. Devil Folks this cyclist has no hands and hardly any arms and yet; he’s a SUPER tri-athlete! He’s doing a 1500 “Bike” ride to New York to raise funds for his organization, Don’t stop living. Thumbs upLocal news Channel 7 also has some video / news coverage of this SUPER Inspirational person! (Just get through the goofy ad) Wilted roseOK John, you are off the hook this time. Smile

Ummm, GULP! You can fix my flat tire… anytime!!! :-P


Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally an advantage of owning a diamond frame-upright bike :-P


You're own 2 wheeled shopping basket…. Nyah-Nyah

50 mph pedal / electric bike costing about $44,000? NOT in my stable! :-0

Ohhhh, what those Germans won’t think of next! I truly will never understand why people try and dream up electric or gas powered “Bicycles” when there’s already a world out there of Moped and motorcycles. Doing a Google image search on just a moped found ONLY around About 877,000 results… SORRY folks, but once you take the exclusive human power away, it’s NO LONGER a bicycle! And GAWD forbid having to deal with the alternative powered things… on a bicycle path!

Hey Bikes need to be cleaned too! :-P


OT–Interesting website of the day!

A very good bicycling friend, (Becky) Thumbs upsent me the link to a really cool and interesting website. The title in the photo says it all! (New uses for old things Hall of Fame) Great site to go check out! Thanks Becky!!! Open-mouthed smile And I have added it to my sidebar links as well!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

OT–OMG! Another Julie Brown is born!!! :-O


OK EZ Biker friends, if you have been a visitor of my site; you are surly aware that I was a club / mobile DJ for 20+ years, Party smileback in the 70’s thru early 90’s. One of the many things that set me a part from your usual run of the meal DJ’s Alienwas utilizing music with humor involved; as such as music spoofs. This is where a hit song is re-done in more (Make fun kind of way) by a spoof artist. There are numerous artists that have done this over the years. Weird Al Yankovic comes to mind with numerous song spoofs of Michael Jacksons songs, like Beat It or rather Eat It! And one of my personal favorites is Julie Brown. Thumbs up Spoofing Madonna’s Like a Virgin. Adding FUNNY songs like these helped me do a consistent, $50,000+ a year mobile DJ service; Surprised smilethat I (MISTAKENLY) walked away from, in pursuit of my Great million dollar invention FLOPS…  Goat(Yea, that’s the story I keep promising to reveal to you… one day…) Fingers crossedOK, BUT back to the story at hand. There is NOW another really FUNNY and upcoming SPOOF artist, namely that of Jodie Rivera aka the vprincess. She has already had numerous youtube video’s go viral, with spoof hits like: OctoMom Song (Parody of "Low") or "I'm A Gleek" -Spoof of Firework by Katy Perry (Glee Fans' Anthem) For any aspiring DJ’s out there; I’m telling you, add humor to your program and you will be DJing $$$ all the way to the bank! Thumbs up

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OT - There’s ONE born every minuet… :-P


I have this friend that’s REALLY into trendy stuff Call meand of course a player in the stock market. MoneyI received an email from him just as Facebook stock came online and was available to the public and he rather tauntingly stated that I had missed out on a really sweet opportunity... Nyah-NyahYea, the belief was this stock was going to start off normal and then BLAST into the stratosphere, Fingers crossed$$$ value wise.  But………… Hummmmm, nothing happening…… Wilted rosewait a minute; this price is going DOWN, Surprised smileless than what the original opening price was. Disappointed smileUmmmm, that basically means that those that brought the stock for (example) $5.00, it’s now only worth 3 dollars; a loss of 2 dollars from your initial investment. Imagine buying 100,000 shares and now calculate the loss factor. GoatHence the lifelong reason why I never fool around with the rich man’s Las Vegas… the stock market! Thumbs down Sorry Brad, this is just TOO FUNNY not to post! Rolling on the floor laughingNyah-NyahParty smile