Thursday, March 31, 2011

WOW! Very nice forum design, RANS!!!!!


Well while lurking around Facebook (Yea, I visit that place from time to time) I went to the Rans Recumbent Site on FB and discovered they have a new forum! So for any RABID Rans fans out there, a new Rans forum awaits you!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



BROL poster Goodgulf posted a rather interesting post about a certain publication selecting the bicycle as the GREATEST INVENTION! WEL… OK, it’s rather impressive, BUT… I 100% agree with IT being the greatest invention! IMHO I would have to lean towards the basic WHEEL as pretty much being the Greatest invention, given it’s inception back in the prehistoric era. :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OT-Ummmm, here’s my CLOUD Girl Friend Fantasy…


From Fox News

Cloud Girlfriends teach you how to fake it <LOL> As if there’s not enough faking it in the world, we now have a site about to launch that allows you to build your own fantasy girl friend, that you can carry on with at Facebook… MMMMMMM, star treks T'pol is all the Cloud Girl Friend I could be happy with! ;-) I can see her now, on an intercept course towards me on a recumbent! MMMM, medication…………. time………….. ;-) ;-) ;-)

OHHH HELL YEA! Let’s do this on a recumbent… :-P


OK EZ Biker Friends, here’s a VIDEO that for SURE will give you CHILLS, just watching it! I wonder how many practice tries they got before doing the REAL DEAL… :-P Yeaaa, lets see a CF bike take on this course… :-PPPPPP

Our “YIKES” Bicycle sign for the day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

GREAT… Observation… :-P


Sunday, March 27, 2011



OT – This is just SO TRAGIC…………….. :-(


My HEARTFELT Prayers go out to the people of Japan! :-(  If the world does not wakeup over this horrendous happenstance; and seek alternative power sources; we are clearly DERSERVING of our fate. Nuclear energy may be a good source of power'; BUT the price one has to pay if they screw handling it, is just not worth continuing to use it. NO ONE WINS when you deal with Nuclear power or bombs. What is particularly PATHETIC is some of so-called protection from radiation broadcasts that are presently airing over in Japan. It’s quite apparent, they have NO CLUE of what they are dealing with. To get an idea of how FUTILE it is to protect yourself from Radiation, go to the following YouTube video of “The Day After – 1983” and jump to the following start time: 1:50 thru 10:05, narrated by Steve Gutenberg on just how radiation works. Granted it was just a television show, but there have been countless medical studies on just how radiation goes right through you. No mask, tape on doors, windows is going to stop that beast. This is a VERY TRAGIC lesson the world is getting these days; will the species on this planet LEARN from it???

Saturday, March 26, 2011

YAAAAAA! Happy Birthday Fort Lauderdale!!!!


OT – Bye Bye T-Mobile if this goes through… :-(


I DO NOT have fond memories when I was with At & t a long while back! I remember trying to make sense of all the DIFFERENT TAXES & FEES, FEES, FEES, FEES and oh yes FEES I saw on my monthly statement! :-/ I have been perfectly HAPPY with my present T-Mobile pay as you go plan aka $100.00 for 1000 yearly minutes. This plan has worked perfectly for me, with no monthly statements to try and figure out. I have even been flirting with upgrading to their 4 G phone / everything plan in the near future; BUT that won’t happen if this buyout goes through. Could be time to check out Boost Mobile, if they ever get any better phones in their lineup…

UPDATE – 3-26-2011 – Apparently, I’m NOT ALONE in this. At Facebook, their quite a few UNHAPPY posts, including mine. Here’s another article about this as well.

