Monday, January 31, 2011

OT - Yar Matie, me Facebook is now tha PIRATE Talk! :-)







LOL, I picked this up from Josh at Atlantic Bicycles Facebook post concerning changing the language you see your page information in. The PIRATE motif just stuck… with me so I be doin the Pirate thin for a few moons. :-) Here how to get your Pirate on, via Josh:  “Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page where it says in little blue letters, "English (US)." Click on it. When the language box pops up, click on the arrow next to "English (US) and select "English (Pirate)." When you've stopped laughing, paste this as your status!”

Saturday, January 29, 2011

BAN Girl Scout cookies NOW! :-O :-O :-O


OK, it’s THAT time again and to be honest, I’m finally going to take a stand against this SINFUL MENANCE against planet earth! THIS HAS TO STOP NOW! WHY? Because once again, I’m going to be gutting my savings and scooping up tons of boxes of these GOODIES! Add to that those cute little girl faces, that make you wanna buy even more!!! OHHH NOOOO, my waistline is clearly on RED ALERT status again! DEFCON PIGOUT 5 stage has now been activated! :-) I’ll probably end up buying double what I did last time… ;-) C’mon EZ Biker Friends, get your $$$ and buy as many boxes as you can! :-)

Excellent Pro Bicycle & Vehicle Friendly Poster!!!


I found this nice poster at Florida Bicycle Association Face Book page. SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers are the nice folks behind the poster. Here’s the link to read more about this!

Friday, January 28, 2011

OT - Law suit filed against the Taco Bell Corporation…

lunapic_129625738080259_6 OK, I have to admit, I really don’t do a lot of fast food these days; BUT when I do; 98% of the time you will find me at my local Taco Bell Restaurant eyeballing all the delicious out of the box eats! So needless to say this story about some goober who obviously has no life and probably got the wrong order, is deciding to tie up our already overloaded courts with a trivial and TASTLESS LAW SUIT against Taco Bell, leaves me feeling like grated cheese… :-P

Wanna sell your bike???


The following ad you see here, prompts me to do a post on WHAT you need to include, when posting an ad for a bicycle, regardless of the type. Here’s a fairly good ad that offers at least the basics, in letting potential bike purchasers know more about your bike. By all means a PHOTO is a major part of the ad. People want to see what you are selling. Next you consider a forum that caters to the specific kind of bike you are selling. BROL Classifieds is one of the BEST classified forums for recumbent bikes and I have managed to successfully sell a few there. You should also include the model, year and specific components included on the bike you are selling. If you are one of those that prefer to sell their bike locally, keep in mind it might take a little longer to move your bike. Better to check with your local bike shop and see if they can assist in packing and shipping the bike. Yea, they will get their cut in the deal, BUT this is something you can pass onto the purchaser, if they are REALLY HOT to do the deal. Also working through a bike shop, offers some seller / buyer security, as you have a physical address and business to deal with, in case some issues arrive. I personally won’t buy a bike unless it’s done though a bike shop and with a credit card! This is where your bike shop also comes in handy; as most do offer this avenue to purchase items. If there’s an issue with the bike or the bike never arrives, you have some recourse, with the credit card company. By all means, watch out for those bicycle SCAMS. I want your bike and I’ll send you more $ then you are asking and you can keep the difference. Don’t DO It! Here’s a Google search on such scams. Again, the basics: Place ad in bike specific forum, include photo(s) model and year, components included, try and work through a bike shop and the transaction via a credit card.

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Now we already know what EZ WIMP O thinks about temperatures that drop below 40 degrees… :-P And YET, there are actual BRAVE SOULS even in the bent world (As seen at the following BROL post, Snow Bent) that still have that GET UP N GO, EVEN IN THE SNOW!!!

