Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GAWD, I’d LOVE to move to and LIVE IN Amsterdam!!!


I found this rather INTERESTING and REVEALING story (2,000 NUDE Cyclists photographed by photographer) at one of my favorite sites; Bike Shop Girl website. Here’s the link to this FASCINATING… story! :-) (Not to worry, I believe this is safe to view even at work)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Any suggestions for getting properly fit for a bike?


Hello EZ Biker, I’m looking to get back into bicycling (Sorry, maybe not a recumbent at this time) and I remember back a long time ago, you could actually get fit for a bicycle; but that usually cost a few $$$. Any suggestions on an alternative way to get fitted? Signed Sharon

Hello Sharon, thanks for your email and VERY Interesting question. NOT to worry, :-) if your new bike is not a recumbent; the fact you are rejoining bicycling is GREAT! :-) As for your question there is a really cool website that allows you to get all the bike fit measurements needed. The website is Competitive Cyclist and this link takes you to the specific measurement process. Once you have all you measurements together, you can cruse over to the bike shop and start that FUN process of getting that perfect bike for you!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Am I goofy to wave Thanks?


Hello EZ Biker, I know you ride in traffic a lot and I’m wondering about something. I’m your occasional recreational cyclist, that rides sometimes with a few friends. There have been instances where vehicle operators, went out of their way to be nice to us; not turning in front of us, pulling out in front of us and on and on. I always like to show my appreciation for these actions, by doing a friendly thank you wave to them. Some of my fellow bicycle friends think I’m goofy for doing this. Any thoughts on this? Signed Ashley

Ashley, Thanks for your email and a very good question. I happen to do the same thing when I’m out riding. I believe it’s a positive gesture, letting a vehicle operator know, their courteous actions are genuinely appreciated. Perhaps they will continue their nice actions when encountering another bicyclist. Too many cyclists take for granted that vehicle operators are expected to yield or go out of their way to accommodate them and that’s just plain WRONG assumption to make. So by all means, please continue your nice gestures! :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Street Surfer… A bike(?) with 5 wheels…


Posted at BROL : StreetSurfer. And there’s even a website. I’d enjoy seeing how one of these handle some of our city street meter holes or some of our chuck holes around… ;-)

WHAT… Is the REASON for this???


Hello EZ, it was nice seeing you out at the recent Florida HPVA event, Sunday anyway. I’m wondering about something that truly MYSTIFIES me. I got to talk to a lot of the riders and people and I was astonished that the majority of them were from out of town! I see numerous bent cyclists around here in Broward from time to time and am wondering WHY they didn’t show up… at least to watch, what was a really FUN event! Signed Craig.

Craig, Thanks for your email and your observation / question; that continues to mystify even me, from time to time. Our Beloved recumbent Diva, Shari B, put this mystery happenstance in the most eloquent way, so far: “Getting recumbent bicyclists together here, is like trying to get bunch of cats together for a photo… :-) “ The majority of recumbent cyclists here are PURELY recreational, occasional riders or lone wolf… (Like me… Ha!) ones, that are just not into the racing aspect of bents. Even coming out to watch other bent riders is a major YAWN. Nothing WRONG with this, mind you; BUT that’s just how it is in South Florida. Now what’s REALLY ASTONISHING, is HPVA events like in Chicago area; (That really does not have year round bicycling capability… unless you are into SNOW biking… ;-) you have NUMEROUS bent riders show up, in the range of 60+and all age groups and sizes and assorted bent platforms!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snowbird Century! Lots of bents will be there!


I have heard wonderful things about this annual event, Snowbird Century, put on by the Everglades Bicycle Club. Kiddingly it’s a ride to kind of finally come out from hiding, from all the Snow Birds (Human ones) that flock down here for the Winter. Mind you, I said KIDDINGLY. I have been hearing a lot of my fellow bent folks will make an appearance at this event; but I won’t be one of them… Some other pressing things like getting my taxes done and errands I’ve been putting off all week, will be how I spend my Sunday. Sounds pretty LAME, doesn't it… ;-) BUT I’ll still get in a local ride and maybe go feast on the A1A / Commercial group, that will probably have few riders, as a lot of them will be at this event.