EXPOSED! New Bicycle tires! :-P


He He, just warming up for APRIL FOOLS… :-P

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rans Recumbents new Beach Cruiser…


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BREAKING News! OMG! What I PAID for my vehicle fill up!!!! :-O


WOW! I mean &^%$#@!(*&  WT… is the only emotion I felt after departing the filling station this morning! I know prices have risen; BUT now I’m going to have to look forward to this $$$ for gas??? OH HELL NO!!! As you read this, I AM prepping my trusty Tailwind and will be doing the commute thing in a matter of weeks, PERIOD! Fenders are the main thing I’ll need to outfit my bike with and most likely a little more durable set of tires! BUT folks, my GAS GUZZELING vehicle is going to stay parked for at least a few days a week!

Hummm, Interesting head / ear video camera!


I happen to see this post at BROL titled Lookie, lookie, I have Looxcie! NOW THIS is a pretty interesting little device! Here’s the website link and of course there’s a pretty good deal at Amazon on it as well! I haven’t rally been into video cycling, as most cams are some huge looking monstrosities you have to carry around. Here’s a sample of what it can do. All and all this little beastie, has potential!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OT - Make your own Desktop Icons!


I got shown a really nifty online website that allows you to take any photo you like and convert it to a folder icon. If you wanted a certain folder to stand out, check out! One tip though, you should go in and capture your photos with (FREE) Fastone viewer or or other photo program and save the photo as a “png” file, either on your desktop or in a folder.

Update – 3-30-2011: Here’s a really cool icon site (Icon Archive) with all kinds of Icons to use!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hmmm, Better watch out Starbucks!


Another relaxing weekend had me finding the rather interesting article: Growing number of bike cafés gear up to serve cyclists On the A1A / Commercial weekend ride (Which I plan to rejoin soon) a lot of the wannabe’s would go and get their Java / Caffeine shot, so they could hopefully hang with the REAL stallions, just before taking off for the ride. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already TONS of these kinds of establishment in the Mecca State of US cycling, Portland Oregon. :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

*&^%$#(( WAAAAAAA! I WANT THIS BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK EZ Biker Friends, have you ever dreamed about something you want that would make your life so complete and then all of a sudden IT appears before you? BUT you have fantasized about it for so long, you are resigned to it never really happening and you move on… ONLY to (Again) have it NOW appear before your very eyes! ARRRRRRRRRG! As my medical tests wind down and it appears I’m going to be around a while longer; I have SO DREAMED of moving forward and acquiring the PERFECT DREAM FLEET! My present Ti Aero, Tailwind, CF2.0 Aero and… a Rans V3, aluminum. (ONLY because I could never afford the $5000.00+ titanium one) The V3 would be setup as basically a Tailwind with steroids kind of machine, with 20” tires and would be a more FUN / performance kind of ride. OMG, BUT now there appears to be a titanium V3 bike available for an ABSOLUTE GIVE AWAY PRICE for $1900 dollars!!!! Folks THIS IS A (Again) $5000+ priced bike!!! In sheer desperation (Hoping it will be sold, to put me out of my misery) I posted the bike information at BROL at the following thread. Here’s the actual post at the Rbent forum. My DELIMMA is I’m already putting funds away for my Bacchetta Carbon Fiber Aero, 2.0 with 700cc wheels. I’ve always wanted to experience a 700cc recumbent. Add to this, how do you fit that many bikes into a matchbox residence I so happily reside in? BUT THIS is a Ti frame bike! OOOOOOOOH GAWD! At present, I’m doing a daily, frequent watch at that website to HOPEFULLY, (But not really) discover that dream machine is…………. sold. BUT give this another week and if it’s still around………………………………………..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another sign I’d like to see… :-P

highracer on board

C’mon on now, if it’s good enough for babies it’s good enough for bents!!! :-P

Friday, March 18, 2011

OT - THIS is “NOT” a bad sung song!


