Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bike Turn Signal Project… Novel idea… BUT…


Just caught this post at BROL by BROL poster clee01:  A Bike Turn signal project that needs your help that portrays a turn signal system on your bike gloves. Seems like a pretty good concept, if you do a lot of night riding; but I doubt the lights would be bright enough during the day to make a real difference. Better to just use your usual arm signals, to get a vehicle operators attention, then relying on them to pay attention to still more blinking lights out on the streets. Plus having something electrical on you like that in wet weather, might give cause for concern. Still, it’s something aimed in the right direction, concerning cycling safety! Smile

Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 29, 2006 * Happy BELATED Birthday Bike Portland Org.!!!


On July 29, 2006 one of my continuously visited and LOVED websites came into the world! Party smileSO, let me take a moment and with you all, a belated Happy Birthday Birthday cake and I look forward to more GREAT articles and news from your Wonderful organization! Open-mouthed smile

This is a REALLY GREAT Ride & Cyclist Group!!!


This Saturday morning (7/30/11) I ventured over to the weekly Easy Peasy ride that South Florida Bike Club puts on, via Kerry (Pinky) & Boy Friend Michael. This is kind of a follow up ride to their monthly EASY Century event, held on Saturday mornings. This is a fairly moderate pace, 19-21 mph ride, where you find your comfort riding place and enjoy! Todays ride was ultimately a true Hallmark of kindness and caring event though! We rolled out at about 6:10 AM, over the 17th St. Bridge and proceeded to the beach. I was towards the back, when I notice Kerry peeling off and back; but I continued on. The group was somewhat spaced apart, but ultimately gathered together, looking for our illustrious Deva, who was no where in site. Like a caring Mother Hen, she had dropped back to wait on a cyclist, that had fallen behind, everyone else. While waiting, one cyclist had slowed and was glancing back, when he forgot he was still clipped in and took a rather hard fall and injured his wrist. Kerry and the cyclist rolled up, soon after and  surveyed the situation. The injured cyclist couldn’t continue and in an instant, Kerry’s Wonderful Boy Friend, Michael Angelmade a B line back to their Van to come collect the cyclist and take him back to the starting point. The rest of the group continued to hang around, as Kerry tried to urge them to continue on the ride; BUT no one really wanted to go, at the moment. It was MORE important to make sure one of the group would be OK and taken care of. Finally, the group reluctantly continued; with our first stop being at the 7-11 store just beyond Hillsboro Blvd. A call was make to Kerry and they decided to call it a day and the group continued to Spanish River and (WISELY) turned around… except for a certain FUNNY bike fellow, who decided to (UNWISELY) continue on to Delray. UNWISLY… because NOW the SUN and HEAT were REALLY KICKING his As… Smile with tongue out I did manage to squeak out enough miles for a metric accomplishment; BUT as I compose this; I’m STILL WORN OUT… Sleepy smile Again, this was a really nice event (Except for the cyclist mishap) and the group of cyclists were all friendly accommodating! As much as I prefer to do my COOLER EARLYER Morning ZOMBE rides; I’m drawn to continue on, with these rides, if for nothing else, the nice cyclists I get to ride with! Open-mouthed smile If anyone in Broward County area is really looking for a nice casual bicycling bunch and ride events; this is a club and ride event, you should really come check out!!! Smile

UPDATE: Oooops! Just learned the Nice Guy who went to fetch the van for the injured cyclist was NOT Kerry’s Boy Friend. Typical EZ Biker Senior moment… image WELL, the Awards Plaque will still stand for them both!!!

Ran's Recumbents experimenting with Big Wheel Low Racer… :-P


Friday, July 29, 2011

How “””NOT to””” promote Bicycling in a positive way… :-(


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking News… Recumbent Family losing a special member… :-(


Some SAD news to report here; of one of the recumbent industries friendliest bike stores (People Movers) is closing and has been put up for sale, as reported by BROL poster: pinoybenter. I have heard Great things about this shop, from a lot of loyal customers! The in store parrot was always a crowd favorite and even IT, is up for sale… I’m sure they will have no problem liquidating their inventory and they should generate some serious $$$ for their internet name, alone:

Heading Uptown! With the WOOFY!!! :-P


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OT - HAPPY Birthday MS-DOS!!!


Special Thanks to Super Computer IT Wiz, David Stein Just kidding for posting this little tidbit about MS-Dos; as today is it’s wonderful Birthday! Birthday cake ALRIGHT! Here’s the link to read more about this Historical Technology day!!! Thumbs up

OT–WRONG Place to bring our Precious Departed Veterans to! :-(


Quoted from Fox News: A Texas lawmaker is calling for a congressional investigation of the Houston National Cemetery after he went undercover and determined that cemetery officials are still preventing Christian prayers at the funerals of military veterans.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BREAKING News! “Google” Co-Founder Interested in a bent!!! :-O


OOOOOH YEEEES! NOW THIS is some SERIOUS NEWS! I liken this to the equivalent Silver Bullet Lance Armstrong allowing himself to be photographed on a bent, shocking the DF World! BUT, we might not need him after all; as the BIGGER news is, Google’s Co-Founder (Sergey Brin) is apparently interested in a… Recumbent!!! Surprised smile This being reported by the Recumbent Journal: Sergey Brin is looking for a recumbent. OOOOOOOH, now this could really give our fledgling little industry a serious shot in the arm globally! By the way Brin, if you would like to test ride either of my bents, they are at your disposal! Smile

Bore to be wild, chopper sounds with play cards on your spokes, 2011 style!!!


