Monday, April 30, 2012

Update… Scheduled Blog postings… Not just me… :-(

Well, my scheduled blog postings is not just an ezbiker issue; Surprised smile  but apparently A LOT of others, as I found out at the blogger forum today. Surprised smileThey thought they had resolved this; but apparently not. Crying faceSo, please bare with me EZ Biker Friends; I’ll check each morning for my post or posts and if not there, I’ll manually post them. Confused smile

Hummm, may have to SERIOUSLY consider a bike camera!


California Hit-and-Run Caught on Bike Camera!

YEA! Thumbs upCyclist with camera 1… hit and run DIRTBAG 0! From time to time I have seriously considered adding a camera to my cycling adventures; but for whatever reason, the idea has faded… Smile with tongue out(Pun intended) BUT, since seeing the video, included in this post; I’m seriously going to consider hooking up with one! Thumbs up Here’s a previous post on one that might just make it on my helmet! Camera

OT–OK Old Geezers, time to keep your mind sharp!

screen-save001A long time friend sent me this rather easy mind challenging on-line game Just kiddingand it’s proving to be a challenge.  It is really great to see how fast your mind and hand can work at the same time to drive you nuts! Lightning
Go to the site, then click on the start button. A group of numerals from 1 to 33 will appear in red boxes. You don't need to click on the numbers, just move your cursor over them in order from 1 to 33 and as you correctly do so, that numeral will disappear. You have 4 minutes or 240 Seconds.  See how fast you can get the task completed.  This is a good practice to keep your brain sharp and your eye hand co-ordination crisp or ................... it could drive you mad !!! I’ve managed to do it in 106 seconds! Thumbs up

Lots of DOWN Time EZ??? :-(

FotoFlexer_AnimationHey EZ, we haven’t seen or heard from you on the road lately. I know you have been waiting for new rims for your bike and doing a general makeover of it; BUT what are you doing to cope with this downtime? Signed Sheryl
Hello Sheryl, thanks for your nice inquiry email. One word sums up my down……. time… GRRRRRR! Cat faceAt least this past weekend the weather and the air and sea show have taken the sting Storm cloudout of my absence of bicycling. Hopefully my Velocity wheels will be in this next week… Annoyedyea, we have heard THAT one before! Sleepy smile

When you have a lot of time on your hands… ;-D


Sunday, April 29, 2012

NOW… THIS… is a REAL Beach Cruiser!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Excellent 700cc Giro bike for sale!

A good friend and fellow bent rider of mine, J. Chapman has a really beautiful bike up for sale. Open-mouthed smileNow that he’s gone to a CF Aero; has has no room for other steeds. I test rode a bike identical to this one a short while back and was very impressed! Red heartHere’s the link at the BROL classifieds to check out this little beastie! Thumbs up For any interested South Florida cyclists; it’s right here in your back yard! Smile

OT–Another reason… I’m seriously considering…

FotoFlexer_Animation…getting back into my mobile DJ business! Surprised smileAdmittedly this video: Hot Problems (official single) - Double Take MIGHT be on the same RASBERRY list of song FAIL Goatas that memorable tune by Rebecca Black “Friday” achieved. Nyah-NyahBUT folks, there is SO MUCH FUN Factor mileage, a DJ with a very WARPED sense of humored could have with these songs! Black SheepBut then I guess you all, would have had to experience my UNIQUE rather DIFFERENT style of DJing, back in the stone age days; (70’s 80’s) Notewhen I played tunes like… Rick Dees Disco Duck Disappointed smileor another one of my favorites, Eat It by Weird Al" Yankovic. Smile with tongue outAnd I would PLAY these songs on Friday and Saturday nights, Surprised smilewith a club full of people! (Great way to generate alcohol sales) The point I’m trying to make here is… songs like you see in this post, Mugare meant to have FUN with and hence the reason; I’m presently doing  exploratory research to getting back into DJing! Lightning

Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Posting issues… :-(


WELL EZ Biker Friends just an FYI, with concern to some recent postings. They are not happening on time anymore. Sad smileApparently Blogger and Windows Live Write are not wanting to play nice together… Crying faceSo, please bare with me and hopefully I can get this issue resolved ASAP! Fingers crossed

BAD news… GOOD news…!


WELL EZ Biker Friends, after WAITING 2 months + for a pair of $1600.00 HED wheels, Baring teeth smilethat NEVER came in; Broken heartI have SADLEY cancelled my order for them! I was really wanting these wheels; as I have used some like them before with great results. BUT, in a word, ordering directly from HED wheel company… SUCKS! Thumbs upThey used every excuse in the book to delay, stall, allegedly sent and then they ultimately didn’t; to the point I said ENOUGH! In the day and time, (When the masses are still out of work) people are watching their penny's and not spending; finding someone who wants to purchase a high priced item like this, should be a slam dunk! Slam dunk meaning you bend over backwards to GET THEM THEIR ORDER, ASAP! Red roseBut obviously HED, just doesn't think that way, Party smileso they have lost a sale from me, for the foreseeable future. I still like / want those wheels; BUT not when I get such (Could care less to fulfilling your order promptly) attitude! Wilted roseI’ll instead be waiting… STTILL another image

week… for some Velocity_Spartacus Pro wheels see in the photo here. Who knows, down the road, maybe another stab at those other wheels… Maybe their customer service skills will have improved by then… Angel