Thursday, June 30, 2011

My FIRST bike model, STILL around!


See more photos here! Party smile

OT–Breaking News! EZ bans cooking with plastic cookware!

NO more plastic cooking

First let me say, that I’m not specifically targeting the pictured item; BUT… I believe it did play a role in a lot of my recently acquired aches and pains, I had not had before! As most of you know, I try and stay active in bicycling and in general workouts on a daily basis. As recently as 2 months ago, I have been experiencing a lot of chronic pain in my knees; which I suspected was just old age creeping up on me and maybe arthritis, likewise gaining on me. As a security administrator, I’ve learned that research research research and deductive sleuthing is the key to getting a mystery ultimately solved. As I said, my knee pain had really kicked in a few months back and overall achiness in my joints that I really have not endured before. I began to research what things I might have added to my daily routine, including any diet changes or additions. I remember acquiring the fasta pasta a few months back and I have been doing a lot of Pasta cooking on the weekends with it. At work (When I’m in a rush to even get to eat) I have used the Dinty Moore microwaveable (Plastic) bowels quite often, because… I’m usually never caught up on my work. Now these products claim their cookware is microwave safe… I don't know smile BUT, I’m beginning to have other ideas… Sick smile SO as of 6/30/2011, I’m no longer going to cook using plastic and will instead go back to good old glass or more specifically Pyrex cookware. I’m also going to try and consume more water and get away from the teas and juices I presently consume. So, by August 1, I will reveal the status on my present achy body… Be right back

7/2/2011 UPDATE: Well I have had numerous emails and information sent to me, concerning this, (Thank You! Winking smile) along with an article from myth busting  While this is comforting news, I’m still of the belief that some kind of Carcinogens have been released into my system; resulting in my recent chronic knee ache issues. To be SAFE, I’m still going to microwave various food using Pyrex / glass containers and will continue to avoid cooking in plastic containers! As of this date, my knee issues have IMPROVED Greatly! Smile

OT - GOOD BIE Cable TV!!!!! :-////////

Nerd-biker moment2

Well it appears the so called brand name change with my local cable company is about completed and my basic channel account has been gutted of all the basic Digital channels. If I want to get those channels back… I’ll need to upgrade to the MORE COSTLY higher cable TV tier, which would require me adding a (Another added fee) DVR to the deal. Ummmmm NO! Baring teeth smile

Needless to say I have been doing all kinds of research for alternative CHEAPER viewing and have come up with a preliminary plan. Hook up a network cable to my laptop and place it on my bed table and continue to just do the internet thing. I’m also looking into a Roku 2050X XD Streaming Player, combined with either Hulu plus or Netflix or both and view it off my TV monitor. Regardless, I’ll get to view (At the times I want) a TON of more programming, while saving a bundle of $$$, over that now LUXUARY plateau cable TV service. Stay tuned for the outcome of EZ cuts cable TV off endeavor! Open-mouthed smile

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OT - Google at IT again…

Nerd-biker moment4

WOW! Every time you turn around, Google is rolling out still another FUN internet goodie! The latest is What do you love? You enter something that you love, like cooking, skating, movies or my favorite… recumbent bicycle and you get all kinds of interesting information articles about the subject matter you, well LOVE. THIS will be a FUN site to visit often!!! Open-mouthed smile

WHAT a GREAT concept!!!!


OK, lets face it, trying out bicycles is nothing really new. You can do this at any local bicycle shop. BUT what makes this endeavor rather unique, is that you can have the pleasure of trying all kinds of bicycle formats and platforms! (Trikes, folders, uprights, beach cruisers, recumbents and even unicycles!) Lets face it, the majority of bike shops, pretty much limit you to specific bike formats or at least try and keep you interested in items they have in their store. Sarcastic smileThe Recumbent Journal folks (Where you can read more about this story) will be making a pilgrimage (With an assorted of bents to try) to the event, in Pittsburg PA this coming 4th of July weekend. Hummm, now this could be an interesting promotion for other bike related events and expos as well! Thumbs up From at least a recumbent exposure angle… AngelLets hope some great photos of the event will follow!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hummmmmmmm… ;-)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bicycle Jousting!