You know I LOVE how so-called experienced music critics can pass judgment on a music tune and everyone PILES on and agrees! Found the following topic at Yahoo Music - Is YouTube Sensation Rebecca Black's "Friday" The Worst Song Ever? In a simple quick response…. HELL NO! As a 20+ year club and mobile DJ back in the 70’s to 90’s, I could easily make this song work and get people to PACK  the dance floor!  This song would ROCK at Spring Break here in Fort Lauderdale! When you compare this to some of the house and rapppp music out there, this innocent snappy little tune has potential! Which actually brings back a memory; when Unknown Madonna first came out with her debut song Everybody back in 1982; nobody gave her a snowballs chance in Hel…! Area DJ’s laughed and scoffed at some of her first songs and look what happened… And less we forget “William Hung’s She Bangs”, spoof (Borrowed from Ricky Martin) which has netted that guy MILLIONS of $$$… Hey anything thing is possible! Now you wanna knock something being the WORSE ever…; how about that so-called actor, now train wreck sensation, Charlie SHAME? And people are actually PAYING their hard earned $$$ to go see that CLOWN, now on tour??? :-X Psssssssssssssss

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Female cruisers I’d LOVE to ride with! :-)


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This year I want to not only WISH all my EZ Biker Friends and Visitors a Happy (SAFE) St. Patrick’s day, but especially my St. Anne Shamrock class of 1966! They just held another reunion last week; which I had to sadly miss, as I had previous commitments. What a really great bunch of classmates! Hope to make the next one, you all… if we all don’t conk out before then… :-P

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Breaking News! Let’s get our $$$ donations going!


I’m sure we all are aware of this HORRIFIC tragedy that has befallen onto the People Of Japan! I know I have been left shocked and saddened by all the SCARY photos and videos showing this tragedy unfolding! Having said this, you need to be VERY CAREFUL not to offer any donations to lowlife scam sites, that have probably already popped up. Here’s the Red Cross site I went to online to offer my $ help. :-) I’m hoping some local bike organizations will put together a bicycle event / ride to also help out, in this time of need! I’m also going to past on any further posts until this Thursday, so this message can get out to everyone!

Another fold bike concept!


Admittedly I’m no longer a real fan of upright folding bikes; BUT I still Love to read about and post info on them, especially when they look pretty COOL, as you see in this post photo! Found this tidbit at

OT - Remembering a SPECIAL Friend…

Well EZ Biker Friend, this Day Light saving beginning weekend and the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day, always has me reliving some wonderful memories of a VERY SPECIAL person I had the honor of being in the midst of, back in my grade school days. I have previously done a post about her at the following link, which is an anniversary I will always remember, but in a sad way. My 1966 Class Reunion is this weekend and I posted the above dedication at the St. Anne School FB page, I still (Happily) keep in touch with Michelle’s Sister, Madeleine and it’s the words from her recent email (Seen in the photo here) about her Sister, that has me even in MORE AWE of Michelle and her Delightful Family. These are extraordinary achievements for these young ladies back then. To Michelle, I SO MISS keeping in touch with you; BUT you will be in my daily thoughts in this life and in the afterlife. To her Sister Madeleine, I continue to ENJOY hearing from you and I look forward to us keeping in touch! I’m truly BLESSED to be in company, of such Wonderful people! :-) Here's the link if you want to read Michelle's Wonderful (Sister) dedication. :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wanna be POPULAR at bike events? :-P


Friday, March 11, 2011

OH OH, it’s THAT time again!


That’s right EZ Biker Friends, it’s time to lose an hour and find it in the afternoon time! As usual, I’ll be changing all my clocks tomorrow (Especially my bike computer one’s) Saturday, before I go to bed and be ready for the DARK time, upon my awaking Sunday morning.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

















While browsing the Bacchetta Forum, I came upon a thread  Sebring the day after started by forum newbie pleasegofaster that has THE MOST PERFECT photo of our Killer Bees in action! Of course I just had to add a little…….. to it, which you can see here. :-)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WPF fly… #56823


Bicycle license plates could be coming… posted by BROL poster BEEZODOG is (IMHO) another one of those, WPF stories, that surfaces now and then. Admittedly this could occur maybe in some local municipalities; but I doubt it would be something that would be implemented on a national basis. (BUT Obama-care did make it on the law books… for now…) In Fort Lauderdale there’s a bicycle registration program. BUT I have yet to actually see any of the small registration tags on any bicycles.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wish there were MORE signs / Places like this! :-)


