Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Middle East’s Idea of a Beach Cruiser… :-P


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sebring Tidbits… This is ONE FAST Woman!!!


Admittedly, the next BEST thing to being at Sebring, is to start hearing and reading the fantastic results Nerd smileby all the WINNING individuals that participated in that event. Thumbs upBent up Bicycles posted a very interesting link, posted on the Ultraracenews website about the pictured young lady, riding on a Cruzbike Vendetta , (Maria Parker). She and her husband own this company and they continue to impress everyone, at events they show up at. At Sebring, she entered the RAAM (No drafting) qualifying event. (The same event I had entered) Here is a quote from the Cruzbike site, that has me SHAKING my HEAD in disbelief! This Fantastic athlete managed to: “Finish the 24-hour non-drafting race with an amazing 474.5 miles, beating all the men, too. Timothy Woudenberg had the second best finish on his NoCom and was the only other recumbent rider among the top nine finishers, the other seven all being men riding DF bikes. She surpassed Sandy Earl's course record of 442.6 miles by a whopping 31.9 miles. “ Surprised smile WOW! WOW! WOW! This clearly sends out some very STRONG vibrations and clearly a super SPIN (Pun intended) in the marketing arena, bicycle world (Especially on the frame material used) and women athletes in general! To be honest, (IMHO) the overall feeling in the bent world is, if you wanna go FAST, then you need a Carbon Fiber bike under your as… WELL, maybe not; as the bike used here is constructed out of aluminum alloy. Women can clearly compete with the men out there, when given the right kind of bike and support. This Wonder Woman beat a $7000.00+ nocom low racer Moneyand 8 “Males”. Surprised smile You gotta believe there will be some SERIOUS interest out there. to check out these Cruzbikes and I believe you will start seeing a lot more of them on the streets very soon! CONGRATULATIONS Maria Parker and All at Cruzbike!!! Thumbs up

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben Hur Chariot races CONTINUE!!!


Admittedly the movie Ben Hur is one of my all time favorite movies; which I can watch from start to finish and never be board! Now those ingenious folks in Portland Oregon have added a new wrinkle to that movie, the Ben Hurt Chariot Races! (Great photo shot / catch by photographer Jonathan Maus) NOW I could really get into trying this… after maybe a few beers… Smile with tongue out

Sunday, February 26, 2012

WATCH those car doors!!!


I received a rather unpleasant email from a long time cycling friend up towards West Palm Beach today. Sad smileSeems they are going to be in dry-dock for sometime; due to a nasty encounter with a car door, along the beach! Disappointed smileFolks, you need to REALLY keep your wits about you and always be aware of cars parked along the road ways, in town on streets and especially along the beach areas! I always try and make it a point to give parked cars a WIDE birth, Thumbs upwatch for traffic not only behind me, BUT to the right of me. I have had a few close encounters and this is clearly another one of those instances, where you the cyclist is NOT going to win. Broken heartPLEASE be careful when you are out there bicycling!!! Nerd smile

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pretty In Pink!!! :-)


Friday, February 24, 2012

Fold Bikes used in WAR!!!


Quote: “Bike Friday on tour. Al-Faw Palace, Iraq. This is my Bike Friday folding bike that I have used in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Carolina, and Germany. It has several thousand miles on it, most in and around commuting on these large bases. I was able to travel quicker on the Bike Friday than in a vehicle due to the ability to take short cuts and avoid the masses of SUVs. I am in battle rattle for this photo which was common in the 2004-2005 time period at Camp Victory due to the threat level. “ Photo link.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

LIKE…. WOW MAAAAN! Here’s our GROOOOVY Bike Jersey of the day! :-G


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unicycle Tandem… :-P


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OT - This “”FREE”” application really works!


This past week I found out I had may had accidently downloaded a virus on my work computer; Surprised smilevia doing a check on a found USB drive. As a security administrator; I’m required to check all kinds of media, to see if there is any proprietary information or other things… installed on them. Fortunately our Anti-Virus program snagged it and quarantined it. Open-mouthed smileSTILL, I was a tad unnerved by that episode; so I contacted our IT department to see if they could check things out. My good IT Friend Tom came down and loaded a program called SuperAntiSpyware and did a scan of my system. HOLY MICROB Batman, Surprised smileI had 113 questionable cookies and other suspicious malware on the computer! Disappointed smileBUT this FREE program scrapped them off completely! Thumbs upMy manager downloaded the program on the command center computer (Used by all the site supervisors) and ended up with 1900+ possible malware and tracking beasties! Surprised smile(I don’t feel so bad now) I have since added this program to my home computer and it has found quite a few suspicious things; that my trusty anti-virus program seemly chose to ignore! Needless to say, this program get my Nerd Biker thumbs up approval!!! Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

Monday, February 20, 2012

YUK! A FUNKY Red Light ride… :-(


You know as a life long cyclist; one of the main goals you like to achieve when out riding is that smooth uninterrupted kind of ride. Island with a palm treeAll traffic lights are glowing green or turn green as you near them. Red heartAHHH, life is good! BUT this past weekend, I %$#@(*&^ had one of those RED LIGHT Thumbs downrides; whereby I managed to hit a red light about 90% of my ride! GRRRRRR! Wilted rose

Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Memory of another fallen Cyclist… Aaron Cohen


Cyclist killed on Rickenbacker Causeway… Broken heart

Hey EZ, how did your tests go?


Hello EZ, I remember seeing a post where your Sebring trip was postponed due to tests for Melanoma. Do you mind sharing any news on the outcome of your tests? Signed Melanie.

Hello Melanie, thanks for your email Smileand inquiry. WELL the good news is… everything came back negative! WOOHOO! Party smileNow if only I could have made it to Sebring… Crying faceBUT, as of today, I’m already planning for next year Thumbs upand will be doing a lot more bicycling rides to seriously prepare for that event! Thumbs up

Saturday, February 18, 2012

EEEEEEEEEEEEK! Joggers RULE the Beach AGAIN!!! :-O


Surprised smileOK Broward locals, especially A1A residents, bicyclists, roller bladers / skaters, Church Goers, those planning a nice day at the beach… and anyone planning ANYTHING around A1A / Fort Lauderdale Beach & Pompano Beach! You better listen up and take serious HEED to what’s happening tomorrow (Sunday) 2/19/2012! Surprised smile The Annual Publix Marathon / Half one is happening tomorrow and folks, it’s going to be a traffic nightmare! LightningI vividly remember last years event, at 4:30 AM early ride, when I started seeing thousands of street cones, lots of cars and people converging onto the beach (At 4:30 AM…) and came to the conclusion; THIS IS NOT GOOD! I decided to cut my ride short; turned around at the 10 mile mark and desperately headed back home. Just as I rolled onto the 17th Street Causeway; I felt a little better, in that I’m almost home and I have beaten the gauntlet… Until I crested the 17th St. bridge Surprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileand was confronted with MASSIVE vehicles backed up and TONS OF HUMANITY all over, EVERYWHERE! Sad smileI ended up having to WALK my bike through the CRUNCH of people and made a mental note of this date! ShiftyPLEASE (Unless you are part of this… nice event…) AGAIN… STAY AWAY FROM A1A / Fort /  Lauderdale Beach area, including Las Olas, Pompano Beach and Light House Point Bridge, from 4 AM until 2 PM! Here is the link to the event and also a link to the specific marathon route! (Check out the pdf links) PLEEEEZE… PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS!!!! Fingers crossedThumbs up (GAWD… why didn’t I go to Sebring this weekend… Thinking smile)