To the death… Surprised smile


OK, WELL maybe NOT to the death! BUT once again those fine folks in Portland Oregon have come up with still another FUN event, which surely must provide for a lot of FUN entertainment.  This is one of many events this city puts on, during their Pedalpalooza season. Pedalpalooza is 2+ weeks of bikey fun. With 262 events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free. Once again, I find it VERY HARD to believe Annoyedthis place is not ranked as the most bicycle friendly place in this country, much less than in the world! Every time I visit Portland Org. website, there’s still another FUN bicycling orientated event! I don’t see this at any of the other so-called higher ranked bicycle cities! SO, if anyone happens to be reading this; I welcome you sending me Emailinfo, website or link on your metropolis bicycle happenings! C’mon, PROVE me wrong! Black Sheep

A kept Up BikeE, still great to see! :-)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bangladesh Bicycling… ;-)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yikes! “TONS!” Of emails prompt me to respond!


WOW! EZ Biker readers DO REMEMBER my past postings concerning THIS GARBAGE…. (The event, not the club) And this is actually my first time to ever post back to back subject matter. YES, I like and STILL respect this local club; just not this particular event. To be honest, I’m a little surprised that the good natured bicycling people (I encountered this past weekend – see post below) involved in the club are even promoting this ANTI- Bicycling endeavor. BUT it’s your freedom of choice if you want to participate in these negative bicycling… events... For those that might be curious about my previous posts, concerning this; here are the links and links to them.

South Florida Bike Club – Part 2… :-)


OK, I have already previously done a post about this local bike club; BUT I thought I’d add a part 2, based on the GREAT (BUT short) ride I did with them this past Saturday, 6/18/2011. They have numerous events, but one has really caught my attention; at the following Facebook link: “PINKIE Presents A "SIMPLE" Century”. I had previously seen this group on A1A and it seemed to be a really nice and friendly ride. I got invited to the event, by a fellow rider and was looking forward to it, until I sprained my knee, &^%$#@((*& earlier in the week. (My Ortho Doc strongly suggested I pass on any riding this weekend… *&^%$#(*) Still I wanted to at least show up to the event and see them off. (Yes, I LOVE… this kind of torture…) So on my trusty Tailwind, I cruised over to the  mall where they were gathering and saw quite a few of my fellow bent folks there. WHAT A NICE BUNCH OF Cyclists! WELL, I just couldn’t stand by and let them roll out of site, so I chose to hang  with the 16 – 18 mph group (There was a faster group 18-21 for 62 and 100 mile events) and was actually able to, on my Tailwind! :-) Kerry Cichon is the club leader / event coordinator and explained in good detail about the event, what you needed to know and of course being safe all the time. A $5.00 donation helped pay for the nice folks doing the sag duty. (I plopped down $10) This was a REALLY FUN ride, at a pace, even a old guy with a bum knee could keep up with. The sag folks were good mother hens and checked on everyone to make sure they were OK. BUT finally, I made myself turn around, just before Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach, waving to the folks and looking forward to the next event! I formally signed up, the next day and am looking forward to some GREAT rides! This is a really great bicycle club and an EZ Biker Thumbs Up! Here’s the link (Again) to find out more about this cycling FUN club!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hummmmmm… :-P


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A LITTLE extra… something when bicycling… :-P


This little item posted at the BROL forum, New bottle cage storage pouch design, wingbatwu, caught my eye and imagination… :-P  It’s touted as a bottle cage storage pouch… BUT it reminds me more of a hic up…. body warming flask! :-P

Monday, June 20, 2011

OT - WHEN you won’t let something go… :-/


I don’t know if anyone else has every experienced this; but I’m presently going though it and HAVE TO MAKE UP MY MIND TO get over it! For some reason, I continue to power up and use my present ailing laptop computer, that freezes on me all the time and crashes from time to time. I actually have Windows 7 upgrade and as much as I have not been a OS Vista fan; you’d think I would be HAPPY to blow away that CRA… OS for Win 7. BUT for some reason, I continue to hang on to my old friend; despite the fact I even have… a brand spanking new, double core processor, turbo charged super duper laptop, waiting, waiting and has been... waiting in the wings for months, for deployment… Alas this is clearly one of many STRANGE idiosyncrasies (Ooooh, BIG word for me…) ole EZ Biker continues to exist on. Hummm, have I ever posted about the 5 Rans Tailwinds (My 5th one I’m on now) I have owned??????????? :-P

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey Dads, didn’t forget you!


WELL, this was suppose to be posted today; but I guess my some timers must have kicked in… AGAIN! To my Dad and all Dads out there, I hope you all are having a Wonderful Day!!!

A city with just bicycles? NOT just a dream!!!!

image Ever wish you could live in a carefree, car-free bicycle city? NOW that’s a TEASE sentence, if I have heard one! But that’s what you see on Facebook and at Team zMotion’s (A local and very active bicycle club, which I’m a member of) FB post. They included the following link about this extraordinary “PLAN” not a dream and it’s EXCELLENT reading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our 3 wheel chopper of the day!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Hummmmmm… ;-)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

OT - THIS… is a FUNNY site!!