Oh yes, I surly did the chopper sound, play cards in my bikes spokes during my early biking years! (Had to be bad sounding for the chicks!) Punk But now for 2011, you can get a pretty BAD AS… SOUND utilizing some HOT techy looking race style muffler gadget as seen in the bottom photo. With the (Turbospoke), you can now roar up and down the block and scare all kinds of pets and old people…Hot smile And NO, I don’t have plans for getting one for my Ti Aero… BUT maybe… the Tailwind… Surprised smile Here's link to read more about this!

UPDATE: 7-26-11 - Here's a Youtube video of this!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hilton Head Island looks pretty inviting!


BROL poster Bikehound has done a very nice post, with photos about a place called Hilton Head Island. Very nice photos and the scenery and beverages look inviting too! write up on his post titled: Bikers Paradise HHI. Secret telling smile

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breaking News! US Postal Service unveils "Bicycling Forever" stamps


Got this from, about new stamps with all (Uprights) no bent bikes Sad smile  printed on them, coming out next year. WELL at least it does involve bicycling! Sarcastic smile

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Ultimate Home Furnishing for a bicyclist! :-P


Friday, July 22, 2011

THIS has to be UN-NERVING! :-O


Local woman launches site to sell 'Deaf Cyclist' patches

You know EZ Biker Friends, back in my mobile DJ days, I had a DJ assignment for a Deaf Mute group, on one of the intercostal party boats out of Miami. This was your perfect DREAM, BLAST the music as loud as you can, with as MUCH BASE as possible; as this is how they danced to music, by feeling the BOOM BOOM BASE. My Amplifiers were never the same after that gig though… Crying face Fast forward to the present and to be honest; I have never given this unique (BUT surely rare) aspect of bicycling any serious thought! Confused smile I clearly depend on being able to HEAR what’s around me; especially if someone is coming up behind me. I can’t begin to remember all the close encounters I have managed to avoid, thanks partly to my sense of hearing! And yet, here’s a young lady in Portland Oregon, that obviously does quite well, without the help of any hearing! WOW! Surprised smileThis is fascinating reading! Thumbs up

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why no TDF mention EZ? :-(


Hey EZ, just wondering why no TDF post or acknowledgement this year? Signed Clark

Hello Clark, thanks for your email. To be honest, I have just lost interestSleepy smile in even acknowledging the TDF anymore, due to all the on-going drug doping issues. Thumbs downEven this year, there have been quite a few instances of this. There’s just no more honesty, integrity or creditability in this event… Can we say, TDF Hailing Frequencies CLOSED......... Wilted rose

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OT- BEAT THE HEAT, hop in the shower!!!!


OK EZ Biker Friends, this is a little OT, BUT with all the HOT HEAT Sunissues we are having lately; I thought I’d offer a tip, that my country grand mom use to do, to beat the heat. Simply put, go JUMP in the shower or even the bathtub and splash fairly cool water all around you! I still do this even today. I try and avoid using my Air Conditioner, to keep the $$$ down and also I’m fairly acclimated for Florida’s Island with a palm treelovely… hot days. BUT… there have been some days, when I just stop what I’m doing and go take a brief slightly COOL (Again) shower! Storm cloudIn a few seconds I’m refreshed and ready to continue what I’m doing. Getting HEATED again, time for another brief  visit to the shower; along with hydration, hydration, hydration! Thumbs up

EZ Rants… Why some bent manufacturers SUCK… at times!!! :-@


You know, I truly LOVE recumbent bicycling and the recumbent industry as a whole. BUT certain bent manufacturers business practices, like the pick a boo product (Now you see it, now you don’t) or the… this is a GREAT product, with lots of potential (We just need to give it TIME to get it successfully marketed) BUT then… “BANG!” Surprised smile It’s killed off practices, JUST PO me off! Baring teeth smile Such is the case with the Beautiful bike you see posted here, the Ice B1, manufactured by Ice Trikes Co. Here’s a link for more photos of this GREAT bike, taken at RBR bicycle shop. Not only is it a snazzy looking bike, BUT it’s FOLDABLE! Here’s still another thorn statement, that makes me BRISTLE even MORE, taken from the cover page of BROL (Bent Rider On Line) “It’s been rumored for a few weeks now, but now it’s official. Despite it being the

best commercially available recumbent travel

bike in the worldthe ICE B1 has been cancelled. ICE is officially just a trike maker again.” GIVE ME AN F……..(*&^%$#@##$$@@!!! BREAK! Baring teeth smileOK so trikes are the so-called IN product at this time! BUT guess what, EVERYBODY is DOING THEM! You’re just a mere playa of a LARGE CROWD, verses having a UNIQUE, “FOLDING” RECUMBENT bike, that WOULD BLOW the upright folding bike industry out of the water!

I hear all the time, how we are a small company, with limited $, so we have to make tough choices. Ohhhh PAAAAALEEEZZZE! GMAB!!!! OK, so you have limited $. How much $$$$$ went into R & D designing of this bike? Now, did you get your $$$ back from all that work? I bet not and now you won’t; because you have killed it off. DUMB DUMB DUMB! Thumbs downNOW, I ask a simple question here… what would be the harm, in keeping some of these fames around? For like a special order type of deal. Don’t give me this, it would cost $$$ to do this. You already probably have some of these fames on hand or can knock out a few from time to time; why not offer them as a Limited Edition product? This way, you are still in the game and should your TRIKE bonanza go FLAT (Pun intended) you still have an alternative (THAT NO ONE ELSE, LET ME REPETE THAT… NO ONE ELSE CAN OFFER!!!) product available. PLUS, what if??? Your limited edition catches fire and goes viral? (Now the rest of your competitors are the MERE playa’s, playing catch up to YOU. So NOW quit SUCKING and resurrect the BI!!!!Now if all of this sounds like… I maybe want one………………… WELL………… YES, I DO!!!! Red heart