NOVELTY Bike Sunglasses!


You know I have always wondering WHERE they get those really crazy looking sunglasses, like for New Years and such. I believe I have FINALLY found the source! Check out the “Bicycle” sunglasses here… :-) Not something I would want to seriously wear when bicycling, BUT still pretty funny looking. And there’s all kinds of theme sunglasses to check out at Goggles and Glasses.

Friday, March 26, 2010

BREAKING News! 100 mile Marathon on A1A this SATURDAY! Ummmm, WAS NOT A BIG HAPPENSTANCE… :-/













OK EZ Biker Friends and anyone planning to do some riding on Fort Lauderdale Beach, tomorrow, March 27… Ummmm, you might want to seriously reconsider? The (Annual?) PALM100 is going to blast off tomorrow morning at “6:00 AM”, starting at Los Olas Blvd and A1A. Here’s a PDF file of the route, that goes…ALL THE WAY UP TO WEST PALM BEACH, Florida and back. This clearly is going to cause some serious traffic issues all around the beach area and areas within 5 miles of the beach, up and down the coast and I’m not sure if bicyclists will even be allowed on A1A and even if they are; it’s probable going to be a MESS!!! While I’m not an anti marathon person; I do wonder what possessed the persons in charge of this event to plan it at the HEIGHT OF South Florida’s TOURIST SEASON and with Easter just a week away… EZ just WHINING he won’t get to go RIDE on A1A, Saturday… :-(   UPDATE:  3/27/2010 Hummm, WELL ER UMMMM, FLOP! OOOOOZ… OK I deserved that! And YES, I SUCK BIG TIME! :-@ The Palm100 marathon DID happen… BUT is was only a group of about 20 / 30 runners, with NO POLICE, NO BLOCKED OFF ROADS, NO SAFETY CONES AND A GREAT BICYCLING DAY SHOT TO HEL… BY EGG ON EZ BIKER’S FACE!!! I decided to get up early and go see the HUNDREDS… of runners taking up all the street lanes… I began to suspect something was amiss when there were hardly any police, traffic or anyone around, as I’m tooling along down Los Olas to A1A, on my fold bike. Finally I did see some runners and a Palm 100 sag truck and realized this was just a SMALL FEW GROUP OF PEOPLE doing this event. To make matters worse, it’s THE PERFECT GORGEOUS Day for bicycling and I did in fact have a wonderful ride on the beach… YES, AGAIN, I SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK! :-@

A Bicycle Event for GIRLS ONLY! :-)

Cinderella-chal2 The round artistic emblem caught my eye and with further reading I discovered a very INTERESTING Bicycle event, exclusively for the cycling ladies out there.  I found it at a website titled abitof that, by a San Francisco Blogger, Sarah. Here post Cinderella Classic, portrays a bicycling event that’s an all women's bike ride where participants are encouraged to wear costumes.  Girly themes abound – sequins, lace, tutus, Snow White costumes, mermaids, pointy princess hats, ladybugs, etc. This event happens in San Francisco Bay Area and is put on by the San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club based in Dublin California, approximately 15 miles southeast of Oakland. To read up on more of the Cinderella Classic, please visit this link. For 2010 I have added still another COOL looking emblem for this really COOL event!

