Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EEEEEEEEEEEEK! Unicyclists Critical Mass Event!!! :-P


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day… In LOVING Memory to all Vets!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Breaking News! Amazon add Bike Commuter Store to site!


ALRIGHT! I found this interesting tidbit at the Recumbent Journal, where Amazon adds a Bike Commuter Store to their site! Some very good and LOW priced items to check out! Here’s the direct link to the Amazon Bike Commuter Store.

Girl (Micro) Tandem team training for RAAM 2011………… ;-)


Another lame… May fool post… :-P


Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a HOT… Looking… … … Bicycle! :-P


Would it be worth it. A post at BROL poses… a very interesting question!  :-P

Snazzy Cargo Bike!


Bicycles obviously have more uses than just recreation! There are those that actually make a serious living with them! Check out this link, to find out more about these wondrous cargo bikes!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NOW THIS is the ULTIMATE SECURED BIKE Parking area! :-)


To the photographer, J.Maus, you surely took an Excellent photo here! Once again, we have still ANOTHER Great story from Bikeportland.org, about an historic building that now offers “SECURE” bike protection in a… KILLER old bank vault, no less! Man could I sleep soundly, knowing my “Baby” was LOCKED and secure in this COOL vault! Here’s the link to read more about this! :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DUUUH… We don’t need any alternative $$$ source!!!


No Service for Recumbents? A post at the BROL forum caught my eye recently. Seems a certain bike shop has put the bents not welcome sigh out. While I respect the shops right to pick and choose what kind of business they welcome or not; I’m left a little dumbfounded here. The bike business overall is NOT in the best of financial health these days; as I continue to hear of more shops going out of business almost on a monthly basis. Admittedly bents may not generate a lot of $$$ sales wise; it’s the service side where the potential of some serious “REPETE” $$$ potential can be made! BUT again, it’s their CHOICE and RIGHT to refuse extra $$$ INCOME… :-P

Monday, May 23, 2011

OT - To the Mozilla Organization…


You know EZ Biker Friends, I honestly try and keep my posts on topic and positive as well; BUT… when someone goes and updates a perfectly GOOD working application and ultimately SCREWS it up… I have to pull the trigger and VENT! Up to now, I have been very happy with Mozilla’s Firefox Browser; at least until 4.0 came out. GEEZE what a CHEESY scaling back of the overall template design and the Norton Site Web application in Google search results also was not included in the  SUCKY upgrade! I have since gone back to Firefox 3.6.17 and everything works wonderfully! I’ll be installing this Excellent version on my new computer as well! If you likewise are unhappy with Firesucks 4.0… :-P here is a link with instructions on how to un- install it, install an earlier version and also a link for Fire Fox 3.6.17 you can reload. (Just scroll down to your country origin and OS platform you use. Finally, I haven’t given up on Firefox; BUT will keep this present version handy, in case another so-called Firefox upgrade, has SLURPING sounds in it!!! :-)

Migrating to new computer… :-P


WELL FINALLY, I will be moving onto still another one of many computers in my life! (The one pictured, was one I was seriously considering about 40 years ago… :-P) So I have already posted numerous posts for my blog; but there may be a few days missing here or there, as I get myself acclimated to my new fancy TURBO charged , double processor, mega ram infested one. :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

OT - I see lots of potential $$$ for this publication! :-P


YEESSSSSS! Medical results are in!


You know you can have all the $$$ in the world; but if you don’t have GOOD health; the $$$ is just not that important! After weeks of low profiling in my cycling and everything else, along with missing my FAVORITE 2 early year events, Sebring and the HPRA Race in Cooper City, Fl. I’m ecstatic to announce, I’m in GOOD Health (With the exception of some minor arthritis) and READY TO GO BICYCLING!!! I also want to Sincerely Thank Everyone for all the nice positive and supportive emails I received! Am going to have to wait for those… medical bills to come in… but once they are in and paid for, it could be………. C F AERO 2.0 time!!! YEESSSSSS!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bacchetta’s MINI Racer Project Exposed!

imageSee it in action here!

 Is there such a thing as May fool… :-P

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful End Of The World Day…. again… :-P

YIKES! Trikes and Uprights in Road Warrior CLASH! :-O


Now this is something you don’t see everyday, Trikes & Uprights duking it out! Very interesting read at the Recumbent Journal, HP Velotechnik takes e-assist Scorpions to Hybrid Super Cup.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Very informative / Proactive Bicycle advocate site…


…That’s just missing the inclusion of recumbents. :-) BUT their dedication to keeping bicycling around is very impressive and they seem to have a lot of support from around the country. So YES, www.peopleforbikes.org is a site worth checking out!!! :-) Here are some additional links for peoplepoweredmovement.org and also locally, South Florida Bike Coalition.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The COOLEST Traffic signal ever!!! :-)


While browsing at my FAVORITE bike website, Bikeportland.org, I came upon a really nice story, with even a BETTER photo! Salem Watch: Bike signal bill passes House committee is the story that caught my eye and now, check out the bicycle in the green light bulb! How COOL is that???

