Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Folding Bikes to now a FOLDING Recumbent Trike!


Admittedly recumbent trikes have been a really HOT selling items these past few months. While visiting a Dutch bike building site, challengebikes, this FOLDING Trike caught my eye. Very ingenious setup! To read more about this, please go to the following link.

Friday, April 29, 2011

OT… Hey EZ, your thoughts on the…

Royal Wedding?



Beautiful Bicycle There Young Lady… :-)


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OT - Hummm…


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Giant Donut tired bike!


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Snowy Trails, And a Klein

Monday, April 25, 2011

WOW! A Southern State that actually SUPPORTS Bicyclists!


Came upon this interesting BROL post by Neil Cooper, Riding Recumbents Now Legal in Georgia, that’s an ASTONISHING Surprise to me! In a present time where the majority of States are turning their back on or thumbs down on the advantages of bicycling, Decatur Georgia is SUPPORTING bicyclists! Georgia Legislative Passes Bike Safety Law is a very interesting / uplifting story and HOPEFULLY MORE States, (Like Florida???) will take a hint and renew interest in supporting an ECO FRIENDLY industry!!! :-) :-) :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have a Wonderful Spiritual Easter Everyone!!!!! :-)


Gonna be doing some Easter stuff this weekend; so check out new blog postings this Monday! :-) Have a Wonder Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!!! :-)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let’s DO some Velodrome RACING


BROL poster pjotr320 has put together a really COOL video on Velodrome racing via his low racer at the following BROL thread! Don’t have time to check out the post? C’mon, let’s go for a RIDE NOW!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bike climb assistance... The TDF could use this... :-P


LOL, BROL poster Willie has posted a really inspirational post... Effortless Hill Climbing. This device is located (Of no surprise) in Trondheim, Norway. But I have to wonder; what happens when it's rush hour? By the time you finally get to use the device; you could have probably walked up the hill faster! And if there’s any kind of fee… WELL, forget that! Now trying this with a recumbent, might be rather interesting or maybe even SCARY! Still, this could be rather neat in the Tour De France hill climb applications... :-P

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monster Cruiser


YIKES! Wanna stand out in local bike club ride? Then you should consider a MONSTER Beach Cruiser!!! I had seen these in photos; but when I stopped by my LBS today… Eeeeeek! There was one there! This thing is absolutely BIIIIG!!!!! Here’s a link to read more about it! I even did a post at BROL about it. :-)

Around the WORLD on a bent!!!


I found this very interesting NEWS WORTHY story at the Bacchetta forum, from Bacchetta forum poster, Neil Cooper. Bruce Gordon, a Canadian is attempting this fantastic fete. here the link: Bacchetta Rider attempting Guinness World Record to read more about this. You can also track his progress at the following link: Track My Tour. GOOO BRUCE!!!

BROL Post prompts this photo / RANT… :-/


Cyclist killed -- an update clearly has me seeing RED, after so called justice was handed out to a another bicyclist murderer. Without going into specific details; (You can read the post on that) this is just another reason our so-called traffic law justice system in this country is so purely ANIT- Bicycle! Bicyclists are basically treated as a nuisance and something this country quietly wishes would just go away. I have no doubt, the best high priced defense lawyers money can buy, were tasked to help poor granny avoid any serious penalty.  The fact remains, this person, regardless of their sex and age, failed to operate a vehicle properly (Much like your IDIOT cell phone / texting vehicle operators out there now…) and it resulted in the DEATH of a human being. The fact that it was a bicyclist, automatically minimized the seriousness of the situation; which our wonderful country is so good of doing. If you reverse this, where by a cyclist had run over a poor granny; you better believe that cyclist would have been prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I’m NOT SORRY to state here; granny should have not only lost her driving license for life and a year+ of bicycle awareness community service and both her and her insurance company should have be made to pay BIG $$$ to the bicyclist family! As it is… Granny will continue to operate a vehicle, (With 1 bicycle kill credited to her and posted on her door) while a bicycle operator lies 6 feet beneath the ground…………….. :-/

Saturday, April 16, 2011

BREAKING News! Slo Joe’s Beloved Ran’s V-Rex!!!!!