BREAKING News! Trike Shoppe no longer carrying TerraTrike :-(


Checking the BROL forum today; THIS IS ONE BUSY THREAD! Trike Shoppe no longer carrying TerraTrike. Which was possibly pulled from the Recumbent Journal article.  Quote from them: “At issue is the recently publicized Trike Shoppe sale in which TerraTrike products were being offered with free shipping.” Now I’m not sure if this is the MAIN reason, “””BUT””” if there was some clause that prohibited me from offering free shipping of a product; THAT WOULD BE ONE OF THE MANY REASONS, I’D PASS CARRYING THAT MANUFACTURERS PRODUCT, PERIOD! It’s difficult enough getting bike shops to even allow bents into their store for repairs; much less find a store that will consider carrying them! Another issue that REALLY TWEAKS me off, are manufacturers that allow you to buy directly from them, instead of going through a dealer! WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION TO CARRY A PRODUCT, WHEN THE CUSTOMER CAN BUY DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER, MOST LIKELY CHEAPER! My honest feeling and opinion here is, manufacturers need to work with (AND BE THANKFUL) a local dealer is willing to invest in and offer their product to the public! How they choose to sell the product or what perks or freebees they offer, is the dealers OWN CREATIVE business and something that’s across the board and all who carry the manufacturers product, can do. WHY"???? Simply because the MORE VOLUME OF PRODUCT you can get out to the public, means MORE potential for someone else seeing the product and maybe wanting to acquire one too.  Which in the end, keeps your company and product from being put out to pasture!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is THIS what you look like when bicycling in COLD Weather?


Hello EZ Biker, I got a real laugh out of your post of the sleeping bag(?) and the thought bubble slogan, “Check back in about a month”. So I thought I’d send this photo and see if THIS is what you may look like, when riding in… somewhat Chilly temperatures? Signed Veronica.

Hello Veronica, thanks for your nice email. YEP, that photo comes pretty close to how I tend to look when temps dip below the 50’s. :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hey EZ! Any thoughts on this?


From the BROL forum: Local Bike Shop Refuses to Work on 'bents WOW! Lots of responses to this post. So EZ, do you have any thoughts on it? Signed Beth

Hello Beth, Thanks for your email and YES, I have seen this post and read the numerous responses. To be honest, it is a bike shop owners right (And any business owner) to select whatever kind of customer clientele they want to cater to. Having said this, I believe the SMART business owner should seriously consider viewing the WHOLE picture out there. We are not really in the best of financial times there days and there’s A LOT of Americans out of a job and can’t find a job. Bike shops likewise continue to close at a record pace, simply because, they couldn’t make enough $$$ to keep their doors open. I believe the word that might best fit here is DIVERSITY. I’m not saying a shop should become a full blown HARDCORE recumbent store; but from a $$$ point of view, why turn THAT POTENTIAL SOURCE of income down, at least in the repair avenue? The majority of parts on bents are the same that work on road bikes; so again, why not sell to bent customers, if they come in. It’s that little thing called $$$ to keep the doors open… :-) And YES, I know of some shops that are HARDCORE Road Bike shops period and have stopped people from even bringing their bent into their store! It’s like some curse might befall on them if (God forbid) their Road bike customers find out, they are somewhat a bent friendly store! My take on that is simple; $$$ are $$$ and it’s $$$ that keep your door open and you in business, period. What IS THE HARM in allowing other human powered vehicle platform income, going into your pocket? :-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interesting website find! :-)


While revisiting a BROL post on (Planet Bike Blaze 1W vs 2W- can anyone compare?); BROL poster jnogami posted a link to a website titled Biking In A Big City.  Nice write up on Plant Bike’s Great lights and other interesting posts, has me adding this site to my link favorites! :-)

Getting DROPPED on group ride... :-( Ride leaders that allow this to happen… SUCK!!! :-(

image Hello EZ, I'm wondering if you have any thoughts about group rides. A few weeks ago, we went out and met up with some of our fellow friends for a group ride. The stated ride speed was 12 - 14 mph, tops. Once we got underway, a few decided to take off and zoomed away, including the ride director! They did finally come back; only to zoom away time and time again. Fortunately we knew the area, but some others didn't and were concerned they might not find their way back. We of course stayed with them and made it back to our starting place. Needless to say, I don't know if we will participate in anymore of these so-called group rides. Signed Samantha.

