Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I should REALLY save THIS for April Fools Day…


And we finish off the Month of August with THIS………….. I caught (And wished I hadn't…) at BROL Forum today, Great News Folks, There's Something Far Dorkier than a Recumbent Now… posted by bikingbill. It’s the NEW SENSATION, destined… to SWEEP the country, on a Glide Cycle! AND there’s even an ACTION PACKED VIDEO!!! OOH YES, THIS would be a REAL hit in a Road Bike Pace Line!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Whoa! Check out this CHOPPER (Must be home built) Recumbent!


I found this rather snazzy (Little bit of everything) chopper vintage recumbent at http://www.yeabikes.net/pretty_dress.html.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

WANTED! A How to successfully market recumbent bicycles to the world for DUMMIES!!!


You know EZ, recumbents are really GREAT machines! I just recently purchased my Giro and I’m in TRUE LOVE, bicycle wise! I can’t begin to understand WHY these bikes are not more popular! Signed Jan.

Hello Jan, Thanks for you email and congrats on your new bike! You question is HONESTLY one a lot of people continue to try and figure out! I guess you just can’t have your cake and eat it too… We have some of the BEST recumbent builders in the business; BUT WITH THE MOST WORSE SALES CAPABILITIES! Bent manufacturers continue to try and lure the young market; instead of looking seriously at the OLDER market. (I’ve done numerous posts on this) Plus having a lot of the bikes built overseas, is cost effective; BUT then you end up having to order a certain X amount, to get an affordable reselling price. BUT then you may have to WAIT 6 months for your bike to arrive! GEEEEZ! Is that how you successfully market bents??? Clearly, bents are for that niche consumer, that puts the priority on bicycling PLEASURE over bicycling peer pressure! :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We want to go bent, BUT………………… :-/


Hello EZ Biker, my husband and me have been visiting you site and other recumbent orientated recumbents sites for sometime. We are really getting tired of the arm, neck and general upright bike pain issues. We have casually hinted about it with the various bicycle friends and groups we ride with and have been ROUNDLY kidded about going  over to the “dark side”. Some have even gone as far as to (Jokingly…?) say, don’t bother showing up; we only allow people with REAL Bicycles to ride with us. Now we are wondering if it’s really worth considering bents; if it’s going to push into cycling lepers. Any insight you can offer to us on this; would be greatly appreciated! Signed Sara & John.

Sara & John, Thanks for your email and the BILLION Dollar question… that I liken to beating a dead horse over and over again. I have done a few… posts on this, such as Interesting perspectives on recumbents verses DF's (Diamond Frame bikes). One of THE most compelling reasons why bents are not embraced more; is PURE TRIBAL philosophy. Here is an excellent link on the History of the recumbent, from Cycle Genius Recumbents. This is basically where the tribal aspect was born; as bents were ultimately banned from cycling competition. Bents continue to be banned to this day, partly because the upright bicycle manufacturer EMPIRE (The REAL dark side…?) pour TONS of $$$ in support of these events, with one stipulation; bents not allowed to participate. From all of this, you now have your various bicycling clubs, groups and cliques that basically only accept people riding THEIR kind of bicycle and nothing else. This is something I could write on and fill up 100 gb disc! This is also a question I get asked often while out riding too. (Hummm, did that little horse just move?) My response to them is pretty much like my signature at my BROL posts seen here: Peer Pressure vs Bicycling PLEASURE! It's your choice! You all are really going to have to make a BIG decision here; in what’s more important to you. Continue to be accepted by your fellow upright cycling friends… and continue to endure the arm, neck and other upright pains OR, embrace bents and be rewarded with better pleasurable bicycling; at the cost of maybe some or all of your present bicycling friends. IMHO, if you all are really treated like bicycle lepers by your.. friends; one has to wonder if they REALLY ARE YOUR FRIENDS…