OOOOOH GAWD……… They are out again! :-@

TROLL3 You know I truly SYMPATHIZE for those that are trapped inside for the winter with their bikes. Lots of free time there and what to do, what to do… Hey I got it, lets do a total OT (Off topic) post at a recumbent forum and see what happens! (Hey EZ Biker does it at HIS Recumbent Blog all the time… :-P) OK, guilty as charged; BUT this is my own little generic Facebook kind of site, so I can get away with it at times. Plus I don’t allow rebuttal posts, BECAUSE I got way too many spammers, nasty wording and basic TROLLS looking to see if they could get away posting their GARBAGE at my site. BUT at a specific topic forum like BROL, you have to really keep a iron clad hold on topics posted, especially if they depart from the main theme of recumbent bicycling. The REASON? You need on look back on the internet newsgroup ARBR, to which I have done several posts about at the following link and link. As it is unregulated, anyone can post ANYTHING off topic there and it basically went totally away from the specific intended subject matter of recumbent bicycling. Plus Bryan actually makes his living off of his BROL site and forum; so you really don’t want to disenchant it’s followers or supporters by allowing these NO LIFE Trolls to get away with spewing their OT subject matter. (Here’s an example of a preset TROLL post… The Winter of our Discontent which Bryan has done ever better and removed altogether and posted his own thoughts about such a post) Trolls are basic As… Ho…s who have nothing better to do then post subject matter hoping to press buttons or get under someone's skin; then they start responding to the garbage and then it all gets out of hand, with the intended subject matter no where insight. There’s MILLIONS of world, political, anything or whatever forums out there for trolls, but like termites, if they find a crack, they will work their way in. I for one am HAPPY Bryan and BROL keep a steady watch over their forum content! :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recumbent bike advantages 34556… A recumbent rear bag…


Living in Ft. Lauderdale you have 2 sides of weather temperature. When you are West of the intercostal waterway the temps can be fairly chill; as they were today at around 55 degrees. I hooked up with a few cycling buddies for a short 35 miler (Who were all decked out in their winter attire and I had on my long pants and coat) to the inlet bridge and back. Once we went over the intercostal bridge, the temps were 10 degrees higher, due to the warmth of the water aka tropical breezes. Now my poor upright riders were trapped in their coats; while I just rolled mine up and tossed it into my rear bag!  :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HERE WEEEEEE go again…………… :-/



WHEN will it ever end! :-( I found this SO MUCH OVER THIS Story at the following BROL thread… Lance Armstrong In Trouble – Again This reminds me of Captain Ahab in his obsession with Moby Dick! Quote from Wikipedia: Ahab is the tyrannical captain of the Pequod who is driven by a monomaniacal desire to kill Moby Dick, the whale that maimed him on the previous whaling voyage. There are clearly those so-called humans that live to bring icons down. That’s their only DRIVE in life! If you want to (YAWN) read more about this, here’s the (YAWN) link… :-@

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nice Website For Baby Boomer Cyclists!!!


It was a Saturday evening,and I was sitting at my desk and merrily surfing and came upon this really neat website, that caters to Baby Boomer Cycling.  Cycling For Boomers is the site and it features some great stories for Baby Boomer Cyclists! Excellent Reading! Update: It’s been a little while since I composed this and apparently no entries have been recently made at this site. Still, it does have some good stories.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another interesting T-Shirt find… :-)


This… somewhat… PROVOCATIVE T-Shirt was found at a likewise interesting website titled… bikeporngallery. Which I have thoroughly checked out and there’s not any porn (X rated kind) at the site. Just some nice interesting bicycle photos and funny videos.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Is there EVER a chance???


So EZ I happen to catch your post at the BROL thread: Anyone here in that Brompton/Bike Friday/Xootr cult?  C’mon EZ, maybe you just had a bad choice in fold bikes. I have a Bike Friday and my bent and I Love them both! Signed, ERIC.

Eric, this is one YOU CAN BET THE FARM ON, let er ride or a SURE BET ON, that I’m total DONE with upright bikes! I still like the, love reading and posting about them and will continue to do so; BUT I’ll NEVER be caught dead or alive on one again! Those arms, neck, wrists memories, just came back on my recent Dahon folder. Not a bad bike at all! I just don’t want to ride a bike in a upright position ever again! :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking News! - WHOOOO HOOOO! Thanks Everyone!!! :-)

lunapic_129528025656326_1 OK, I honestly don’t pay a lot of attention to my so-called HIT meter. I prefer it to be titled my VISIT meter instead. :-) BUT glancing down at it a few minutes ago, I happen to see the total and WOOOO HOOO! WOW! That’s a lot of visits from you nice folks out there! Thank You so much for visiting and I hope you all will continue to do so!   Sincerely,  EZ Biker :-)

Early bicycle Titillation… :-P


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interesting article in Gizmodo… :-)