Hello Samantha, (Thanks for you email) to be completely honest; I have been a VIOLATOR of that very thing. BUT I forgot who our ride director was, (Our local recumbent Diva, Shari B) and caught up with me and a few other set speed breakers and gave us a VERBAL tong lashing! Some riders felt embarrassed, when I caught most of the lashing; BUT I was guilty and knew it! I was an obedient rider after that. :-) Also admittedly, I'm not that much into group rides; as I like riding much earlier then most rides start. Having said that, I have done a few rides since and experienced the same issue. I think this is MOST INCONSIDERATE of the ride director! When a planned ride has a stated ride speed, say 12 - 14 mph; this rate of speed needs to be obeyed and closely monitored by the ride director. And this, go ahead and let some of the faster people take off, makes me wonder, WHY DID THEY EVEN AGREE TO COME RIDE WITH THE GROUP, KNOWING THEY WANTED TO GO FASTER. :-(  I would recommend, connecting with certain ride friends, that YOU KNOW WILL ENJOY RIDING AT A SPECIFIC SPEED, LIKE YOU and plan a future ride with them.  And if you do plan to continue to do the group rides; then do pretty much the same and let the GO FAST idiots go and enjoy your ride with people that like riding the pace, that you are doing! :-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Front drive bike question?


Hello EZ Biker, I’m getting close to seriously embracing the bent platform and have tried out a few recumbents. The Cruz bike has caught my eye; but I’m wondering is changing a flat tire on a front drive bike as involved process, as on the rear?

Henry, thanks for your email and interesting question! I honestly don’t have a knowledgeable answer for you, but I know where we can find that answer! (To be honest, I’m curious my self on this… :-) Here’s the link for that question I have posted at BROL.

Hey EZ! Any thought on the Volae Line of bikes?


Hello EZ, I enjoy your site and I visit it often. I’m flirting with my first recumbent and I’m really leaning towards the Volae. I’m curious as to if you have any thoughts about these bikes. Signed Victor.

Hello Victor, Thanks for your email. I got to test ride a Volae at my LBS (Local Bike Shop) a few months ago and I really enjoyed the ride. For the most part, I like the bike and it’s design, EXCEPT for “ONE” little item in the handlebar section. I have this thing (Hang-up…?) about smooth lines and aerodynamic designs on bikes. The JUTTING out of the handlebars on this bike, is just a PURE turn off to me. It’s like they had excess frame and they didn’t bother to making it more smooth or eliminate the sticking out handle parts. Other than that, I believe it’s a fine bike and by all means if you get to really liking it, then you should seriously consider moving on it!!! :-)

Pleading for motorists to watch out for cyclists…


… has been around for a LONG TIME! :-) On that, let’s put some of the OT stuff behind us and get back to bicycling, OK?

OT - DISCO BALL Helmets! DARN! Why didn’t we have THESE Back in my Disco Duck Days!!! :-)


OK, I found this post original at a really cool site called cyclodelic and I have to WONDER… Why someone didn’t come out with this sooner or back when I was doing the Disco Boogie thing! :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

OT - MY THOUGHTS (Again) on SOCIALISTIC healthcare… :-/


Bicycling in the year 3000…


And NO, I’m not doing an early April Fool post! ;-) Found this interesting post by BROL poster Aqua titled Recumbents make Digg frontpage, sort of, which took me to an interesting site of this photo at There’s some really neat bikes pictured, along with… a recumbent included!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

YES Heather I have days when my…

image Hello EZ Biker, I really enjoy your site a lot; but wouldn’t mind a few more folding bike posts… :-) SO, I’m wondering if you ever encounter bicycle rides that just aren't fun sometimes. Some friends and me met up and while the group as a whole was fun; some encounters with vehicle drivers just made me want to (*&^%$#!!! Do you ever have rides like that? Signed, Heather.