Friday, August 27, 2010

WHAT’s SO HAPPY about IT?! ;-) ;-) ;-)

image Humm, I have gotten a lot more of those Happy B… wishes from lot of you. I’m going to have to check some of my other sites and make sure THAT DAY… isn’t exposed. :-) BUT in the meantime, Thanks to ALL that have sent me your Happy Bir…. (OHHH, I can’t say it!) wishes. Yes, THAT… DAY is fast approaching and I’ve got the ache and pains to prove it!!! :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Man I tell you, my work IT geeks are running around (Squealing and laughing) like there’s airborne catnip in the air! Google’s make free calls via your Gmail account has them in a near psychedelic daze. OK, I’m smitten a little too; hence the posted video here. gmail.com/call is the link to check out. NOW I’m thinkin… what if this can be done via a netbook (OK, I don’t have one of those fancy droid cell phones at the moment… :-) Now you have a compact medium to go, with a sizeable keyboard… that I could at least use. (Just can't get the thumb texting stuff down just yet! GEEZ, what will Google think of next??? :-)

Would you ever use ribbons like this?


Hey EZ, there an interesting post at BROL Neat Reflector Ribbons For Bike Flag and am wondering if you have ever added such things to your bike or maybe will? Signed Eric.

Eric, Thanks for you email and nice… question. I DID actually mount an American flag on one of my Rans Tailwinds; BUT that was ONLY for a 4th of July parade, I was in.Otherwise, NO, I don’t have plans to add any kind of flags or banners to my fleet. :-)

OT – Why the BIG Eyes is a HOT FAD to do now?


Hey there EZ Biker, I have looked at some of your past photos and I remember hearing you were a club / mobile  DJ at one time. Do you still listen to music ? How about your DJ music library; do you still have it? How would you rate Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance song? Signed Amy

Hello Amy, Thank You for your nice email and interesting questions! Yes indeed, I was a club and mobile DJ (Pictured link of me at a house party with one of my mobile units) for 20+ years , originally in Houston Texas and also when I moved here to Florida. Some of the places I worked at (Houston) were Wood Hollow Club, Orchard Club, Crazy Banana Club, Orbit Room, Cooter’s, Randy’s Club; this list could go on and on.  In Florida, I did more of my mobile DJ side of business, working with local catering companies and hotel banquet departments. My highlight was DJing in 2 Winterfest Boat Parades, one being on the Delta Airlines Boat! Then in 1995, I thought I HAD THE ULTIMATE $$$ making inventions (Which I’m still looking to finally post, sometime… THIS YEAR! Honest!) and MISTAKENLY kicked my mobile DJ business to the curb. WORSE than that, I committed the ULTIMATE ABOMINATIONAL SIN as a DJ and sold 98% of my music library as well. Something I still painfully REGRET to this day! :-( And YES, I still enjoy listening to music!

SO NOW the Lady Gaga song! HOT, VERY HOT! A few pauses in the song, BUT still a Headliner song choice, when you need something to get a slow starting dance crowd, finally onto the floor! Presently, this would be a song you could get away with playing 2 or 3 times in one evening. Listening to my favorite morning radio station CoastFM and those 2 Girls in the morning; I’m a little shocked, that they seem clueless as to WHY people are trying to mimic Gaga’s large eyes appearance from her video. YO! Let EZ Biker (Whose former DJ names were, The Duke Of Boogie and Captain Pervert) put the info onto you, as to WHY, the BIG EYE is presently the BIG HIGH! Folks are just trying to get their IMUV Avatar look on! (Which I believe Lady Gaga was attempting to do) It’s simply trying to do their own avatar thing! IMHO… (BUT, PLEASE, don’t! Any kind of fooling around with your eyes is VERY DANGERIOUS!) One mistake and your eyesight is GONE for life! :-(

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now here’s a REAL PLUSH ride recumbent! ;-)


NOW THIS is what you call a REAL Couch Potato Bicycle! Now if I can just find where to setup the satellite dish… :-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What ever happen to the 20/20 Bacchetta project EZ?


Hey EZ, Love your site and I visit it often. So I remembered reading about your 20/20 Bacchetta project and how you ultimately canceled the endeavor. Have you ever entertained resurrecting it again? Signed Nina.

