Saturday, March 31, 2012

WT&^%$#*&^%$##F was that? EZ WIGS out during earth hour!


ALRIGHT! I honestly tried to do the lights out for 1 hour this evening, until… something ran across my lower leg! Surprised smile WT&^%$#*&^%$##F… WAS THAT; as I went into immediate after burners into the stratosphere! Scre… Earth hour; the lights have to come on NOW! Ohh, man… just a (*&^%$#& cockroach! Annoyed So my allegiance to earth hour has FAILED this year… Thumbs downsorry about that everyone! Now where did that *&^%$(* bug go? Disappointed smile

Our What The… kind of bent is this, photo of the day! :-P


The S-17 semi-recumbent

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hummm… :-P


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Killer B bicycle… Upright style! :-P :-P :-P


1980’s recumbent Streamliner Video!!!


BROL Poster Tony M, posted the following thread wow this vintage HPV video is something! WOW! What a great VINTAGE video, which has the makings of a Back To the Future in recumbents!

Sophia Loren… AGELESS Beauty!!! :-D


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The ULTIMATE coordinated Clothing with Bicycle!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New name for Recumbents! URO’s!!! :-D


While browsing Facebook, I came upon this FB post by Bacchetta Bicycles; telling of some local events they will be attending this weekend. So I followed the link and gathered all the information I could. BUT… then I checked out the FAQ page, to see if bents would be allowed in the event. Light bulb(Bacchetta was going to the event, so I guess bents are allowed… DUHHHSmile with tongue out) There I found a VERY INTERESTING response to that question; as to WHAT kind of bikes can enter! “Are Time Trial bikes and other aero equipment allowed? Yes Time Trail bike are allowed, you could show up in a URO (UNIDENTIFIED RIDING OBJECT), Surprised smileas long as you are pedaling your good to race.” URO! COOL! Surprised smileWOW! My mind is already crunching out ideas on how to deploy and promote those 3 magical letters into shirts, ads, and other promotional avenues!  Thumbs up BUT… having just checked the; it’s already taken, with a few of the other end addresses, net, org, etc., available for a fee… Crying faceBut... there are potentially other names or phrases that could work with those letters.Light bulb It sure would be nice if other events were MORE URO friendly! See there you go! Nyah-Nyah

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why my desire to ride in bike groups continues to diminish… :-X


Josh from Atlantic bicycles posted a very SCARY Surprised smilevideo, from this past weeks Snowbird Century; which basically reinforces Thumbs upmy waning desire to ride with any kind of bicycle group… There are just too many idiots Annoyedthat think these events are all out races or fantasying that they are in the Tour De France and to Hell with obeying any real world traffic signs or lights… Steaming mad Here’s the video…  Annoyed

OT - New iPad complaints pile up…


THIS… is not going to make quite a few of my RABID Apple products devotees happy… Nyah-NyahBUT I DON’T CARE! Party smileLong ago I learned, that being the first to get your hands on a sensational new product is NOT really a smart thing to do! LightningWhy? (Duhhh) Because inherently these products are going to have early bugs, hiccups and glitches. Wilted roseSeems to be TRUE according to this following story / link for the new Apple iPad! Rolling on the floor laughingGee I camped out for a week and hundreds of hours to be the first to get my hands on this…. now problematic product? Crying faceLOL! Rolling on the floor laughingOnce AGAIN, my Beloved Parents advice comes to life! “Son, NEVER buy something that has JUST COME OUT; there’s always some wrinkles to iron out”! Thumbs up

OT - This law is UNSAFE and VERY DANGEROUS! :-(


You know, laws are usually passed to protect people… BUT… Florida has one law, (Seen in the photo here) that has to be, Confused smileTHE MOST DANGEROUS UNSAFE LAW, Sad smilefor locals and visitors to Florida! If we were back in the 30’s or 40’s where the pace of life, especially vehicle wise, was MUCH SLOWER and easy going; this might be an OK law. BUT folks, in this day and time, Autosociety is NOTHING BUT FAST PACED!!! (HURRY HURRY, I have to get there) I can’t begin to tell you how many NEAR misses Surprised smileI have witnessed, of people naively beginning to walk across one of these signed areas and nearly get wacked! Wilted roseThis might work in some quiet small towns; BUT NOT HERE! Common sense says, wait until there’s no vehicles approaching and then SAFELY proceed across the street!  Thumbs upKeep in mind, Mr. or Ms. Right a way, has been dead and gone, for a long time! Ghost

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Davie Florida police chief hits teenager on bicycle while driving unmarked car… and doesn't get ticketed!!! :-@


Attention South Florida Bicyclists; please ride in Davie Florida AT YOUR OWN RISK Fingers crossedor better yet, AVOID that place altogether! Thumbs upApparently, if you happen to be the local police chief and you hit a bicyclist, (WHICH WAS DETERMINED TO BE HIS FAULT) Baring teeth smile like this person did; he didn’t get ticketed… because after all, he’s the police chief! WHAT A CROCK OF CRA(*&^%!!! Steaming madNow let this happen to me, you or someone of the common public there; and you BET WE WOULD GET TICKETED, probably arrested! Here is the link to this *&^%$#@(* story! Judy Paul is Davies Mayor and here is her email address: (Thanks Josh) OK Bicyclists and EZ Biker Friends, it’s time to hit that computer or cell phone keyboard and send this Mayor a message about , JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up By the way, my good Friend Josh, from Atlantic Bicycles has sent a REALLY good letter to the mayor! Here is a link to that letter! WAY TO GO Josh!