Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ohh YES, ONLY in… Copenhagen… Cargo bike races!


3 Wheelers LOOKIN GOOD! :-)


Agent Chaos Productions

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mmm… EZ’s in LOVE… AGAIN…

Arrrge! Alright, still ANOTHER confession here… I’m SMITTEN with Bacchetta’s Carbon 2.0 bike! I had made a pledge that the only way I would ever consider a carbon fiber bike, was if I had $$$ to burn. WELL, I still don’t have $$$ to burn; BUT there seems to be something of a ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN time clock that has started ticking within me. THIS might have started with a dream I had a few nights ago, with me eyeing my new ride… in the year 2020. BUT believe it or not, I just got an email from someone, that has just not gotten ONE OF THOSE… Eeeeeeeeeeek… THINGS! NOW I’ve even resorted to looking for every kind of sampling of Carbon 2.0 bike, on the web and have found these TITULATING samples… I have just done the following post at BROL titled… CHEESY / LAME excuse to start saving for a CF Bike...  Ok MasterCard… RED ALERT… ;-)

Hilarious Cruzbike “””VIDEO…””” Sounds like something others… should try doing!!! :-)


Here's an interesting post at BROL about a Hilarious Cruzbike video; the video titled: Cruzbike Day at Santa Monica Beach! And YET, this is something other recumbent companies and /or manufacturers should seriously consider getting into. Get a simple video cam (Very affordable these days) find some in shape or hot bod man and woman and do your vid thing! It’s truly AMAZING how some innocent made video catches on and catches fire and the result is EXPOUSURE, EXPOUSURE, EXPOUSURE  and does not cost a lot of $$$ to achieve this!!!

Now here in fact is an energy drink company, that uses a recumbent in their ad!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recumbents can’t climb! Oh YEA???

imageRecumbent cyclist races uphill battle, is disqualified. From the recumbent Journal, it appears if you can’t BEAT EM, GO WHINE TO THE ORGANIZER! :-( BOO HOO, that bike is not an official UCI sanctioned bike! BUT remember, Bent can’t climb! ;-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I LIKE… this definition of “Recumbent”! ;-)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Alright, ANOTHER somewhat strange, but maybe useful idea… from the BROL thread: New Bike Helmet: Stinky Cheese Smell When Cracked! So if your helmet starts getting that cheese aroma, after getting wacked… you can check to make sure no cheese was left unrefrigerated or, check your helmet out closely, for any cracks. :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Breaking News! Bent passes Lance Armstrong!!! :-0













Posted at BROL: German 'bent passes Lance Armstrong…



OK, SMUT Biker here again! Someone has gone and posted another rather TITULATING thread at BROL titled: Prettiest Bike You Have Ever Seen? MMMM, some VERY NICE… Photos! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

3…….. 2……. 1……. 0500 hours! We have launch! EZ Biker Tailwind NCC-5

image It is with PRIDE, GREAT PLEASUE and ecstatic Excitement that The voyages Of EZ Biker Tailwind NCC 5 have now formally commenced on this day of Our Lord, Sunday July 25, 2010! WHAT an ABSOLUTE DREAM, FUN Carefree ride! And NOT ONCE during the entire ride did I have any arms, neck or rear butt issues! NOT ONCE! I EZ Biker being of sound mind and conscious , do hereby formally PLEDGE, that I WILL NEVER EVER RIDE OR SIT ON ANY KIND OF AN UPRIGHT BIKE AGAIN, SO LONG AS I SHALL LIVE!!! My old / new Tailwind was unbelievable! I just merrily putz along at my own pace and even… (OMG) pulled over and let roadies by!!! :-0 All of my previous Tailwind comfort memories, came back once again, on this # 5 version! To Rans Recumbents, YOU ALL SHOULD HONESTLY CONSIDER BRINGING BACK THE PERFECT FUN RECUMBENT BIKE TO RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamond frame recumbent failures… :-(


Hello EZ, I really enjoy your site a lot. I’m wondering if there were ever any diamond frame or road bike companies that tried their hand into bent building? Molly

