Friday, April 30, 2010

How to UN-NERVE certain cyclists… ;-)

I happen to grab a tad of video from this BROL post by, jverheul  video of very poor paceline riding, narrated by one of the problem riders: me. Now if you want to see what it’s like when cyclists ATTACK , pull away and then get caught again, only to attack again, sprint away and… well you get the message… ;-) This is what happens in CRIT events! :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reasons 100000065 and 100000066 I'd “STILL” LOVE to live in Portland Oregon...


WELL, they may NOT be rated America’s Top Bicycle City, according to Bicycling Magazine; BUT I’d still like to resettle there anyway! Here’s two more bicycle orientated businesses that can be found in Portland Oregon. From you have Cookie Pedalers and The Bicycle Chiropractor.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



WOW! Just when you thought a Rans X-Stream is a rather long bike; it’s a TAD WIDE too! And yet, here’s a BRAVE soul in a Mini Cooper, that is making sure you give them a WIDE Birth! From the BROL post :  New Rans X-Stream: First Impressions thread.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BIG Wheel… (Front) Bike!


ALRRRRIGHT! Now THIS looks like a FUN Bike, to ride…. er… well… someplace!  I found this “Cute” bike at in the older archive section. This is a really nice site and has some GREAT stories and information on… (You guessed it) Bicycling! An definite EZ Biker must visit often website!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking for another recumbent forum?


Check out The Recumbent Bike Forums, for lots of Recumbent stories and goodies! :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ONE of THOSE… PERFECT Bicycling Days!


Hey EZ, we actually got a glimpse of you today as we were heading North on A1A! The Commercial / A1A group were totally maxing it out today, at 30+. Then we encountered a few more groups on the road. Are you going to do a guest appearance with the group anytime soon? Signed Bicycling Bev

HEY Bicycling Bev! I saw you all, on the tail end of that road warrior group! Yep, they looked like they were clearly in STALLION Mode today! I decided to do a cruise up to Delray Beach and back and it CLEARLY was one of THOSE PERFECT Bicycling (I don’t want this ride to end) days! LOTS of cyclists out on the road! Hummm, I’m not so sure I’m going to come play with you STALLION types anytime soon. I can just take so much As… whooping in a month you know… BUT, I’ll be out again tomorrow; hope to see you all!  UPDATE! 4/25/2010 - C’mon EZ, while it was a rather nice day, it was ABSOLUTELY A WINDY ONE!!! Signed, Sara

LOL! YES Sara, you are VERY CORRECT! Maybe I should tweak a few things and say, besides the perfect temps and perfect sunny day, it was a VERY WINDY Day! And yes, I was lucky to be able to maintain (Barely…) 12 / 14 mph heading back South towards home on both days! (I’ve amended mp perfect bicycle day photo too… ;-)

Nice… Public Bicycle Rental / Share coming to Miami…


Found this bit of news from J. Riley from the SFRR Yahoo Group site, about a bike share endeavor due to start up in Miami soon. J. Riley even added a pretty good video about it as well. While I’m happy about this interesting bicycle rental program; it’s with somewhat guarded optimism as well. I have to wonder if those that rent the bikes will, return them and in what condition they will be returned in? After all a rental is just a rental to some people and treating that item with TLC, is questionable. Still it offers the potential for more bikes on the road, (Not recumbents though… ;-) great transportation for someone in need or tourists and thus keeping the planet a little more green. :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

The sign says it all… :-)


Scooped up this really GREAT and Helpful Bicycle story / endeavor FREE Bike Help PDX from… WELL… Where else…  is run by a person called Dan. Quote from the site: “Welcome to Free Bike Help PDX!  My name is Dan and I set up shop on Williams at various points North of Broadway so that I may offer free mechanical help, advice, and  a high five to folks riding home around evening rush hour.”  NOW folks you just gotta REALLY BE INTO AND LOVE BICYCLING, to offer this kind of GENEROUS service! :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just another (Of 365 days) to THINK & DO GREEN!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HAPPY Administrative Professionals Day!!! :-)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gee EZ, You really are anti cell / texting aren't you!


