Saturday, December 31, 2011

And now, ladies and gentlemen…


WHOOOHOOO! Party smileI got 2 out of 2 for 2011! Smile with tongue outOK, one was probably… OK it WAS a sure thing; BUT… 50/50 is not bad, Thumbs upconsidering the previous years predictions! Rest assured physic or maybe psycho EZ Biker has more predictions for the coming 2012! Surprised smile

2011 was a lovely… TURTLE ride… miles wise for EZ (TURTLE) Biker… :-P :-P :-P


SOOOO, as 2011 continues to fade into history, I look back on this year,  wishing my miles had been more bountiful. Thumbs downBUT, there’s always next year and Sebring is on my list of events to do, Thumbs upalong with numerous other planned events! I am going to have to correct my upcoming pat year predictions; as one thing that I had previously posted had been achieved… fell through at the last moment. Sad smile BUT… I’ll deal with and post about that, next year!!! Be right back On that note, I sincerely Thank all my Friends that have taken the time to stop by Open-mouthed smileand visit my site and I hope you all will continue to do so, next year!!! Party smile

Retro Women’s Bicycling Attire… :-D


Friday, December 30, 2011

Interesting Bicycle Advocacy Website!


One Street Org

Thursday, December 29, 2011



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WOW! A FIXED gear recumbent??? WOW!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Friendly Bicycle Flower Delivery service! :-O


Check out this and other outrageous deliveries done by bikes! Surprised smile

Monday, December 26, 2011

OT–The sign of the YEAR!!!

lunapic_132493636732199_1LOL! Nyah-NyahOK, this has to be the ultimate sign of the year and at what unbelievable cost; seats to the Packers Football game! X Boy Friend Dude? Sarcastic smileWhat were you thinking! LightningHere’s the link to this Excellent Story!!! Thumbs up

OT - Let’s make a terminally ill child's flight even more unpleasant! :-/


Steaming madYou know there use to be something called Common Sense in this world; but I guess that’s gone the way of the 8 track tape.

Terminally Ill New Hampshire Boy Ordered Out of Safety Seat on Southwest Flight… Steaming madHere we have a flight staff member that obviously has visions of wanting to be someone in charge and thus has no concerns about  tainting a terminally child's remaining days of life as well as traumatizing the child's parents, Broken hearton what may be this young persons last flight. This is something that obviously should have been escalated to higher authority personnel, instead of (BEFORE) acted on at ground zero. Congratulations Southwest Airlines, you clearly are not a people or specifically child friendly service airline Steaming mad and thus you all whole heartedly rate an EZ Biker SUCKS BIG TIME proclamation! Steaming madSteaming madSteaming mad

I don’t get it…


While visiting Facebook today, I happen onto a post by the Recumbent Journal about a certain Recumbent Friendly… bike shop that has REALLY strange operating hours. Disappointed smile  NOW mind you, it’s none of my business how anyone chooses to run their company; BUT… don’t you have to kind of keep the door OPEN, for $$$ income generating customers to come in? ClockAnd what if you have  purchased a bike there and now want or need service on it? Surprised smileSend them an email requesting their MIGHTY VIP presence, to be able to rewardingly accommodate you? Annoyed Sorry, I don’t get it!!! I don't know smile I’m not purposely showing the bike shop name; but you can see who, at this link.  Ghost

Sunday, December 25, 2011

OT–Christmas Mass, Kneeling Straight & Sister Audrey…


Once again I joined the million+ 2 times a year visiting Catholics to my local Catholic Church, last night for Midnight Mass. Thumbs upAnd once again, like it was just yesterday, I kneeled in the pew, straight up, not slouching like seen in the photo. I have good old Sister Audrey to Thank for that… Every time there was even one of us, kneeling slouched in the pew, there was this quiet SNAP of the finger and Sister Audrey, motioning us to kneel straight up! Surprised smileMust have been caught doing that 100+ times; but… I guess it finally sunk in… Thanks Sister Audrey. Thumbs upAnd once again, Church was not packed like it use to be and the opened overflow areas, were mostly vacant. I was part of the many that didn’t realize the change of prayer responses had been done; so I responded “And also with you; when it should have been, and with your Spirit.” Disappointed smileAnd lastly, I noticed something rather different this year, when it came to Communion. Back in the packed over flowing days, numerous church goers, would blow out of there, just before or during Communion time or just after they had received the Holy Sacrament. That didn’t happen this year. Thumbs up The crowd stayed and took in the whole Mass event, even towards the end of Mass when we get to hear Father Foudy’s traditional “Remember there’s only 2 types of people out on the road now, drunks Martini glassand Catholics; Angelso be careful going home. Thumbs up

Wishing all my EZ Biker Friends a Wonderful Merry Christmas!!!


OK, I have NOT been a good boy this year with this rather CHEESY Christmas photo / post; (Compared to previous years posts) BUT… I did receive what has to be, one of the cutest, COOL electric Christmas greetings, I have ever received! Check it out here! Thumbs up

Saturday, December 24, 2011

DID… one of these today…


I’m sure I gave a lot of joggers and cyclists some laughter today; as I did the infamous fall off the bike trick (Arty Johnson trike fall over from Laughin?) at the traffic light just past the Boca Bridge head South today… I started off from a stop millions of times and never had an issue; except TWICE now. Surprised smileToo much torque on the right pedal; (AGAIN) which caused my rear wheel to come dislodged from the frame dropouts. Re-aligned the rear wheel and I was embarrassingly on my way again! Embarrassed smile2011 Christmas Eve FUN……… Smile with tongue out