Hello Nina, Thanks for your email and good question. No, I’m sorry to say, that project is pretty much dead now, especially since I now have a duel 20/20 Tailwind in my stables. BUT… if for some reason I chicken (Or WUSS) out on my possible CF Aero acquisition, PLAN B… (Pun intended) is pictured above! Using the same Giro duel wheel frame (That you can setup 20, 26, 650 and even 700 wheel sets) my good Friend at work, John, has built up an IMMACULATE 700cc Giro, that’s absolutely great to look at and is NO turtle on the road either!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

OT - OMG! Santa Claus EXISTS and Pigs CAN Fly…


OK, OK, I have FINALLY had to throw in the towel and setup a Face Book account! Numerous Friends HERE and long time Friends from the past have been clamoring me to get my Face Book on already! SO, here is the… LINK to my Face book presence! :-) GEEZ! Talk about “Friends” coming out of the woodwork! I sat and watched my email box keep adding, adding and adding MORE emails. Still I enjoy posting and my blog, SO I don’t believe I’ll be kicking it to the curb anytime soon! :-) NOW, is that profile photo a current one???????????



OK EZ Biker Friends, you really need to check out the posts at Cyclelicious! Especially some of the older ones! There’s some REALLY entertaining stories and photos! As such, here the HOT NEW TREND maker… MONSTER TRIKE Racer! (OK, I added the racer part… ;-) Hummm, this clearly could be another potential CM (Critical Mass) event bike! ;-) ;-) ;-) In the meantime, I’m adding Cyclelicious to my FREQUENT Daily visit list! :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another… EZ Blog name suggestion…


Hello EZ Biker or should that be EZ Oinker… I really use to enjoy your site, but lately, you have been posting a lot of bicyclist photos, mostly of female cyclists! What about us females that visit your site too? Can’t we have some male bicyclists posting too? Signed Pam

GUILTY! Yes Pam I do hereby formally and shamelessly plead GUILTY! (Hummmm, maybe my online relationship search website photo babes… were a bit much… ;-) So, OINK, yes I do feel the need to defend my posting of MORE female than male subject matter, becaaaaause… male cyclist photos, just don’t honestly float my boat or shift my gears? :-) So UMMM, Pam, are you a bicyclist? Would you be interested in sending me…. Ummm, well never mind. Oh, YES, I’m SO SERIOUSLY getting my OINK on here! EZ Oinker… Hummmmmmmmmm, I like that name… ;-) ;-) ;-) I wonder if it’s available?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

GET YOUR ZOOBOMB ON!!!!!!!!!!! ;-0


LOL, OK, I have learned a NEW word and a rather WILD event it’s titled after! ZOOBOMB! Quoting From Wikipedia: Zoobomb  is a weekly bicycling activity in Portland, Oregon, United States during which participants ride bicycles rapidly downhill. Zoobomb began in Fall of 2002.

Participants carry their bikes on MAX Light Rail to the Washington Park station next to the Oregon Zoo. From there, participants take the elevator to the surface and then ride their bikes down the hills in the vicinity. This process is often repeated several times throughout the night.

There is an emphasis on unusual bicycles, first and foremost the children's bicycles or "minibikes," but extending to tall bikes, swing bikes, choppers, non-functional bicycles, etc. Though many riders bring their own bicycles, the participants maintain a "Zoobomb pile". This is a sculptural tower of minibikes anchored to a bicycle rack at the Zoobomb meeting point. These are spare bikes that are used as loaners for would-be Zoobombers who don't have their own bike. The pile has become a local landmark. This organization even has their own website geared for ZOOBOMBING!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The ULTIMATE Bicycling Attire!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey! Earthlings! LISTEN UP!!!!! :-)


Check out Bicycle HEAVEN in Europe! :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MMMMM, nothing like a good SMOKED Roadie… ;-) ;-) :-)


Hey EZ, I saw you post at BROL concerning starting a NEW Category Suggestion for Smoked Roadie posts. I thought it was GREAT! BUT c'mon, is there REALLY that much PLEASURE to be had, indulging in such naughty behavior? Signed Pam

Hum, let me THINK.. YES! Thanks for your email Pam! And YES (Again) I personally enjoy reading how bikes for special needs, or not REAL bicycles, that are designed for OLD washed up geezers (Like me..) are SOOO SLOW, they shouldn’t even be on the same road as REAL Upright bicycles; that END UP doing a SMOKE JOB ON YOUR TYPICAL LANCE ARMSTRONG WANNA BE’S… Smoked one myself this past week… ;-)