Hello Molly, Thanks for your email and very good question. This is my personal opinion, regarding these bents. Actually there were “3” of these companies that flirted with a possible bent endeavor, but never really got them successfully rolling. (Pun intended… :-) Trek, Cannondale and Bike Friday. Bike Friday probably was the most successful of all three, BUT people just refused to embrace the serious need for a portable folding recumbent. The designers of the Trek and Cannondale recumbents, just didn’t realize how seriously recumbents had ergonomically progressed and been improved over the years. Had they come out with their bents back in the 70’s, they might have been pretty successful. This had to be an immense embarrassment for at least Trek and Cannondale; BUT I doubt it seriously impacted them otherwise, as they are still the 800 lb gorilla in the diamond frame / road bike world.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

OT, OK, I HAVE TO POST THIS!!! C’mon Google!!!


Dear Google, up to now, I have LOVED everything you all have come out with. You could honestly do no wrong in my book. BUT… for some reason, you all felt the need to change your image search format! HELLO, your new format, SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS! WHY on earth did you change something that has worked perfectly forever! Haven’t you ever heard that old saying… IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!! It’s nice of you to at least have a link to go back to the original image search, (But only works for THAT session) but it doesn't really go back to the original format, once you click on an image.  C’MON Google, I SINCERELY hope you all will offer a DEFAULT setting, so that we can choose your NICE and PERFECTLY good working “””original image search””” format and get this… SKANKY BING search format clone, off my computer monitor!!! :-@

A typical (almost) conversation between a recumbent rider and a roadie. (VERY Funny Video!) :-)


Here’s a post at BROL by BROL poster Sprout (aka Josh at Atlantic Bicycles) about a video that pretty much sums up THE DEBATE between Bent and Upright cyclists! While the video is hilarious, IT ACTUALLY ADDRESSES A LOT OF TRUTHNESS AND MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT BENTS VS. UPRIGHTS!

OT – My Wish has been GRANTED! :-)


Back on November 10, 2009, I did a rather RANT (Whine… ;) post about We NEED Cell phone FILTERING SOFTWARE!!! EZ Rants! WELL leave it to good old Google to ANSWER MY PRAYERS! :-)  offers a lot of really COOL features, along with CALL BLOCKING! WOOOHOO! (Scroll down to link # 8 – Block Callers) Thank You GOOGLE!!! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Website dedicated to getting Women on Bents!!!

image The mission of is to spread the word about the unique benefits of riding "bent" from a womans' perspective......

ALRIGHT!!! Some of my fellow Bent Female Brethren have decided to inform the SMARTER of the 2 human species, about all the positive things, riding a bent can do for you! This is going to be a very enjoyable website to add to my must visit OFTEN list! :-) There’s already some chatter about it at the BROL forum thread: women and 'bents.



OK, another confession here… Back in my grade school days, I was the PE coaches favorite batting practice, with his split baseball bats! :-/ (In THIN gym shorts too… OUCH!) I have many ruler imprints on my backside too, from heavy handed ruler welding NUNS too!  :-0  So whenever I hear of someone getting a spanking; I remember a lot of PAINFUL memories. BUT SURPRISE SURPRISE, another spanking story this past weekend, actually put a SMILE on my face! Some fellow bent riders (I was suppose to ride with-before I wussed out with my lower back issue) John & Greg, riding on a Bacchetta 700 cc Giro and a 650cc Strada, apparently had the time of their life, on the flip side of a 62 mile Frank Stark bicycle event. In the beginning they were getting passed by the upright cyclists and even the incline bridge, saw a few more darting past them. Ahhhhhhh, but let’s fast forward, to about an hour later, with the HEAT, SUN and Humidity now beating down on those poor hunchback wheeled warriors. Alas, my 2 fellow bent riders, proceeded to be like my SPANKING grade school coaches and nuns and FLEW past a lot of those fancy clothed, $5000.00 + riding bicycles cyclists, who were now looking like WHIPPED PUPPIES, clinging to their fancy uprights, praying the Torture would mercifully end soon! OK, am I being a little HARSH towards upright cyclists??? <GRIN> Sometimes a good spanking is needed, for you to seriously step back and re-evaluate if it’s really worthwhile fitting in with your fellow bicyclists, at the expense of your poor body on that ergonomically uncomfortable PAINFUL upright road bike… ;-) ;-) ;-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EZ Biker might have BLOWN a call!!!!!!!! :-/

have a prob

You know back on Wednesday, June 17th, I posted that I didn't have a problem with this proposed bill, """IF""" it would offer the potential for MORE bike lanes.  BUT there’s one OPEN ended sentence of the bill, that I now feel the need to get clarification on. Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff apparently sponsored this bill and even responded to an SFRR members letter sent to her. Please see this link. In the meantime, I have sent the following email to her, requesting MORE information and specifically all the content, that’s written in the bill.

