Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OT - C’mon Hershey’s, WHO ARE YOU FOOLING! :-/

FotoFlexer_AnimationGEE let’s market our candy with LESS actual mass, for the same or more money and give it a snazzy Air Delight title and the public will flock to the stores to scoop it up! NOT! Baring teeth smile Admittedly, Hershey’s has been my favorite candy all my life; BUT this latest, lets have consumers buy AIR in place of REAL SOLID Chocolate mass; is nothing but dangerous gases! SHAME ON YOU Hershey's!!! AnnoyedI really hope the consumer avoids this like the Susan B Anthony dollar coin!!! Wilted rose

BLING Bike Photo of the day!!! :-D


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

COOL Bicycle Website find!


Admittedly I have cruised (Pun intended…) past this site (Located in Hillsboro Oregon) a few times; but today I decided to give it an in debt looksee. A very nice site indeed; including their cool bumper sticker, pictured here! Thumbs up

Are you doing this event EZ???


Hey EZ, the wife and me really enjoy your blog and are planning on coming down to South Florida, just in time for the annual Kids In Distress Inlet Ride Event. We are wondering if you will be participating in the event? Signed Eric & Julie

Hello Eric & Julie, thanks for your nice email. The Kids In Distress Inlet Challenge event (Sunday, December 4, 2011) is a good event,  Thumbs up which I have participated in, a few times. SADLEY, Sad smileI’m probably not going to be able to do this event this year; as I’m committing my $$$ to doing Sebring next year. The other reason is the minimum donation amount ($100.00) required Moneyto participate, along with the $45.00 registration fee. In this present day and time; I honestly don’t have an abundance of friends that could spare any kind of $ donation. Wilted roseNow if the event allowed a minimum of $25 or maybe $50.00; I would gladly pull that out of my pocket, to do the event. Event fund raisers are a good thing; but I believe they need to seriously understand how really TIGHT $$$ is these days,Thumbs down all the people out of work and the sheer costs of things going up all the time.  It would be really nice  if they could make the events more donation friendly; which would result in more cyclist participation and still a decent $$$ generated. Thumbs up

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Thumbs Up for Lake County Sherriff's Office!!! :-D


OT–FAIL……………… :-P


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another CUTE… Vintage Bicycle of the day! :-D


Saturday, November 26, 2011

WHOA!!! Watch those railcar line tracks dear!!! :-O


OT–Great Coupon site!


I just got sent this really Great site for those that are REALLY into saving $$$ via coupons. has some really good savings! Just in time for the holidays!!! Thumbs up

Friday, November 25, 2011

A “Bicycle or… Friendly” Business, Home or Haven!!! :-)


At there a really novel idea I read from their Monday Roundup section, on blue stickers, like you see in the photo here. Quoting from “The cycling coach at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky has launched a bicycle friendly sticker campaign Thumbs upfor homes and businesses who want to support the college's racing team. But as the coach will tell you, the idea wasn't his and it didn't come from the team - it came from the people who live on the rural roads where the team rides.” Here’s the actual website link:   So if a cyclists see one of these stickers on a house or business; they can be assured, that establishment is a bike friendly place to visit and / or offer bicycle support. Smile Now all of this got me to thinking… Surprised smile What if… there were stickers that offered Bent Friendly support as well? Thumbs up Thumbs upHey NO HARM in dreaming, is there? Winking smile



EEEEEEEEK! It’s THAT time…. again! :-O


Thursday, November 24, 2011

OT - Retailers message to Family Traditions… PISS ON You, we gotta get the customers money, as soon as we can!!! :-( :-( :-(


Quote from The Washington Post: “Black Friday is just around the corner, and retailers such as Target, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s and others are racing to advertise deals and their extended hours. Many of the major retailers will open at midnight or earlier on Thanksgiving…”

While I normally would offer everyone a nice, cute Happy Thanksgiving post today, I’m just not in the MOOD to do so! Annoyed  THIS *&^%$#* world is just SO SCREWED up and everyone is obsessed with $$$. Baring teeth smile Despite millions that don’t even have a job and probably won’t even be able to afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner! BUT HEY! that’s not stopping the GREEDY MONEY HUNGERY retailers Thumbs downout there! To our store employees, screw your nice Thanks Giving dinner; you have to come in to work, man your store counter and suck as much $$$ as you can out of customers! (And be here by 10 PM, Thanksgiving evening or earlier, so we can be the 1st to suck in those customers with $$$) Steaming madI honestly won’t be surprised if some retailers don’t offer an in store Thanksgiving dinner! PlateCome in for some free Turkey and shop while you are carrying a drumstick and sipping on tea! Where I use to enjoy yearly traditions; I’m now LOTHING them; Thumbs downas they all are becoming nothing but a BIG SALES EVENT OPPORTUNITY for retailers… And lastly; here’s a link to a more Friendly Happy Thanksgiving Wish… Winking smile

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking news! Bacchetta you tube channel!


Just found this little tidbit posted at the Bacchetta Forum by King B,  Johnzilla!(John Schlitter) And I have just subscribed to it as well! Get over there and check this site out at this link!!!

NASTY HOT LOOKIN 3 Wheeler Trike!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our RETRO Bike photo of the day!!! :-D


Beach biking FUN…………. ;-D


Monday, November 21, 2011



You know EZ Biker Friends, I’m NO fan of the present administration that’s running this country; Annoyed  BUT… that does not give me the right to being disrespectful of the President, His Family members and Friends; especially the 1st Lady of the United States. Steaming mad You so-called NASCAR Fans that BOOED, should be ashamed of yourself! You not only tarnished a Great season ending NASCAR Event; but you also embarrassed the Great State of Florida, and NASCAR Fans as a whole with your TASTELESS actions! Steaming madJust how would you feel if your family members were introduced before a crowd of people and they were roundly booed? Disappointed smileI don’t think you would like it very much! Needless to say, you IDIOTS have earned the EZ Biker Thumbs DOWN and YOU SUCK award! Thumbs downThumbs downThumbs downThumbs downThumbs down