Monday, March 07, 2011

Locals fail to show on both days! :-(


Hello EZ, we were really sorry to read about you having to pass on the HPRA event in Cooper City this past weekend. Apparently A LOT of others did so too. The visitor participants outnumbered the locals, 3 to 1. I’m curious as to WHY there isn’t more local fan or participation in this event. It was  GREAT FUN to watch and everyone seemed to have a really nice time. Seems like a wasted chance to promote bents… Your thoughts on this? Signed: Belinda & Mike

Hello Belinda & Mike, Thanks for your e-mail and VERY GOOD question. Obviously I’m one of the included guilty one’s, despite my lame excuse from my Doctor not to be out in the sun too much, while I’m on preparation medication. Two reasons come to mind here. On the people participant side, South Florida bent riders are MOSTLY recreational riders, including some that have purchased high end $$$ bents. Racing, even coming out just to watch, just does not float our locals boat. However the other reason is… LITTLE or NO promotion of the event; mainly because of the $$$ advertising costs. I did close to 75+ flyer mail outs last year to local bike shops and community organizations and got pretty much “0” response; which was clearly obvious on the actual event days. I also have to wonder if a “2” race day event is really necessary. Granted you do get to use a Criterium track (Like a road course) and one of the BEST bike velodromes in all of Florida; but for some, that’s a lot of driving back and fourth to an event that takes up your whole weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE this event and hope to be part of it in the future, but only time (And maybe our economy) and maybe a little more promotion, will result in this event being something the masses (And MORE locals) want to attend.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

OT - Best gas in town website?


Hey EZ, I seem to remember you posting a website about a website that allowed you to find the best gas prices in town. Do you have that link? Signed Jan

Hello Jan. Thanks for the email and YES I did in fact do such a post as you see here in the photo and this link. Here’s the actual link for this VERY Helpful source. I think Ill setup the link on my side bar as well.

Applying the front break must be fun…


BUT the actual title of this is Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Rare Inner Tube Python Caught On Camera. <GRIN> I guess if you are in need of some attention this would be a novel way of getting some… :-P

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Multi-rider tandems are not a new thing! :-)


Friday, March 04, 2011

I do SO MISS the 70’s!!!!! :-)


Thursday, March 03, 2011

RED ALERT! Is the bicycling industry preparing?


WELL, once again we are seeing the price of oil which ultimately results in gas for vehicle on the up rise AGAIN! I have to wondering if bicycle shops (Regardless of the platform used)  or even the bicycling industry as a whole are gearing up, like they would for the holiday season. Here’s that POT O GOLD at the end of the rainbow, offering bicycling a new life! I wonder if anyone will seize this opportunity!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Breaking News! Critical Mass GONE WRONG! THIS… Could easily happen HERE… :-(


I happen to catch this story at the Bacchetta Forum, posted by BF poster logger: Critical Mass Gone Wrong! Upon doing a little more research, this BRUTAL senseless assault on cyclists is the STILL THE BUZZ around the bicycle world. Seems a certain SO…  plowed through a bunch of critical mass bicyclists in Brazil a few days earlier. CAUTION, the video is fairly GRAPHIC! :-O This is one of many CONCERNS as to why I still refuse to support or be part of these events. Folks, I’m REALLY SORRY to have to make this observation, BUT… we clearly live in a very ANGRY and hostile world these days and it does not take much to set someone off, doing these kinds of HORRIFIC deeds. Safety in numbers??? WELL not in this case. Surprisingly (And Thankfully) no one was killed, BUT there were numerous serious injuries. To anyone considering participating in these kinds of events, you should really consider viewing this video and THINK before you choose to participate.

Plenty of hydration for the next Critical Mass event… :-P