Hello EZ, Biker, I visit your site often and really enjoy your articles and photos! I see that you added a new one onto your side bar, about cell phone and texting while driving. This follows your non support of critical mass events one) WOW, you are mostly always positive in your posts and hardly ever exhibit a negative attitude. I hope this isn’t a trend… Signed Veronica.

Veronica, Thanks for your email and YES, I’m usually and MOSTLY positive about issues and things in general and I DO try and keep my site positive… 95% of the time… ;-) BUT, being human… (Which is sometimes debatable… ;-) I do have a FEW PET PEEVES and I have NO PROBLEM stating my views or taking a stand against them. A lot of my rational is SAFETY. You just are not SAFE (As well collaterally making it UNSAFE for others around you) when you participate in these certain, GOOFY Human BAD habits.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Recumbent cyclists, we are NOT the only ones…


You know, I have been really experiencing a lot of different things, while tooling around on my fold bike. ONE THING, I’m actually rather SURPRISED about, is how many times I wave, say hi, acknowledge other cyclists, (On uprights just like mine) and they just keep tooling right on by, basically snubbing this fold bike cyclist. Even funnier, is when I encountered some of the A1A / Commercial group, that know me (On my recumbent) that just likewise blew on by, like a fast moving cold front. However I did kinda hear one mumble, “Check out the guy on the clown bike.” LOL, now this really doesn't bother me; BUT it’s comforting to know, recumbent cyclists are not the only ones that get SNUBBED!!! :-)

Bents IN THE News! Sit back and enjoy the ride

image OH YES, anytime Bents make any kind of news exposure, you know I’m gonna post it! :-) BROL poster estolkne has posted the following thread: Article on recumbents in Maine Newspaper You can see the actual article here, about recumbent trikes getting some GREAT Exposure in Maine. WAY TO GO Estolkne!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breaking News! CONGRATULATIONS Rails To Trails!!!

Rails to trails - lunapic

I just got the following email from Rails To Trails: When I last wrote you in November 2009, we were encouraging the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to improve safety for our state's pedestrians and bicyclists. After several months of hard conversations and hundreds of e-mails from supporters like you, I am very pleased to report that our actions have yet again made a huge impact!
FDOT has decided to create a statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Partnership Council! Through this bold step, the newly formed Council, which will convene in early June of this year, will make statewide policy recommendations to FDOT and transportation partners on Florida's walking, bicycling and trail facilities.
This exciting pendulum swing is a huge deal, but we mustn't stop here. Please send a thank you note to our champions* who helped bring about this first step, encouraging them to keep fighting for safer and better connected systems for active transportation:
Thank you for your continued support and action. I look forward to seeing you out on the road or trail...
Ken Bryan, Florida State Director
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

This really is Great News and I hope all of us that participated in this endeavor will send a MUCH DESERVED THANKS to everyone that made this possible! :-) :-) :-) Photo effects by LunaPic Online Photo Editor

Seriously considering SUPPORTING THIS!


Once again, I have had numerous close calls with local motorists, that I observed were yakking on their cell phone instead of giving 100% concentration to driving. So a friend sent me this website: Focus Quoting from the website: “Drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be involved in a crash. Two different studies found this same conclusion, a 1997 New England Journal of Medicine examination of hospital records and 2005 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study linking crashes to cell phone records. “ There is also a very informative post at BROL about this titled: Opportunity to help cyclists Scroll down to LeoH, who has some Great links to check out. Lastly, anyone that communicates with me, knows I don’t answer my phone, while driving.

In the beginning God created the bicycle…


Now HERE’S a really uplifting and FUNNY read, that was found at the BROL forum, posted by 25hz. Or you can go directly to THIS Great read here. :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

GOOD LUCK & STAY DRY to all the MS 150 Cyclists!!!