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey, how about a little SLANT Bicycling??? :-)



Monday, May 16, 2011

Let’s try this… with a recumbent… :-P


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ohhh, yea, I’m going to SIT… on this… ;-)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Must be a BROL Forum new… addition… :-X


GEEZ! I had heard BROL (Bent Rider On Line) had implemented some changes and added some new features, BUT I didn’t think that included resident forum  physiologists… BUT so far my (NON Hostel) response to the following post: Yesterday I got restrictions racing any good suggestions? has netted 2 apparent physiology wanna B’s commenting on my apparent SNARKY comment, on what the bent cyclist had experienced at a recent bike event. And to quote myself: “…when I read or hear the following: "Some riders told her they didn’t feel safe with the bike type I was riding" garbage,” that clearly sends a message that certain DFer's just don't want anything else on the road with them, unless it's a DF frame bike.” Now THAT surly sounds like these DF cyclists are either WHINERS (Because they got spanked {Speed wise}) or they are DF Nazi types, that hate bents and want only their type of bicycle on the road around them. I even composed the response in a pleasant humor attitude and even with a grin on my face… :-P Not sure I’m too warm and fuzzy with those new BROL forum physiologists  addition though……………..

MMMMM Bike Porn….. ;-)


Friday, May 13, 2011

HOLY Bicycle Female Mask Batman!!! :-O



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reminds me of an old Girl Friend………


OHHHH, PAAALEEEZZZ, I’m just KIDDING… ;-) Lots of other FUNNY stuff at: funny-for-funny.blogspot.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BREAKING News! Recumbent Cyclist News (RCN) is BACK!!!


WOW! Just put an eye on this profound Breaking news story from Recumbent Journal, about a former Excellent Recumbent Magazine (RCN) that has emerged again in the form of a blog! www.recumbentcyclistnews.com/ BUT the news gets even BETTER! Bob Bryant (Editor / owner of RCN is planning to open up a recumbent dealership soon!!! WOO HOOOOOOO! Here’s the link at Recumbent Journal to read more bout this!!!




Computer is still sickly; but trying to sneak some posts in, via a Friends computer.

Monday, May 09, 2011

(*&^%$#(**&& Here we go again…………….:-(


You know, there’s just something about me and computers that just does not mix well… kind of like water and oil. Once again I’m having some lovely… computer issues and will have to call in some favors, to some of my IT folks at work. So I may miss some daily posts for a short while; BUT I’ll get them back going, once I can get my sickly computer nursed back to health! :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nope, I didn’t forget Mom!!! Hope all Moms have a Wonderful Day!



hidingHey EZ, a bunch of us had just come around the S turn past Hillsboro Blvd. yesterday heading North on A1A and I glanced to my left and saw someone standing by a recumbent that was upside down. Was that you EZ? Signed Evelyn

Ohhhh, BUSTED! Yep that was ME tending to a lovely FLAT tire (The 2nd in a few weeks… via a FAILED tube and not a debris puncture) SO why you ask am I off the main road side getting my flat repair on? WELL, that’s one of many little quirks, I have in my Beloved Bicycling. :-P I obviously am glad to slow and ask if someone needs help, spare tire, air pump, when a cyclist is spotted on the roadside; BUT I don’t like to be seen on the road like that! I basically go into the LETS GET THIS FLAT REPARED and get back on the road attitude. And having to stop ever so often to respond to kind inquirers, if I’m OK, do I need any help, just interrupts my fix / ride mode. I’m really going to have to look into some BETTER more DURABLE tubes though! Getting a debris puncture I can live with; but a tube failure, for no reason at all, except a funky tire tube, sends me into a real SPAZE mode! :-@

Saturday, May 07, 2011

HEY! Bicycle Industry! LISTEN UP!


This past weekend, I had some long time bicycling friends stop by. These two people have logged more miles than I would ever do so, 100 lifetimes! However I was SHOCKED and SADDEN to hear that they may be quitting bicycling soon, as it’s just NOT REALLY ERGONOMICALLY COMFORTABLE riding an upright bike anymore. Now mind you, these folks are the real deal and were custom fitted to all their bicycles that they have owned and ridden over the years. Of course I had to coyly suggest they look into recumbents. Again I was shocked as Bill responded, we thought about that, but our favorite LBS we have gone to for years, is totally anti-recumbent and doesn't even let them in through the door! It would be too long of drive to find and go to a recumbent friendly shop. :-(

