Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Mecca Of Randonneurs! Paris-Brest-Paris


WOW! Talk about an interesting news event! The Paris-Brest-Paris event is rolling and I have a good Friend from work, (Allen) seen here at the start! Quoting from the RUSA website: “First run in 1891, the 1200-kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris, or "PBP" as it is commonly called, is a grueling test of human endurance and cycling ability.” Here’s a good Facebook link (Thanks Boris Fayfer) for a larger photo! (Also notice ALL the bents starting as well!) Lastly here’s a thread at BROL on this event and a Youtube Video.  (Whereby you will {Again} see a BUNCH of bents doing this event!) GOOO Allen and Vita!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BREAKING News! Be Careful Out There - More Flashmob VIOLENCE… NOW…towards… Cyclists!


WELL here’s post at BROL that just clearly demonstrates WHY cyclists and anyone for that matter have to be ALERT at all times, regardless as to where you are these days! Be Careful Out There - More Flashmobs tells of simple cyclists being attacked for no reason, except for pure fun. Steaming mad  Sadly or actually even MORE pathetically, this world is  reverting back to the savage, prehistoric ages… Thumbs down

Monday, August 29, 2011

Year 2010 Catbike Musashi Owners! Take notice!


For more information, please go to this BROL link.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

OT–Crabby Jacks Burns to the ground… :-(


OK, this is REALLY OT(Off topic) but I’m truly SADDEN to report one of South Florida’s Iconic restaurants, Crabby Jacks on Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach was destroyed by fire, as seen in this video.  Crying face I had eaten there a lot in the past and had a lot of good times meeting with friends there. My Heart Felt prayers go out to the owners and employees there! Mug

OT–Today America Proudly Honors… Martin Luther King Jr.!


Dedicate the Dream Org.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Velomobiles Cycling the White House!


Hummm, interesting read over at the BROL forum about those ROAM Velomobiles circling around the White House! YIKES! I hope they got outa there before hurricane Irene!!! Surprised smile

Can’t find The History Of the recumbent link! :-O


Hey EZ, I need some HELP! I remember seeing a really great write-up about recumbents; BUT can’t find the link anywhere! The link and page was at some site titled Genius or something. HEEEELP! Signed Van

Thanks for your email Van and I believe the site you are looking for is: The History of the recumbent, posted at the Cycle Genius Recumbents website.

Friday, August 26, 2011

AHHHHHH, What Memories!


A look back into Oregon bike history is an EXCELLENT read at Now if only we could get the follow (Included in the article) belief back in this world again: "Bicycle riding can contribute to the fulfillment of body exercise and does not add to the pollution problem."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

OT–WHAT a REALLY FUN Site for UNIQUE Album Creations!

OK If you are looking for a FUN album generator, with the capability of making absolutely UNIQUE photo albums or cards, look no farther then Slide! In fact you can even setup your own skins as I did with my Nerd Bike skin! This site gets an EZ Biker thumbs Up! Thumbs up UPDATE: 8-26-2011 * WELL, I see in the news today that this site was purchased by Google and will now be discontinued! :-(

Yard Bicycling… The new 2011 summer fad… :-P :-P :-P


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please read before you ride this bicycle… :-P


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SERIOUS Century ride event fuel!!! :-D


You know EZ Biker friends, I get asked from time to time what kind of fuel is needed to ride (Or if you are me) SURVIVE a century event! Confused smileOn the liquid side, I personally use basic WATER with a few minor sips of Gatorade, throughout the ride. Recently our bicycle Diva of South Florida, Kerry posted the photo you see here at Facebook and revealed some excellent food fuel that was utilized during the recent PINKIE presents A "SIMPLE" Century. OK, NOT exactly your most Healthful foods; Vampire bat BUT you gotta remember, this is purely FUEL that you will be burning for quite sometime out there on the road. Besides good bicycling fuel, these accumulated yummies can also be used for DELIGHTFUL Couch potato comfort food munchies too! PlateAnd as I posted at FB, give me 15 minutes alone with these goodies and you will see a new name for this site,! Surprised smile

Monday, August 22, 2011

This has got to be the STUPIDEST product ever made, FOR IT’S INTENDED PURPOSE… :-P


BROL poster Dinero has a really COMICAL post going…  If You Cant' Beat 'Em, Join 'Em about a FABULOUS product, guaranteed to SHORTEN your bicycle ride REAL quick! I’m not sure if this is really some sort of pre- (really early though) April fool joke or what; BUT it’s actually displayed at the Performance Bicycle Websitelunapic_131180125660045_2