I did this GREAT event a few years back and had nothing but good things to say about it! I had an EXCELLENT Time! Great rest stops, plenty of support, super nice fellow cyclists and the raves could go on and on. I have had numerous email asking if I’m doing the event this year and sadly; I can’t. BUT I have numerous friends that are and my good thoughts and wishes are with you all! Saturday will probably be OK; BUT Sunday is, WELL… REALLY KINDA IFFY! :-( For more information about this event, check out this link. Photo effects by LunaPic Online Photo Editor

Amsterdam Police warn about ‘kamikaze bike’ (fixie)


I found this rather provocative article about bicycles at Momentum Blog, titled: Amsterdam Police warn about ‘kamikaze bike’ (fixie) that originally are bikes setup for specific velodrome use. These bikes have a fix gear and NO BRAKE System. Because in velodrome use, you don’t use brakes after a run; just coast to a stop. BUT leave it to some of our MORE Daring human (Death Wish?) beings that actually ride these bikes on real city streets and in real city traffic. There’s numerous fix gear websites, including this one, in Amsterdam.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To All on the Titanic, especially the 1517 Souls that didn’t make it… You are NOT FORGOTTEN on this… Day… :-(


OT - “EVERYONE” Pays the SAME! Rich or Poor!!!


WELL on THIS April 15th day when our wallets are lighter and our bank accounts are likewise downsized; I will take this OT-(Off Topic) Opportunity to voice my thoughts on WHY a FLAT TAX would be a better way to go. Anything and everything you purchase, along with your wages, all set at a FLAT RATE TAX, PERIOD, equates to everyone, regardless as to how rich / poor they are, paying the SAME rate and thus eliminating all this income tax, write off BS, that we continue to have to endure… :-(

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Recumbent Bike Shop in… Canada… :-)


BROL and a number of blogs have already posted information about this “NEW” Recumbent Bike shop start up, in Canada. Let me add my Best Wishes to a very SUCCESSFUL Endeavor; which surely offers the potential for more bents getting into world! Here’s the BROL forum post link, recumbent blog link and the link to this New Recumbent Shop… in Canada… :-) :-) :-)

GREAT Vintage Bicycle Website!


OK, for those of you that LOVE VINTAGE bicycles and photo of them, here’s the perfect website for you! Dave's Vintage Bicycles has photos, information and bikes you can even purchase. This is an EZ Biker must visit website! :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

From Spokes “N” Folks… I SUPPORT THIS!!!












Alright Spokes “N’ Folks! What a GREAT and IMPORTANT Post! Driver-texting ban needs your support is a petition I’m signing and supporting and hope ALL MY EZ Biker Friends and Visitors will do so too!!!

The title says it all… :-)





Sunday, April 11, 2010

I knew it was BAD in vehicles, BUT… Now Bicycling?


Oh YES, leave it to trendy… California, especially San Francisco… for GOOFY humans to add cell phone use or texting, while operating in vehicle, now migrating over to… bicycling?! :-0 Apparently it’s gotten so out of hand, as the title at the BROL post suggests: Proposed ban on texting while biking in CA is CLEARLY a DISTURBING trend! I’m sure you all know I’m not a text or cell phone fan, while operating a vehicle as seen in my earlier post, this past year. BUT I have to APPLAUD California if they do in fact  enact a State Ban on Texting while biking.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The sensation of riding in a fully enclosed recumbent!


I have gotten numerous inquiries on how it feels to be all closed up and riding down the street on a recumbent. Here’s an excellent video that will actually give you insight (Pun intended) on what you at least see and hear when cruising in one of these SPEED machines! This video is part of an overall fascinating story (Posted at Recumbent Journal) about FAST female cyclist Barbara Buatois (Boo-ah-twah)! (Scroll down the page to see the video…:-)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Pet Blessings… Now… Bicycle Blessing!!!












I surely don’t have any issues with THIS! :-) Help from anywhere is always a Blessing! Here’s the website to check this out at:

You have Bike Friday (Folder) And Now… Bike Someday???


While prowling around the Bike Friday Website (Hummm, but I already have a fold bike…….) I came upon this page with GO FAST Rob English, stand by, what is titled a Bike Somday? I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, at the Florida HPV event, when he was representing Yellowbike, recumbents. And folks, the guy IS FAST and I mean REALLY FAST! I watched him whip around the Velodrom on a fairly normal… Bike Friday and guess what… HE WAS FAST! So this appears to be a little pet project of his. There’s also a pretty good video about this too. MMMMM, Bike Someday. BUT (Again) why is EZ trolling around the Bike Friday website, in the first place???????????????

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Titanium low racer?