I came away from this conversation, with some really strong feelings about the bicycle industry as a whole. Admittedly, the diamond frame part of the industry has successfully stifled any kind of recumbent incursion into almost all sanctioned bicycle events, with the simple threat that, we will drop our support (Including $$$ wise) if you allow bents into your event. This same tactic has worked in the publishing / magazine world as well. Hey! I honestly can’t blame anyone for doing their best to keep their bread and butter product from fading from the staying in business scene. BUT progress is an never ending evolution; unfortunately “Human” bicyclists are NOT. So I direct this towards the other side of the bicycling industry and that being the component side.  Do you all not believe OLDER human cyclists will continue to purchase bicycle components, IF THEY CAN STILL CONTINUE TO BICYCLE on bikes that are MORE ergonomically comfortable to them? And for those bicycle shops that are so anti-recumbent out there… You obviously are making all the BIG $$$ you need. So what if there’s a recumbent bicycle out there that might need some high price repairs, servicing or bicycle components. OMG, if my diamond frame suppliers find out I’m a bent friendly shop, they will refuse to do business with me! The point I’m (Hopefully FINALLY… :-) trying to make here is, there’s a very LARGE older generations out there, who are striving to stay healthy and fit and if given the right ERGONOMICALLY (My favorite word here) suitable equipment, THEIR $$$ will continue to flow into the bicycle industry and bikes shops, that are serious about staying in business!!! So by all means, let the diamond frame side continue to enjoy their strongest commodity, the youth side. BUT the older $$$ consumer is still there to, with SERIOUS $$$ to spend, if anyone’s interested. My end point is this. The bicycle component side needs to SERIOUSLY consider embracing recumbents, BECAUSE their components are USED for those bikes as well!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Nice PULL… you were getting EZ… :-0


Congratulations EZ, you were the talk of our cycling group a few weeks ago. We were heading North just past Oakland Blvd, when we spotted you doing some drafting behind a female cyclist; heading South on A1A. The bet is, you probably used some goofy one liner to try and get her phone number! Signed, Sam and the Beach Riders Club.

Hey Sam! WHAT, ME drafting behind a female cyclist? Now C’mon, there’s lots of Grey recumbents, with black aero spoke wheels out on the roadways… ;-) How do you know that was ME???

BUSTED… OK, it was ME. But I was merely trying to get this old bag of bones home, the easiest way I could. So what’s wrong with enjoying a nice view… while bicycling… ;-) And NO, I didn’t get her number… :-(  But I think she lives somewhere on Las Olas Blvd… :-)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another potential Critical Mass Participant… ;-)


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Who left the manhole cover off, WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!














First let me say, I have actually done the same thing, in earlier years, back in Houston Texas. We had torrential rain one time and I thought it would be FUN to try and ride my bike in the rain in in the flood street… WELL that lasted for about 2 minutes, when I did in fact, hit a manhole and basically did the same thing. OUCH! Needless to say, that was my 1st and last time to go biking on a flooded street! :-/

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THIS… is GOOD Bye! :-/

P1050422 WELL EZ Biker Friends, usually, telling someone "Good Bye" can be a SAD experience; BUT in a few cases; it's something you have seen coming and quite frankly the time arrives to say, it's GOOD Riddance! Such is the case with one of my local bike shops I have been dealing with for 10+ years. There had been some bumps in the past; BUT within the last year I began to notice profound attitude changes. Certain promises being made to order parts; but then they didn't. I have had a 20" rear Aero Spoke wheel allegedly on order for more than 2 years... Still the LBS owner always smiled, said hello and seemingly was wanting to take care of my bicycle needs; but then something would happen and sorry, it's on back order, hasn't arrived or it didn't get done. Let me state here; that I can be a real PAIN in the as..... finicky customer at times, BUT I always pay whatever $$$ is charged, with no issues or questions asked. There were times I'd go ahead and write a check, even though I was told no charge for something. (You don't stay in business, giving your work and time away) But then recently, that occurrence was radically reversed and I got charge a pretty hefty $$$ for something fairly routine... Still this was a LBS owner that I really like doing business with and made it a point to stop by at Christmas and his birthday and put some appreciation $$$ into his hands. I really tried for the longest time to give him a benefit of a doubt; but Easter week was finally the concluding answer. I had brought both my bents in (Sunday before Easter weekend) to get a few things done on them both and was told one or both would be ready by Thursday, no problem. WELL Thursday came around and the LBS owner was no where to be found and his employee stated, my bikes had not been touched. So I proceeded in, to scoop up my bikes and noticed one of his assistant mechanics giving me a sneering kind of look and attitude (Ha! EZ Biker didn’t get his bikes fixed… Ha Ha!) and I knew I was making the right choice. My only small issue is, "Hey, if you didn't want my business, why didn't you just MAN UP and tell me to my face? I'm big boy and I can handle rejection. :-) Luckily we do have another bent friendly store in town; so I'll head over there with my business and see what happens.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

OT – But interesting read… :-)


While cruising around MSNBC website I happened onto this article on certain ROTTEN DEALS to avoid. Admittedly I had seriously considered a few of them myself. Here’s the link to this informative article.