Heather Thanks for your email and a very GOOD question! As I compose this, (3/20/2010) I’m coming off a pretty SUCKY ride today myself. For some reason, the PUNK  As… drivers in their zoom zoom vehicles were apparently awake a little early this morning and decided to BRUSH, slow down next to me or stay real close behind me, in my ride today. Lots of room around them; but it’ was just one of those days, to bother the bicyclist, minding his own business. HENCE the reason, I continually pass up invited to bike rides with friends, because they are usually too LATE in the day (After 7 AM…;-) for me to want to participate. Some of course think I’m a snob for doing this; but in reality; I just prefer to get up and RIDE EARLY in the morning to avoid vehicle IDIOTS… :-/

EEEEEEEEEEK! The BIRDS again!!! ;-)


OK, believe it or not, in my earlier life I got a serious phobia of BIRDS after seeing Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Movie. I could be riding my Schwinn Traveler (Similar to this photo)  and come up on a bunch of birds in a tree and quickly want to dart away! (I know they WANT TO GET ME!… :-) SO when I saw this photo, THOSE… memories came fluttering back… Paaleeezzzze, I’m over that now… HEY! What’s that CHIRPING sound?! :-) :-) :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

EZ Biker Interesting Recumbent Bicycle Blog Site find!


Holler It! Here's a really nice / informative website of seeing the world via seated on a bent website. There's some really funny FAIL photos there as seen in the photo here. A must visit website!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

OHH YES! This could be ME in a few years… :-)


I know I have previously posted another one of these mini condo’s pulled by a bike; BUT I really like this stuff; so here’s another post! Paul Elkins is a designer, a dreamer, and inventor of this and you can read more about it at this link. :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

El Low ther Lassies & Lads! I be wishin U, the Happy Green!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dedicate a street to fallen cyclist!


I found this at the following NGB link with following wording: “Palo Alto Bike Blvd named after legendary bike activist Ellen Fletcher.” Now I believe this is obviously a nice dedication; BUT why not offer the same to a fallen cyclist, instead of the morbid flowers and cemetery type of artifacts usually left at the site. I believe this would be a more positive frame of remembrance of a cyclist. :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010



There’s a recumbent design somewhere in the latest Daily Google sign post… :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

YES, THAT… was me…


Hey EZ! I’m pretty sure we saw you today with the A1A / Commercial group! Looking pretty GOOD hanging with those HAMMER HEADS! Signed Pam & Ginger.

Hey Pam & Ginger, Thanks for the email! I do remember glancing at some cute female cyclists heading South today; while I was hanging  on by my fingertips trying to hang with the STALLIONS today. Sundays are usually “Slower” ride day; but we were already doing 25 mph in the warm-up phase… before Atlantic Bridge. Mind you, I’ve added about 3 lbs of new Aero Spoke wheels on my bike and that resulted in me having to work 3 times HARDER! BUT I managed to finish with everyone in sight… and even decided to cruise on to Delray for some added miles. As I compose this, my body is screaming, WHAT!!!!! WERE YOU THINKING?



Now you know, I was born and raised in Houston Texas and I have NUMEROUS bicycling friends and acquaintances there and all over Texas! Next to maybe California, Texas has an incredible bicycling following, with events like Hotter N Hell, attracting 10+ THOUSAND, YES… “THOUSAND” of bicyclists every year. Needless to say, I’m ASTONISHED AND SHOCKED to read a story where by a cyclist, Reed Bates, (Quote from Cyclelicious) “was arrested and jailed for the ‘crime’ of riding a bicycle on the road. He was riding on the roadway, not the shoulder, so the Ennis county sheriff’s department decided he had to be taught a lesson.” …there are two lanes in the same direction, isn’t one of them often called the ’slow lane’ and the other the ‘passing lane’? (See photo of Aerial View of Hwy 287 in Ennis) Motorists pass slower traffic all the time, yet when Reed Bates rode his bicycle in that slow lane, somehow it became a crime.  (See photo of Street View of Hwy 287 in Ennis) On January 23rd, the Ennis County Sheriff’s Department arrested and jailed him on an initial charge of “riding a bicycle in the roadway” which was later amended to the impeding charge.” Now folks this is not ONLY DISTURBING, but down right SCARY, in that of a president being set, whereby cyclists are FORBIDDEN TO ride on simple roads? Additionally what REALLY PI…. me off even more, is there has been NO response from any bicycle advocacy groups, like League of American Bicyclists or Texas Bicycle Coalition in this matter! WAKE UP BOYS AND GIRLS! There is CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, (NOT ONLY IN TEXAS) BUT ALL OVER OUR SO-CALLED FREE COUNTRY, TO LIMIT OR EVEN “””KILL OFF””” BICYCLE USE!!!! To read more about this, please visit the following link, link & link. I also did a post at BROL on this and have been getting a lot of responses.