Hello EZ Biker, I really enjoy your site and have been looking at recumbents for some time. I know how MUCH you LOVE your Titanium Aero and I’m wondering if there are any other possible Ti bikes out there, perhaps in a low racer platform. Signed Randy

Hello Randy, Thanks for your email. I’ve been checking out some 20” wheel bikes, like the Challenge Hurricane; BUT with nearly a $4000.00 price tag for a aluminum frame bike, I’m errr umm, still looking around. However a fairly new post at BROL, by BROL poster Brewmaster, titled Ti Oregon Build, has SURELY opened my eyes a little wider. Pictured is his bike presently being built. I honestly like the looks of it and of course it’s…… Titanium frame! :-)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

BREAKING News! EZ Biker’s Bicycle Mecca falls to… # 2???????










HUMMMMM, I’m surely going to have to do some MORE RESEARCH on this latest revelation! According to Bicycling Magazine, Portland Oregon slips down to # 2 for being America’s Top Bicycling City! :-@ Here’s the link at to read more about this ASTONISHING story!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fold Bike * BMX Bike Connection!


Yes, EZ Biker Friends, that’s ME, on my trusty little folder, (I remembered to suck my gut in, just before the photo was taken… ;-) on Easter Morning. Instead of dodging those 2 visits per year Christians, (Christmas & Easter) on the roadways; I hopped on my Fold, and took a leisurely cruise. I was also testing a new seat out. (The Comfort Seat) I’ll be doing a post about that, in the short future. In the meantime, on my return trip home, I noticed this young BMX cyclist, zipping past on the opposite side of the street; which got me thinking. He’s on a 20” wheel bike and his seat is obviously not positioned why up high, which is always recommended. I wonder if there’s anything to that. So, once home, I dropped my seat down considerably and found out 2 things, quickly. My legs obviously don’t get the extension with the seat up; BUT… I’m not putting a lot of weight on my arms, which now are VERY RELAXED. I likewise can place both of my feet squarely on the ground, instead of on my tippy toes! I played with the handlebars a little more (raising them up) so I could raise the seat up more, for a little more leg extension. A short ride around the block and this new relaxed sensation on my arms is GREAT! Then I flatted a few houses from mine… :-/ Flat fixed, I took a few more short rides and this kinda BMX riding style is pretty neat and something your fold bikers should experiment with!

Monday, April 05, 2010

My other vehicle is an… IRONING Board… :-0


Hey! April Fools Day is OVER! Here’s an interesting story (Rather dated though – Posted back in 2009) found at Ride My Handlebars Blog, about someone, utilizing an ironing board in their daily… ride…(?) STILL it’s an amusing photo… to me anyway… :-)

DUUUH, I can survive this LARGE TRUCK on my bike… :-% PLUS… DUHHH, I don’t need to choose the safer road route…
















You know I have been bicycling on city streets for MANY YEARS and I’m amazed at some of the DUHHH choices I’ve see other cyclists make while bicycling. These photos were taken from a video, from a BROL post: I thought this cyclist was going to die... To be honest, BOTH cyclists seem to not be practicing street smart cycling here. The road bike cyclist, MUST have had a death wish, BUT the recumbent guy, likewise didn’t make the best choice either. You are on a WET road, proceeding into a tunnel(?) in HEAVY TRAFFIC and there’s CLEARLY an alternative road path (Photo 4) (Apparently FOR cyclists) and nether of these guys choose it. (Notice at about 015 seconds, the INTELLIGENT CYCLIST that makes the RIGHT decision) I’m surprised both are still apparently alive today. Folks, you really need to be STREET SMART out there when riding on city streets and NEVER assume vehicle operators will make the safest choice around you!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

To ALL my EZ Biker Friends!!! :-)

Easter Blessings

OT - Great e-cards and Calendar to keep track of special days!