Well it’s another nice relaxing day and I was doing some net surfing and came upon this rather interesting article in Gizmodo. They are reporting that Popular Mechanics publication has put together a list of 10 Redesigns of the bicycle and a 2 recumbents (One is a favorite of mine… Rans Tailwind… :-) was included!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OT - So you think PTO… is great??? :-O


A chat with a long time Friend of mine, has me composing this OT topic as a WARNING to anyone that embraces “PTO”, Personal or Paid time off benefits… to which associates have a number of days they are allowed to take off with pay. Associates have the option to use PTO at anytime, but with the understanding that after a certain time period, if they don’t use it, they lose it. My friend had been with her company for many years and had steadily moved up the wage ladder and accumulated about a months PTO time, which she decided to take, before the end of 2010. My friends company’s major strength is delegating responsibilities out to various groups that are then split into teams in product R & D applications. It’s not unusual for someone (Like my friend) to be involved with 1 or more of these team research assignments.

NOW enter the new world we are in today. They, like many others (Including my employer) have continued to trim their employee rosters and push the terminated persons work load onto remaining employees. (Something  we can thank NAFTA for… but that’s another OT post) Use any and all means to trim access costs, in anyway or means you can find.

In 2 short weeks after returning from her PTO time, she noticed  she had been quietly removed from some of the projects she had belong to. Where she was usually approached by fellow associates with questions or feedback on projects; hardly anyone did so as the week moved on. The usual high rate of emails had also greatly diminished. (She began to wonder, what’s going on here?) Finally at the end of week two, she was nonchalantly called into her managers office and the dreaded LAID OFF BOMB was dropped on her, effective at the end of the day! What she theorized was; while out on PTO, the company did a work around and delegated her job roles to various other associates. Less you think any company puts projects on hold, because various major players are off enjoying their PTO time… NOT! Realizing there was not a MAJOR issue without her presence and considering the associates that took up the slack  were more than capable of doing her job… FOR MUCH LESS “COST”, she had become a victim of the new meaning of PTO… PREPERATION TO OBSOLETE / layoff TRAP!

While this can happen to anyone, it’s those employees that have been with a company for the longest time, with the rather HIGH wages (They rightfully earned and are entitled to, for the many years of company loyalty) that are NOW clearly fair game for this countries ongoing layoff onslaught that grows in popularity, everyday. So for those of you that have that PTO perk; THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ENDULGE, less you find yourself in the PREPERATION TO OBSOLETE / layoff TRAP! :-(

Monday, January 17, 2011

One of our GREAT Americans! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011



Saturday, January 15, 2011

OT – Why do Skanks want to be my Facebook Friend? :-@

lunapic_129505320330379_8 You know EZ Biker Friends, I still don’t understand the ALLURE that Facebook has over so many people. I visit FB from time to time (YAWN!) and also get some FRIEND requests, FROM PEOPLE I RECONIZE OR KNOW! BUT ever so often I get some scantly clad SKANK, who I’ve NEVER seen before requesting to be my FRIEND! EUUUU! Why would I ever allow a SKANK to soil my wall? :-P Needless to say, I have turned down a few of these requests and am going to review my Bio and make sure I don’t have any hanging or display signs inviting SKANKS to be my FRIEND!!! :-P :-P :-P

Friday, January 14, 2011




Thursday, January 13, 2011

Great design and on paper, it should work… :-P


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your rear light is TOO BRIGHT???


Hummm, this may become the NEW Presta verses Schrader tire stem or helmet no helmet debate topic for 2011. An interesting read no less at The Lazy Randonneur site. As one that does a lot of early morning riding and thus depends on such uses of lights; I tend to MAYBE… agree with the potential that my BRIGHT blinking light(s) might hurt more than help. BUT on the other hand, I think it does get the attention of vehicle operators out there, especially those that are impaired via alcohol or whatever else they may have in their system… ;-) (And after last weeks New Years Mornings encounters, I doubt lights really mattered. I got BRUSHED numerous times regardless) Having said this; I would actually AGREE one’s rear lights may in fact be a REAL PAIN if you are riding with a group in the dark and they are behind you, having to endure your BRIGHT Morris code blinking all the time. I think the next time I’m in that ride situation I’ll set my light in the steady ON position.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Care to respond to the issue???