OK, I’m asking for some HELP here from my friends in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and other cities here in South Florida! Some SCUMBAG has stolen a Yellow Ran-V Rex seen in the photo here, from my good Friend Slo Joe. Please keep an eye out for this bike and should anyone find it or have any leads concerning it; please contact me ( – Change the AT to @) and I’ll pass it on to Slo Joe. Thanks for your help in this matter and I hope the SCUMBAG bent thief ROTS in HELL! :-@



You know, I sometime wonder WHO really is running some of the so-called world renown companies (Especially technology orientated ones) out there. This particular one major so-called strong selling points is, secure systems. WELL it’s quite obvious someone's decision to KILL OFF the Flip, a POPULAR consumer video cameras, was not the best secure / $$$ salvaging decision to do. GEE DUMB-CO did you ever think of maybe selling the brand off to someone else? You probably would not gotten as much, for what you originally purchased the Flip for; but at least you could have gotten SOMETHING, instead of NOTHING! Congratulations CISCO, you get the EZ BIKER DUUUUUH award this week!



Friday, April 15, 2011

OT – A suggestion to those (DUUUH) that are NOT Microphone Hot 101 Savvy…


I can HONESTLY state that in my 20 years as a professional club and mobile DJ, I NEVER ONCE made a mistake of leaving my mic on and voicing something I shouldn't have! SOOO, OK, I’m not going to mention ANY NAMES… but to THOSE persons that seem to not be too microphone on / off savvy; may I offer a suggestion? Why not have a little light built in with your mic and / or an ON AIR sign setup at your podium! No one would be able to see these devices, unless they were standing behind you. This sure seemed to have worked when broadcasting was in it’s early stages of existence………. :-)

Cyclist Pre-ride coffee shop tells them… take a hike!


You know, this story would honestly have not caught my attention, if it had been anywhere else but in Portland Oregon, the USA Mecca of Bicycling! Additionally it was posted at Bikeportland.Org website. Apparently not all businesses are bicycle friendly there. To be honest, we had a similar happenstance at a gathering place here in Florida; but the manager met with the cyclists and both sides reached an understanding and it’s still one of Fort Lauderdale’s, favorite pre-ride meeting places. But back to “we don’t really want cyclists business anymore, coffee shop.” Personally if the establishment doesn't want their business anymore then just cut to the chase! Bicyclists not welcome on premises! I’m sure there’s plenty of other coffee shops, that will welcome cyclists $$$ kick start in the morning. :-)

UPDATE: WELL, I have just read an update to this story and to be honest… I can’t BLAME the business owner for doing what he’s doing. Apparently he has tried to reason with the cyclists; but they continue to be butt heads! If you are going to be rude and impose on an establishments other (Non cyclist) customers; I’d pull the welcome mat, out from under you too! Gee my illusion of Portland bicyclists has just been shattered… I thought they were all classy friendly respectable kind of folks….. :-(

Another Bike that’s Perfect for Critical Mass events! :-P


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey EZ, what motivated You to buy your Ti Aero?


Hey EZ, our family really enjoys your blog and we make it a point to visit a lot. I’m curious as to what motivated you to buy a recumbent in the first place and more specifically, your Ti Aero? Signed Jake, Tina and the kids.

Hey Jake, Tina and Kids, thanks for the really nice email and interesting question. Like others I too had been having a lot of sore neck,arm and rear issues with trusty road bike. And this had gone on for years. I was finally getting to the point that it might be time to move on to some other form of exercise. Then about the mid 90’s a funny looking bike called a ReBike came out as you see me here on mine. I rode it all over the place for about a year, before that NEED for speed kicked in. Fast forward to 2003 when Bacchetta had their first Bacchetta Rally here in Fort Lauderdale at Bicycle Spot. At that time I was thinking I was a BAD As… on my Easy Racers Ti Rush and was going to Spank these upstart Bacchetta guys. That thought lasted for about 5 minutes after we rolled out for a ride to A1A. Once there; I got SO DROPPED like a TON of lead; I stood in awe of what this John Schlitter and Rich Pinto guys were doing on their so-called High Racer bikes. At times they were slowing and actually looking for road bike (Roadies / DFer’s {Diamond Frame}) cyclists; to ambush them and leave them in the dust. And THEY DID THAT to about 5 unsuspecting cyclists! It was the following Sunday out at Brian Piccolo Park, that I got to get a full ride on a Ti Aero and KNEW immediately, this was the bike for me! Obviously it’s still with me and will be so, even if………………….. a CF Aero 2.0 manages to wander… into my stables…

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OT - Another website with FREE GOODIES! :-)


I got this website recommendation from a Friend and went and checked it out. There’s lots of really Great FREE stuff. I did a check of the site at McAfee SiteAdvisor and it got a OK safe rating. Here is the actual home page link to

Unicycle Tandem… :-P


BREAKING News! You will RIDE, use parts and wear ONLY WHAT WE DICTATE! A disturbance in the empire???