Dear Ms. Bogdanoff, I'm writing with concern to the response you gave to Mr. Von Staden. While I read your response and have GUARDED positive feelings about it; I'm wondering specifically about certain wording in HB 971.  "requires bicycles to be ridden in lane marked for bicycle use except under specified circumstances". WHAT are THOSE specified circumstances? And are those specified circumstances, ACTUALLY written in this bill and if so, where?
Again, I do have GUARDED positive feelings about this bill, but I'd like to see ALL OF THE CONTENT, before I feel comfortable in supporting it.

I’m not sure she will get the email as her online website send button kept processing and processing and I didn’t get the feeling it went through. Stay tuned.

UPDATE! 7/21/2010 - Received the following response from Aaron Nevins Senior Legislative Assistant to Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff  at this link.

C’mon Portland! STOP all this GUSHY BIKE AFFAIR stuff!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)


Hummmm, you know, there are times when I seriously entertain changing my blog site’s name to something like, EZ LOVES Portland or something similar to that… :-) Here is still another reason why, I personally believe, this place is the MECCA of Bicycling on this planet! From, we witness… AGAIN… ANOTHER Bicycling Friendly endeavor, that continues to SERIOUSLY entice me to pull up tent stakes and move to Bicycle Heaven On Earth!!! :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010


image OK, time to REVEAL something here. I’m one of the WORST kind of people when I’m inactive! The time I spent in the hospital for my leg issue, was absolutely *&%$#@)(*& AGONIZING!  I have always been an active person (Workout everyday) and when I have to do some down time, this photo here… portrays me perfectly! So I’ve had another bout with lower back nerve issues and have not done any workouts or riding since last Monday! THANKFULLY I went to see my trusty chiropractor this past Saturday and I’m presently on the mend! BUT… I still won’t be able to do any kind of workout until maybe when you are reading this post. Can we say… GRRRRRRRRRR! ;-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

BREAKING News! DISCRIMINATION / SEGRAGATION (In all forms) is (CHILLINGLY…) growing in my country! :-(











I had planned not to post anything until Monday, July 19, BUT THIS issue is TOO IMPORTANT to  hold off another day!

You know, it is with GREAT CONCERN what I’m seeing happening in my Beloved USA, these days.  This post at BROL REINFORCES THE CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER bicycling and other things (Like our civil liberties that WILL BE CONTROLLED OR ELIMINATED!) that are under INTENSE ATTACK; a movement that’s GROWING and spreading, like unchecked cancer!

Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation has posted the following ALERT concerning this and I SINCERELY URGE all my EZ Biker Friends, Guests, Bicyclists, and American Citizens to send an email to these folks and pass this info onto everyone you know and express your feelings! PLEASE DO SO, soon, before your FREEDOM Of RIGHTS, (Or… other liberties) are taken away from you!!!

Act Now

Email the County Council and let them know you oppose the ban.
Whether you live, work, or ride in St. Charles County, it's important to speak up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BREAKING News! Calling all EZ Biker Friends & Visitors! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! This RAAM cyclist needs OUR help!!!

















This post by Slo Joe, is just HEART BREAKING concerning the RAAM cyclist (Diego Ballesteros) that was involved in a very BAD accident. Ballesteros is paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a car near Wichita last month, while participating in RAAM. Police say a distracted driver hit him. I have decided to forgo some goodies I have been saving for and instead will direct that $$$ to be sent to the following fund setup for him.