The even MORE scary part is… some idiots will probably ACTUALLY purchase IT AND try to use IT! (A sure to be real hit… in a pace line) lunapic_130970390851465_15

Sunday, August 21, 2011

USS (Under seat steering) Recumbent by Linear… :-D


After my first bent, which was a Rebike, GhostI moved onto (What was then considered to be a performance bike) USS Vision Recumbent. Just showing up to bike events with a bike like this; Surprised smileturned many a heads and thus made this bike a REAL attention getter. BUT that was actually back in the 90’s and USS bikes have pretty much gone to the sidelines, until this latest post at the BROL website’s front page, Linear Roadster. Looks like a fairly fine designed bike; but obviously not one for serious performances desires; BUT… you will get a lot of attention at bike events, with the mere USS steering!!! Alien

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinkie’s Simple Century Shirts Available!


WELL admittedly I have not placed my order yet Turtle for some of these GREAT looking shirts; BUT I will do so soon! In the meantime if anyone is interested in acquiring this cool looking shirt, just cruse over to South Florida Bike Club (A Simple Century) page Thumbs up and check it out! Of for your Facebook fans, here’s the link for the FB site. Smile

OT–WOW! Segway beach Cruisers!!!


COOL! Surprised smile Pictured is a good Friend of mine, Katherine, and Husband on what obviously appears to be Segway Beach Cruisers!!! Now THAT’s the way to get around on sand!!! Thumbs up

High Visibility BIKING JERSEY!


WOW! Surprised smileHere’s a rather LOUD (Color wise) jersey for cyclists that want more visibility on the road and obviously at bike event as well! From the BROL thread: See-Me jersey seen but not so visible, posted by Here’s the direct link to find out more about this BRIGHT jersey! Open-mouthed smile

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pace line avoidance…:-(

Lone cyclistHello EZ Biker, Love your site and visit it often. I remember your post about non participation in bicycle pace lines and I'm having some issues concerning that. back in my road bike days I did the fast lane pace lines and while it was rather fun, being able to go FAST with a group; I too experienced the other side of, OH shi... watch out, group pile ups. Now that I have gone bent, I find myself really not wanting to participate in pace lines with road bikes or even fellow bents. I prefer to just hang in the back and enjoy a good non hassle ride and hanging with a group of cyclists. BUT, now I have heard rumblings of how I just set in the back, don't share in the ride work (Didn't know that was required) and basically just suck wheel, etc. etc. Is my style of riding wrong? Should I reconsider and maybe get back into the pace line thing again. It bothers me that others seem to have issues with me just hanging around in the back. Signed, Don.

Don, thanks for your email and visiting my site. :-) I have posted my thoughts about Pace lines or what my fellow bent rider / friend Jose refers to them as Faith lines image at the following title / link: EZ Biker does NOT DO "Pace (Faith) Lines"!  My simple and immediate answer to your 2 questions at the end of your correspondence is NO and NO! Nerd smile Believe it or not, I have the same attitude, about pace lines. (s you can read in my past post) Some people like bents in them and other's don't. And it's not that I haven't done them in the past or that I can't participate in them properly; I just don't have the desire or fascination anymore to be in that kind of close FAST bicycling endeavor. Plus when your bod is inching ever so closely to OLD GEEZER status; image I can ill afford to get involved in a pace line mishap Surprised smileand end up with multiple or massive head and body trauma, that numerous cyclists I know, have had to endure. If I can be way front or way in back, that’s perfectly OK with me. Even in my past encounters with the A1A / Commercial group on the weekends, I hang in the back and enjoy, just being able to hang with some of the GO FAST crowd... BUT at a SAFE distance. :-) So my advice to you, is to ENJOY your ride the way you want it and don't worry about any talk or rumblings you might hear about. Open-mouthed smile

By the way, I think I had already used the posted photo; BUT it just fits with the theme of this so well!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rans Recumbent New Website featuring an out of production recumbent bike… :-P


Found this little tidbit from the BROL Forum by poster Bent Eagle, of Rans Company’s new website. Smile BUT as the second poster (i am bent) added, they are using an outdated recumbent, that’s no longer in production… lunapic_130970390851465_15 BUT one I’d LOVE to do a duel 20'” wheel setup on for a Reincarnated Rans Tailwind on steroids… Smile with tongue out

WOO Hoo!! Bicycling 1 Bicycle Nazi’s 0 :-D


Posted at the BROL forum by poster Bike Tourist: One small step for cyclists. Looks like bicycling has WON this round in the never ending Bicycle Nazi movement Baring teeth smile to abolish bicycling in this country! An excellent write up about this in the New York Times too!Open-mouthed smile

Photo by Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times