WELL there’s another issue with concern to a certain bent company titled brewing at the BROL forum thread titled: Be wary of Actionbent! Seems someone didn’t get treated to fairly and thus, the accusations and responses are flying. I posted the photo seen here at the thread post, basically seeking any response this company might have to offer. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mountain Bike Concept… 1930’s… :-P


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cyclists are GUILTY too of… THIS!!! :-(


OOOOOOOH GAWD… Well I got to see my first cyclist with his cell phone glued to his ear and then another was actually texting while riding down the street… Needless to say, I’m no fan of cell phone use while operating a vehicle; BUT now I see cyclists doing it too…

Saturday, January 08, 2011

WHY I’m (GLADLY) NOT a REAL Bicyclist… :-P


LOL, I snagged this… tidbit from a Facebook feed. The really strange part is a KNOW of cyclists that actually follow these… so called rules. BUT I’m not one of them! Here’s the link, if you want to read more about this GAS… of a story… :-P

Friday, January 07, 2011

The Silver Bullet for rising gas process?


Now here’s a potential antidote for the possible OIL tipping point, resulting in possible $4.00+ per gallon of gas… :-(  Quoting here: “B-cycle is a next-gen bike-sharing system. In layman’s terms: B-cycles are magic bikes that are there when you want one and gone when you don’t. Just swipe your card, grab a bike, and get to where you’re going.” With gas prices rising, some people might just take an interest in alternative transportation and keep their gas guzzlers at home. No recumbents are part of the program; BUT HEY, it’s still a bicycle and an ECO and Healthy way to get around!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

World's Greatest Bike Museum has Recumbents… :-P


Hummmm, the title seen above might be a TAD overblown… as this is the first I have ever heard of THAT specific Museum… :-P Still the thread from BROL: World's Greatest Bike Museum has Recumbents is an interesting read on the history of bicycles in general. Other post contributors have added some likewise good links to other bicycle museums, that seem to be a lot easier to get to then the afore mentioned one… ;-)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Safety in numbers… :-P


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

FULL Service Pizza Delivery in Portland Oregon??? :-P


Monday, January 03, 2011

When your bike has to go………… :-P


I can’t tell you how many times I have had to pull over and let my bike relieve it’s self… :-P This public bike urinal is just the solution I needed, as long as I have that kind of bike! :-P OOOOOOH PAAALEEZE! I got the photo and story from Gizmodo, of a Bike Vending Machine designed by a Dutch Company. Springtime's Bike Dispenser allows you to rent a RFID-equipped bike from one vending machine, ride it to your destination, drop it off at another vending machine, and walk away. Here’s the link to this interesting, if not a potential (Sad to say so) FAIL concept… :-P Humm, I wonder where they get the money and time to dream and design these kinds of things? :-P

Sunday, January 02, 2011

SPLAT! WTF????????????


Well I hear it’s good luck in some cultures when you you take a bird POO hit; BUT it still SUCKS in my opinion… :-P So yep, 2011 is less than 2 days old and I’ve already been DUMPPED ON… :-P Hummm, is this a sign of things to come? :-@

IT’s THAT… TIME AGAIN! EZ’s FEARLESS (YAWN…) 2011 Predictions!

OHHH YES, The all knowing, all seeing, mighty 2011 predictions by EZ the unfortunate teller! ;-P

1.) EZ will FINALLY reveal his FAIL inventions! (YAWN) I doubt anyone will even care what kind of invention ole EZ ever came up with, (The false cry for wolf syndrome???)

2.) EZ will defy a lifelong taboo and purchase a… Carbon Fiber bike!  (Pending medical results… :-O

3.) Recumbents will finally hit mainstream and become popular! (mmmm, taking medication is fun…)

4.) EZ will formally commit to and indulge in a full season of bicycling, including Sebring 24 hour event! (Pending medical results… :-O

5.) EZ won’t find that female bicycle companion of his dreams and will not win any major lotto games… He He He, (C’mon, I gotta PASS at least one of my CHEESY predictions… ;-)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

My 1st. NY’s resolution… Don’t ride too EARLY…


WELL a longtime Friend warned me about getting out TOO Early; especially on New Years Morning. BUT ole hard head ME, had to take a chance and try it. BAD idea… After 4+ BRUSHES with apparent AMATURE Drunks (At about 5 AM) trying to get home, plus a 20/30 mph wind gusts, I quickly cut my first ride for 2011 short… BUT, I think I did get to see Mr. MILLION Miles cyclist, John P out there today… :-)

Happy New Year!!! :-)