BUT let me also add here, I’m not Mr. FAST Bent person here; as I too have been on the other end of getting PUFFED by some of the REAL DEAL Bicyclists out there. These are the types wearing very dull plain blank no logo cycling attire, BUT their HUGE legs and calves, give them away, and that don’t even breath hard, when they hang on your wheel, (Or EASILY stay in front of you) at 30+ mph, (Something I have managed for about 30 seconds…) that come to South Florida in the off season to train. The other noticeable thing about these REAL DEAL Cyclists, is they are actually VERY COURTIOUS, nice, easy to talk to and actually show you respect, regardless as to what kind of bicycle you are on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OT – Excellent website for Tech stuff explained in SIMPLE English!


Well this was actually the site (techpaul) that I found out the REAL POOP on MyLife website. So I went back to explore the site a little more and come away, with a really COOL site, that I’ve added to my links! As much as I have dabbled in computers and Tech stuff, I still ENJOY having certain things explained to me in SIMPLE ENGLISH! Yep, this is a site worth repeated visits! :-)

Our BAD AS… Bike Photo of the day!











Hummm, this was suppose to appear earlier today… Sorry about that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

OT – My view about the mosque near ground zero…


You know EZ Biker Friends, I get inquiries about my views on a lot of things. Sometimes I entertain the thought of starting an EZ Biker Thoughts on World Issues Blog. BUT then I snap back to reality and continue to TRY and keep my EZ Biker Blog ON TOPIC… most of the time. BUT I do have those OT… (Off topic moments) Such is the case with the news story about a mosque near ground zero. I PERSONALLY believe NO “1” Faith establishment should be setup so close to the 911 Twin Towers tragedy. I FIRMLY believe there were numerous Faiths (If not all) and Religious beliefs that were SADLEY taken away from us on that INFAMOUS day. To have but 1 faith represented here; is JUST NOT FAIR and I wholeheartedly don’t support that endeavor! :-(

Ultimate Bicycle Basket!!! ;-)



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Those that RIDE Together… STAY TOGETHER!


I got sent this website titled worksman Cycles and this PURPLE duel rider trike caught my eye. They offer quite a few different models. This surely would take up a lot of bicycle lane; but still… being able to ride side by side with your significant other, would be a FUN thing to do! :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s that what was once OLD, is now NEW again… :-)

image TheCyclingEconomist from the Bacchetta Forum posted a FUUNY link to a VERY FUNNY looking bike! It really brought back memories of a childhood CRAZE, The Hula Hoop! Here’ the really FUNNY video on this!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lighting up your tires???

image Hummmm, OK, this is kind of… neat… and might be rather COOL for an evening parade. BUT knowing how easy vehicle operators get distracted, I’m incline to believe you would become a LIGHTED Moving TARGET! :-(  Here’s some BROL links & links on each type and also direct link and link to read more about them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yo! GET UR SCRAPE Bike ON!!!!!!!!!!


ALRIGHT! I LOVE it when people GET THEIR OWN PERSONALIZATION on or in this instance, their SCRAPER Bike on! From the BROL Thread: Scraper 'bents? VERY GOOD You Tube Video of these SCRAPER Bike too! :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BREAKING News! Hey Those looking for a TI Aero! THIS… IS A STEAL!!!!!!


You know EZ Biker Friends, I’m always getting inquiries about my Ti Aero and if I ever plan to sell it? Or do I know of anyone willing to part with theirs. WELL, you all best get over to the Bacchetta Classifieds and SCOOP UP what I believe is to be a REAL STEAL! If I didn’t already have one; my Mastercard account would be VERY BLOTED at the moment!!!

OT - Oh GAWD… It’s THAT TIME… AGAIN………………. :-(


WELL it's getting to be THAT TIME of summer, that was ALWAYS a REAL YUK for my summer days. Having a great time, hanging around with friends, staying up late and sleeping in late. YEP, summers were really SWEET, until that DREADED.... FIRST... Oh GAWD... Back to school ad! :-/ Because once you saw the first one, MORE & MORE would keep coming.  Almost makes me want to do a spin off from "Who let the dogs out"... to WHO LET THE FUN OUT OF SUMMER, WOOF WOOF WOOF, WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Monday, August 09, 2010

A round of applause for Floresville Texas!!!