OK, I’m VERY SURE, this website 123 is no hidden secret, but I wanted to do a post on it anyway. I’m aware of various annual special days and events, but there a whole lot more, that you can see using this GREAT calendar! Here’s the link for the month of April. This easily rates an EZ Biker Great website to use! :-) :-) :-)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Ohhh GAWD! It’s EZ (No Creditability) Biker at it AGAIN! ;-@


OK, OK, YOU CAN DECIDE what you want to do, this weekend concerning bicycling on A1A! :-) On Saturday starting at 7:30 AM, in Pompano Beach, A1A at Atlantic; there will be the 7th Annual Run Like a Bunny 5k run. I have encountered THIS event before and there will BE TRAFFIC and runners around. As for the Caution pictured Beach service…,  NO, this is not aimed towards any Easter Services, including the Ones being held on the beach, this Easter Sunday! BUT for bicyclists who might be riding on A1A on Easter Sunday, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, USE CAUTION and be CAREFUL out there! I can’t tell you how many NEAR Misses and close encounters with vehicle operators, (on their way to Easter Sun Rise Services at the beach) I’ve had in past Easter Day Sundays, while riding on A1A. (THIS I HAVE ENCOUNTERED FOR MANY YEARS) There are numerous open beach and park areas, where these services are held and motorists do park on the sides (Bike lanes) of A1A, on that day. So forget trying to stay on the bike lane. SO, what are my bicycling plans? On the road by 5 AM and back home by 7 AM. Short… 30 miler. Sunday, might be a ride either to the beach or actually a TEST commute to work, on my folder. YES, I AM PLANNING TO GET MY COMMUTE TO WORK ON, REAL SOON!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

BREAKING AF NEWS!!! All Pedal style Bikes…, Road, Recumbent, Trike etc. ARE NOW OBSOLETE! :-0


BREAKING AF NEWS reporting from AF News Syndication, hundreds of millions of bikes are now being cast off and thrown away, as THE NEW Bike of the future continues to sweep the world!  The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) has formally changed their title to UTCI. (Union Tread Cycliste Union) And the USCF (United States Cycling Federation) has followed suite and formally changed their title to USTCF. (United States Tread Cycling Federation) All of these organizations events, will require cyclists to use the treadbike platform by 2011. The Tour De France will also require cyclists to embrace this platform by 2011 as well and is considering changing their title to Tour De Tread France. RAMM (Race Across America) will likewise ban all pedal style bikes and allow only the use of treadbikes by 2011. Their title is also being changed to TRAAM. Treadbike Race Across America. has also released a video on their flag ship model treadbike, Pegasus, which can be viewed here.

This new technology will also be impacting bicycle events locally and worldwide, with organizers allowing ONLY treadbikes into their weekend and annual events. Bike event organizer April Foo states this: “In order for us to have our annual April Foolish bike event, we now can only allow treadbikes to be used at the event; otherwise we can’t get a city permit or insurance coverage. “


T-Shirts like seen here are also popping up all over as the formal bike jersey that was previously embraced by pedal / road bike enthusiasts, has also NOW been abandoned by the masses. Bicycle shops (Which are now being renamed treadbike shops) are also embracing this platform for it’s simplicity and ease of purchasing a treadbike; as 1 size fits all. Those fancy road bike cleat shoes are likewise obsolete as you need only basic tennis or jogging shoes when riding the treadbike. Finally, the US Government is also seriously considering making the embracement of the treadbike a mandated Federal Holiday, with the date being on April 1st……………….

Special Thanks to the website Geekologie, for their original post on the treadbike. :-)

BREAKING AF NEWS! Oriental SUMO (Wanna B) Cyclists putting together RAAM Team!


On this VERY INTERESTING News Day…, AF… syndicated news network reports a Midwestern bicycling team, The SUMO Wanna B’s, have announced their formal training to begin to participate in the RAAM event in 2011. Pictured is the team in one of their daily sumo attire rides…

BREAKING AF News! MICRO Racer launches!!!


Rans Bikes today has clearly fired a significant shot across the low, high, mid and quasi racer bike platforms, with their radically new MICRO Racer! Read more about this revolutionary new bike at AF News syndication site.

BREAKING News! BROL earns Star on Walk Of Fame!


The recumbent bicycle website titled Bent Rider On Line, (BROL) has now finally been immortalized with their own star on the Walk of fame in Hollywood California!!! ALRIGHT Brian & BROL Family, Congratulations!!! Here’s the link to AF News Syndication Network,  to read more about this EPIC Achievement Award!!!