Hummm, (Like  part of my title states) could there possibly be a disturbance in the Diamond frame EMPIRE? One of the main reasons for the continued allure of upright / diamond frame bikes, was that the majority of them could be used in a certain bicycle union sanctioned events, including a high profile bike event held over in France. BUT… this longtime perk and / or comradely may be coming to an IRON FIST (Approval sticker required) CRUSHING END, real soon, according to this article at Cycling Weekly. Apparently NEW innovative bicycle frame technology is beginning to taint the traditional “ARYAN” diamond bicycle frame platform and something along the lines of the “The night of the long knives” could be forthcoming for the diamond frame and bicycling clothing  industry very soon! And it won’t stop there; as ultimately EVERY PART ON THE BIKE WILL HAVE TO COMPLY with the unions rules / regulations. (If you want to participate in a certain bicycle union’s sanctioned events) Not only will you be required to build your product and design your attire to THEIR approved specs, BUT you will also have to PAY $$$$$$$ for the privilege of having that PURITY sticker on your products. Essentially what you have  here is, a dictatorship of “””1””” dictating what the many must do, to be part of the select privileged few to participate in their majestic events… (Gee I don’t feel so bad, that recumbents can’t participate in their events now… :-P Personally if I was the bicycle diamond frame / clothing industry, with all the $$$ backing they have; I’d tell a certain bicycle dictator errrr union to go take a hike and setup their own sanctioned events, embracing technology to the fullest with all manufacturers bikes, clothing and equipment welcome. And mind you, that doesn't mean the acceptance of bents, at least for now… ;-) In conclusion, this makes me even more appreciative of the bicycling platform I choose to ride; if for nothing else, for my right to FREEDOM OF CHOICE! :-) :-) :-)

Helmet-wearing results in unsafe riding…


THIS is the ONLY response I can offer to still another Helmet wars thread posted at BROL. Helmet-wearing results in unsafe riding posted by BROL poster, A Jenkins. All of this is based on an alleged… study by (Never even heard of these bozo’s) Society for Risk Analysis. Hey if you don’t want to wear a helmet while cycling; that’s your choice. I’m not going preach to you, why you should or should not wear one. I am (However) PRO Helmet choice and am still around, thanks to my CHOICE to wearing one! :-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day in L.A. Without Cars! WOW!!!! :-)


Caught this GREAT story from John Riley who posted it on Facebook. For at least a day, bikes, roller blades and just about anything except vehicle were allowed on various streets of, GULP! Los Angeles??? Now if only Florida could come up with something like that!!! Here’s the direct link to read more about this EXCELLENT story!

Turning a GO FAST bike into pack mule… :-(


Admittedly I have been a minimalist for most of my life. Do as much as you can, with as little as possible. I have achieve a small residence, a simple pay as you go phone, the cheapest no frills cable TV / internet possible, 03 prehistoric van… ;-) and a basic tire pump, tire tool, tubes, rear bag, bike computer and light on my bikes. This is basically all I plan to have on my pending… CF Aero 2.0 as well. BUT, a good friend of mine (Lets say Bent Bill) has just recently acquired the same CF recumbent I’m looking to acquire. Ironically he’s just the opposite of me and packs as much… STUFF… he can fit onto this sleek, wonderful beautiful GO FAST feline; which NOW, makes it look like a trusty old pack mule!!! :-X  Lately he’s gotten into the LONG mileage riding events; (randonneuring) so I GUESS that’s pretty much standard procedure for that kind of cycling. However… I can’t help but summarize that practice (Like a good friend of mine at work {Robert} compared it to) as adding a trailer to the back of a Ferrari! If it’s a GO FAST bike, it needs to have the MINIMAL amount of stuff on it. Why not saddle up all that STUFF on a basic average metal / aluminum high racer frame and leave the CF thoroughbred, as mush untouched as possible! While it’s something that tweaks me in a WEIRD way… :-@  I guess if you have plunked down the $$$ for your sleek go FAST bike; you can PILE whatever garbage you want onto it!!! ;-)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A sign I’d enjoy seeing… :-P


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Another potential Critical Mass Bicycle… :-P


Thursday, April 07, 2011

OT - The Power of Words


I got sent this very MOVING video by a good friend today. I’m not ashamed to say it brought and continues to bring some tears to my eyes every time I view it. We take SO MUCH for granted and place so little value on the simple human gifts we are blessed with.