Diego Ballesteros Benefit Fund
Carson Bank
4641 East Douglas
Wichita, KS 67218
(316) 777-1171

As I’m really hoping everyone will step forward and help, I’ll not be doing another post until the coming Monday! PLEASE, let's give this person a HELPING Hand!!!

Sadly… I’ll be passing on this event… :-(


I had really planned on doing this event and even did a lovely 100 (Tune up) miler this past week. BUT, come Monday, I over exerted my self on my early morning workout and am now, nursing still another session of lower back issues… :-(  Gawd, I miss being able to EASLY put my socks on… :-/ SO at the moment… the Frank Stark Celebration Ride this next Sunday, starting at 7: AM, may be on hold for me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WOW!!! StreetFox Recumbent Trike!


WOW! Now talk about a REAL Trike; this is probably it! First there was High Racers and now… HIGH Trikes! Here’s the link to find out more about this TRIKE! :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010


I got sent this interesting news about a South Florida Bike Expo, that’s going to be rolling in on Sunday, July 18th, from 9 AM till 6: PM at the War Memorial Stadium. From the looks at the website; this show is going to have a lot of everything, dealing with bicycling. This is an event, my fellow bicycle Lovers should plan to attend!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

VERY Innovative Mirrors using Bottle Caps!

image Now THIS is the kind of innovation that really float my boat… so to speak. I found this COOL looking / working bottle cap helmet mirror at BROL for sale forum: Helmet mirrors $10 plus $3 Shipping by BROL poster Hmikes. To see a larger photo, please go to my Google Doc link. (If it comes up half page, hit the refresh button)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey EZ! Was that you lurking in the back?


Hey EZ, I recognized you from your Yellow shirt and Aero Spoke wheel Aero today! So you were hanging in the back of the A1A / Commercial group today? Signed Biker Girl Jan

Hey Biker Girl Jan, how are you doing? I glanced at you all on the opposite side; NICE group! Yep that was ME in the early start of the ride, BUT very soon afterwards, I got dropped like a HEAVY Brick! I decided to try my hand with the hammer bunch to see how really out of shape I am… Hummm, pretty out of shape OR they have just continued to frolic in that 30+ mph club. Anyway I decided to make it a more mileage ride and ended up in Boynton Beach inlet! And NOW, I’m FLOPPING around the house, wishing I had an AED to tether my TIRED bod to!!! :-)

Our LOSER For July Award!


Serial bank robber known for getaway bicycle

GEEEZ, being a bank robber is one thing, but using a bicycle for your getaway vehicle? PAAALEEEZE! As much as I wish anyone who steals someone's bike to BURN DOWN… THERE… I think it would be SO COOL if this clown runs out of the bank to hop on his bike; only to find it STOLEN!!!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Yikes! A blast to the past!

image Hello EZ Biker, is this really a photo of you, from your photo bucket album? Signed Rhonda

BLUSH! Ohh GAWD… Yep, that’s me with my 2nd purchased recumbent, after my ReBike.  (Which is even MORE SCARY than this photo!) The recumbent is a Vision R40! I was setting a my photo for my own personalized Holiday Greeting cards (Don’t use commercial cards anymore; instead I make my own) So here you can see the before and after, that I used as my Holiday Greeting card that year! :-)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bicycle License…………… ;-@ 0r WPF * Part 2… ;-)


WELL a certain bike shop owner has tossed another… one... out, suggesting bicyclists embrace being required to have a bicycle license…….. Ohhhh, I could fill up 10 blogs why THIS… would be a BAD IDEA! BUT, my good Friend Jose, from SFRR, has posted pretty much what I would say and I quote Jose: “Jose… wrote: >>>>Should we require cyclists to get a bicycle license?
We can require cyclists who use the roads to view an online presentation in order to be licensed, as you suggest. Let the record show that I am NOT opposed to that in principle, but I do have some serious concerns about the implementation of such a "rule"/program. Here are a number of questions that immediately come to mind (I'm sure you all can come up with more)
How do we make sure that cyclists actually learned something via a presentation or whichever way we choose to educate them. Should we have them pass a test? Written test only? How about a skill test? How do we determine skill level?
Should a license be limited to those who use public roads?
Should there be a minimum age in order to get a license?
How much is this "program" going to cost?
What do we do with "dumb" cyclists when they can't pass a simple test? Do we take their bike away?
What do we do when cyclists are caught riding without a valid license? Would we fine them, throw them in jail or simply hang them in public from a tall tree?*
* HMMMMM....  this last option might be fun to watch. Think about it: If we get some people to cheer, like "some" did during the last critical mess ride (as reported on this board), we could conclude that public hangings are a good thing. Also,  if we charged admission to these public executions, we could possibly raise enough money to balance the state budget so that a bike license fee would not be required (in which case you can ignore my previous question about how much the program  would cost)