I was looking for a specific news story and did a cattle call Google search and clicked on the site link. Their initial funny slogan caught my eyes immediately… “We don’t make news, we mock it.” And there are some really interesting stories, with some really FUNNY mocking going about them! I have added this site to my Favorite, Fun & Useful Links column and this will be a site I checkout very often!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who can do this on a Recumbent???


BROL poster Hepcat is offering anyone 20.00 to do a triple flip of THIS ramp… I would probably pass on any kind of $$$ just thinking of going down this ramp… :-P

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OT - A really good Computer website!!!


OK, EZ “NERD” Biker here! I have been having very good success with HP computers of late and have just added another laptop to my collection. (Well, one slightly HOSED one… thanks to CRAPPY Vista…) BUT I may be adding still another, for home and office applications. I have done most of my HP window shopping at the HP site, which can be a major pain, trying to find a laptop you are interested in, the specs and accessories that work with it. (Admittedly, I then sneak off to Amazon and purchase, what I checked out at the HP site) OK, I kinda SUCK doing that; but Amazons prices are usually CHEAPER. BUT a good IT friend of mine at work, has guided me to a really good site, Cost Central that’s easy to navigate and lists all the “Compatible” products on the computer (Not just HP) that you are interested in, on the SAME PAGE! What’s even MORE amazing, is their prices for various computers and components are actually CHEAPER than Amazons and another recommended site (Pricewatch). This site is clearly an EZ “NERD” Biker thumbs up site to check out!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Breaking News… Biker pulled over by NYPD for sexy outfit… World Naked Bicycle org. need not plan an event for NY… :-P


LOL! OKKKKKK, here’s a somewhat FUNNY happenstance concerning a female cyclist, pulled over because of her… SEXY outfit! Scooped this up from; BUT here’s the link to this REVEALING story… Hummm this is not an encouraging sign for anyone planning a World Naked Bicycle event there… :-P

RAAM 2011 PEDDELS UP! Lets go racing across America!!!! WOOHOO!!!


AHHHHHHH, well it’s THAT time again, when my employers T-1 connection will be severely taxed as I follow another epic adventure of RAAM racing! Sadly, there aren't too many recumbent participants, (Maybe just 2…) BUT there’s still numerous cyclists I will look forward to keeping track of and cheering on! Here’s the link to check out the racers in this years event! Have a SAFE and Wonderful ride you all!

Hummm… :-P


Saturday, June 11, 2011

OT - New feature for EZ Biker’s Blog… A NERD moment…


OK EZ Biker Friends, from time to time I get sent some pretty good info on NEAT computer stuff and goodies. SO, be on the lookout when you see this kind of photo post; as it means I’m revealing a pretty COOL (But still kind of NERDY) goodie! SO, here’s the first really NEAT and “”FREE”” software application for keeping your files seriously secure. It’s called True Crypt and besides generating a KILLER secure encryption formula, it’s EASY to setup and use as well! (Hey if EZ NERD Biker can do it, even a caveman can do it…)  You can also encrypt usb and hard drives as well. This is a definite EZ NERD Biker goodie you have to check out! Here’s a video (And other videos on the same page) explaining it in more detail.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Breaking SAD News… ends... :-(


It's with SADNESS to have to report that the folks Rob & Penny Mackenzie have posted their final post as of June 7th, 2011. This as reported by the Recumbent Journal. This was really an excellent site, that was taken over by Rob & Penny, after the site originator Alan Barnard moved on to more Diamond frame theme blog. Here's the link to Recumbent Journal to read more about this… :-(

How NOT to dismount off a Penny Farthing Bicycle… :-P


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kinky Bicycle Photo of the day! :-P


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another interesting shirt… :-)


Hello EZ Biker; seeing as you enjoy t-shirts and stuff , I thought I’d send you a photo of one I wear and the link it can be found at: Biker T-Shirts. Signed Valerie

THANKS for the email Valerie and YES, that's a very good looking shirt!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Very INTERESTING Tips for Cyclists & Vehicle Operators… :-)


I found this rather interesting set up share the roadway tips at the following website. To see a little larger view of this please go to the following link. (The blog is dated in that no new entries have been made since 2007) Now of course reading something and actually making an effort to actually follow the valued advice is still another obstacle both sides must face. Update - 6/6/2011, Thanks Linda, for advising me my links were mixed up. :-)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

The FUN Bicycle Orientated Sign of the day!!! :-)


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A FUN stretch of road to drive… :-P