OT – OHHH if only we could be SOOO LUCKY… :-P


Here’s another pipe dream or only when P C F… (Pigs can fly) post at BROL about a few states considering cracking down on electronic usage , specifically Cell phones and iPods while out in public. Distracted Walkers, Runners Could Get Unplugged article is admittedly novel, BUT in our Freedom of Speech country which unfortunately cuts both ways; this would surely not hold up in a constitutional court of law. BUT then again there is Obama-Selective care that continue to have a pulse… so you never know… :-P

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Home is where you RIDE it! :-)


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Great Bike E site!









The Bike E was one of recumbency's largest selling bikes back in the 90’s, until 2002 when they sadly went out of business. I actually seriously considered scooping one up; BUT the seat just didn’t work for me, nor the 16in front wheel. Still today, we have an employee at work that commutes on one on a daily basis. I’m honestly surprised that someone didn’t scoop up that state of art frame design and try and resurrect that bike. BROL poster Bill Irvine just did a post inquiring about possible Bike E website and a really good one was posted, as seen here. There are some EXCELLENT links at this site and to which one caught my eye: In the photos above you have a pretty slandered Bike e on the left and then one… on the right with duel 20in wheels! I have to tell you, if such a Bike E had been available with duel wheel configuration; I might have had one of them in my stables. (BUT WITH a Rans seat… :-)

Monday, April 04, 2011

One of THOSE Bicycling encounters, you don’t forget…


This past weekend I got a chance to do my early morning 60 mile rides on Sat and Sun. But the Sat ride gave way to a bicyclist encounter, I won’t soon forget. I was just passing the beach on the end Pompano, when a rather tall female bicyclist zoomed up and past me. Normally I would have noticed, but she didn’t have a front head light. (Not good, if you are going to continue North on A1A to Boca) Ahhhhh, MOTIVATION I needed to continue to Spanish River!  managed to reel her back in, but she was easily keeping a solid 22 mph pace. This cyclist was obviously what I call, The REAL Deal, in that she was relentless in her power output. She then let me pass and do some pulling, but there was no way I could put any distance on her, as I quietly kicked it up to 27 mph. (This on my Clydesdale Aero spoke clad Aero, weighing in at 26+ lbs.) OHHH, what FUN we were having.  So we settled in and continue on for some GREAT pulling, drafting and so on until Hillsboro Dr. Apparently she had more intense cycling to do and proceeded to inch through some vehicles waiting at the intersection and then blew the red light and continued on. I could of, would of, should of;  done the same thing, but chose to chill at the light, like a good law abiding… citizen… :-P I looked forward to hopefully reeling her back in; but once underway; she was LONG GONE… :-( I managed to catch up to some other cyclists up ahead, thinking it might be her; BUT nope, no such luck. As I approached the turn a round at Spanish River, I saw another rear blinking light about mile up and figured, maybe it might be her… and kept rolling, caught and passed another cyclist and ended up turning around at Delray Beach. Ahhhhh, what a Great Bicycling encounter, I won’t soon forget; even though this Wonder Woman of a cyclist could have dropped me like a TON of BRICKS at anytime! :-)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

C’mon! Lets take a spin around Sebring Race Track!!!


Bacchetta forum poster, jscottfree posted an excellent thread: A lap around Sebring, via a race vehicle. BUT JFOOTE posted an an EXCELLENT video of a lap around Sebring Race Track, bicycle style! Pull up your chair, relax and see what it’s really like, to do a lap around Sebring Race Track!!!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Wish other states would have these… Ummm Florida?


BROL poster Newtrikerider just posted a thread about new “FREE” Road bike repair stations in Massachusetts. Nice idea / concept, BUT I have to wonder how long the tools will still be around to use… Here’s the link to read more about this. :-)

Friday, April 01, 2011

OT - LOL! I took the bait!!! :-O







As a loyal, long time Gmail user, I happen to notice the Gmail Motion link and made a B line to check it out! After checking out the videos, which I began to suspect something with the one having a white shirt geeky looking guy doing the demo; I soon came to the realization that this was a Gmail &^%$#(**&^%% FUNNY!

BREAKING News from the AF News Room! :-O


More details here!

BREAKING News from the AF Newsroom!!!


Goodbye 2 wheel cycling!