NICELY Put Jose!!! :-)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WOW! New meaning for BBB… Beach Bunny Bikers!!! ;-)

image chicks and

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Bicycle Photo moment… :-)


Monday, July 05, 2010

TDF… Bicycling on COBBLESTONES??? EeeeeeeeeeeeK!


OK, MY BAD, I have not even posted anything concerning the TDF (Tour De France) yet! :-( I have gotten to watch the 1st & 2 stages of an already wrecked marred event. :-(  What is TOTALLY UNERVING TO ME” is how they are riding in RAIN, on slick oily roads, that are cobblestoned! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Ohhhh NOOO, you wouldn’t catch EZ WIMP O out in that mess! So much for being a real cyclist… ;-) ;-) ;-)

No more public viewing of SFRR message board? :-(


I have received numerous inquiries concerning the discontinuation of the message board to non SFRR members and have sent Jose an inquiry email. As you know, in previous posts, I chose to fade  from the group and had done several posts about that, which I have subsequently removed. I’m actually looking forward to coming out to some of the rides, in the near future. I like many others really enjoy reading the posts and I hope they bring them back again. Stay tuned! :-) UPDATE! After a few emails between Jose and me, he has put the posts back up for public viewing! WOOOHOOO!  Thanks Jose!!! :-) :-) :-)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

To all my EZ Biker Friends & Visitors!!!

Let this 4th Of July be the beginning of ANOTHER CRUSADE!


Admittedly, I borrowed some of this idea from a post at the GREAT website of Folks N Spokes! Their post “Let’s declare Independence From Oil” post, got me inspired! Thanks Spokes N Folks!!! HEY! Why just Miami? Why don’t all of America join in this FIGHT! Perhaps driving less and walking more! Bicycling to work and so many other ways we can WIN OUR INDEPENDENCE FROM *&^%$#@(*&^% OIL!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

OT – EZ’s Experience… w/Online Relationship Finder Sites…


Hello EZ Biker, I really enjoy and visit your site often. You seem to be a pretty cool person, with a really FUNNY personality. I have to wonder just what kind of companion you have, might have had or is looking to have? Does riding your recumbent, get you attention from the opposite sex? Of course there’s a lot of online dating / relationship sites; have you ever checked any of them out? Signed Becky

Hello back Becky and Thank You for the… (BLUSH) interesting question. I have been Blessed with some really nice relationships (Female) throughout my life. (I was actually formally engaged for “1” day, until I came upon that: Dear Honey, I ran off with the Doctor, but still Love you… letter) I have some Female friends, that I ride with and hang around with, from time to time. (That I met at bike events, while riding my recumbent… :-) Believe it or not, it was one of THOSE FRIENDS… that dared me to go online and check out some of those relationship finder sites. SOOOO, being a DARE and from someone, who is always cooking up some kind of mischief (Who now has a steady Boy Friend, who helps with more cooking…) I cruised onto some sites and tried to be as truthful as possible……… answered the numerous questions, that would help find me my possible potential sole mate. Mind you, I’m no Chippendale myself, but the photos seen above come pretty close to who I was matched up with to make the perfect relationship with. (Geeez, I couldn't even score an X-Rated Plastic doll… ;-)

Friday, July 02, 2010

This cyclist has the RIGHT idea! :-)


Thursday, July 01, 2010

1st it was E-Mail, NOW… E-Bikes????


I caught this interesting article on E-Bikes (aka Electric) at For me, I just have NEVER got excited about any kind of deviation from the original human power bike format. My feeling is, if you are going to spring for a electric bike; why not just move on to a moped or motor scooter. :-)