I happen to catch this upcoming bike race event being held in Floresville Texas from the Bacchetta forum Rides, Events, & Gatherings section. The part that caught my eye and thus rates a hearty HANDSHAKE is where they have allowed recumbents to participate in the event. WOOHOO! Congratulations and Thanks goes out to the race promoters of this event!!! Here’s the link for the actual event.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! There goes SNOB Biker… :-(


Hey EZ, we happen to get a GLANCE... of you today, as you BLASTED past us, heading towards Atlantic Blvd. Too busy to slow down and say Hello? ;-) Are you becoming a CHILLY SNOB in your old age? ;-) <Grin> Signed Bill & Jan
LOL! Hey Bill & Jan, I DID see you all and the thought to slow and be social did momentarily cross my mind. BUT, I was in a self timed A1A / Commercial to Delray and back internal time trial ride and I was trying to beat my previous time, for doing that ride. MISSED it by 4 minutes! &*^%$#@*&^ Sorry, wasn't trying to get my SNOB on with you all. :-)




Saturday, August 07, 2010

My 1st. accessory for my future… RIDE…. ;-)


Ohhhh YESSS! I’ve GOT to get me one of THESE for my future RIDE! I can warn folks when I’m scooting by and even know what direction I’m going! BUT WAIT! There seems to be a slight issue with THIS particular bell / compass device, posted at this link at BROL.

Friday, August 06, 2010

People CHEER Recumbents!!!


Got sent this little tidbit from Bent Sally about the recent 2010 Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade OHPV. People were actually CHEERING when the recumbent section rolled by! Here’s a You Tube video of this event! :-) This group was from Oregon Human Powered Vehicles.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

BIKE BIGOTS… SADLEY… Are in our Country… :-(


Quote from Denverpost.com: “Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are "converting Denver into a United Nations community."  Got this piece of CRA… from the following thread at BROL. It’s even made the Bikeportland.org site as well.

One has to wonder, what other things, BENEITH his OPULANT upbringing, will Mr. RICH MUCKY MUCK go after to abolish, if he gets elected to office. I guess GREEN and conservation, just didn’t make it on his SILVER Platinum dinnerware…. Congratulations DAN, your the LOSER of the Month!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bet THIS Bike is FUN… in stop and go traffic + a few pot holes…


Oh YES, put an attractive girl on anything and all will take a look! ;-) From the BROL forum thread: This bike will not win any time trials Still it is a novel looking bike, that allows you to sit HIGH up and look into vehicles windows… ;-)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bicycling fading away… NOT is some states!!!


Just got through reading Bjorn’s post at BROL, Back from Ragbrai 2010 and as usual, I went to their site: ragbrai.com to gaze at ALL THE PHOTOS OF CYCLISTS, on the road and enjoying this AWSOME event. This clearly leaves me with a really good feeling that Bicycling is not fading away, like I’ve heard from some. It just seems other states embrace it more enthusiastically… then certain costal… ones… :-/

Monday, August 02, 2010

Pretty interesting rear light!


From the BROL forum: New one watt rear light thread seems to be showing off a very interesting rear light. I still like my Plant Bike one, but this one, surely has some potential. Here’s more information about it and even a comparison video at YouTube about it. And also at this link.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


image Dear DC comics, haven't you ever heard of that saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" or how about when Coke A Cola came out with an improved bottle of Coke? And the world spit it back at them. WELL PLEASE tell us who was smoking crack and came up with this… makeover for our Beloved Wonder Woman! C'mon now, back when I was around 10 years old, Wonder Woman, with her bared long leggy thighs, was the BEST early titillation for boys like me going! I didn't care about the villains or the wrongs, she was trying to right! It WAS her costume / bod I enjoyed reading and well… ogling at! Nothing THAT revealing was sold out in the open, in magazine stores until after the 60's! And now you go and change a little boys titillation Icon.... to some kind of trendy shopping mall Wonder BIMBO... SHAME SHAME SHAME! And to add to that, Wonder Bimbo appears in a much less patriotic attire. If there’s any consolation, there's an online VOTE being conduct, on which one is more popular, at this link. So far, I’m ELATED to say, Wonder Bimbo is NOT fairing well! :-) :-) :-)