BREAKING NEWS! Fort Lauderdale gets it’s BIKE LANE FRIENDLY ON!!!


I was out and about on my little folder today and was about to do my turn around at the end of Fort Lauderdale Beach, heading North towards Oakland Park Blvd. Then I spotted what appeared to be, FRESHLY PAVED road, with… (OMG!) BIKE LANE STRIPES ADDED!!! WOOOOHOOO! Now for anyone that rides in Broward and A1A North & South, this particular area can be a TAD DICEY from time to time. On the north side of the street, there’s a long road patch, that we kind of use as a makeshift bike lane, although it isn't. BUT NOW… :-) WELL I JUST had to give the new bike lane a try and it was GREAT! I ended up buzzing by the A1A / Commercial ride bunch gathering at A1A & Commercial. Ha! No one recognized me, on my folder! :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to “DO IT…” again… :-/


WELL it’s THAT TIME again, so I’ll probably do my usual change the clocks ahead 1 hour, just before I conk out Saturday evening. As I’m hoping to get some riding in Sunday; I’ll try and hit the sleep mode early as well…. YEA… RIGHT! BUT I guess the positive side is there will be MORE daylight to possibly ride in the afternoon, after work; which I’m looking forward to doing! :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Plan bicycle touring trips and vacations on car-free, long-distance bicycle paths.


Here’s a really interesting post I found at BROL by BROL poster,  jeff51, about bicycletouringoncarfreepaths a website that specializes in helping you setup a Great Bike ride on numerous car free paths throughout the country! Quote: “Bicycle Touring On Car Free Paths helps you plan bicycle touring trips and vacations on car-free, long-distance bicycle paths.“ This is a very informative website that should be checked out! :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ohhh, YES, REAL HARDCORE Bicyclists seen HERE!!! :-#

image So C'mon EZ, your post on your recent bike outing in... 58 degree temps??? LOL! That's SUMMER TIME in some European countries!!! So I guess you wouldn't be out cycling in this kind of weather, seen in my enclosed photo. Signed Jan

Hello Jan, Thanks for your email and NOOOOOOOO, there's NOOOOO WAAAAAY, you would see me out in that kind of weather... aka my recent (BRAVE...) 58 degree ride... What you have in that photo are REAL Bicyclists! For more REAL Bicycle snow photos, check out the link, this photo came from! :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BREAKING News! Google adds bike directions!

On checking one of my favorite blog sites today, Spokes 'n" Folks, I found this most INTERESTING post concerning Google and how they now offer bike directions! Just input from one address to another and your bike route pops up! Here's quoting Spokes 'n' Folks: "Starting today, you can find bicycle routes on Google. The Internet search giant is announcing the new service today at the National Bike Summit. The beta version of the bike-route addition to Google's powerful map engine may be found at Try it, please, and comment here on how you like it."

I’m getting my VOTE on for this!!! Join me!!! :-)


Quote from RTTC website:

“Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) has been chosen to participate in the Members Project from American Express and TakePart. The Project will award $200,000 to the charity that receives the most votes in each of five different categories—and your vote could make the difference for RTC.

    * Who Can vote? Anyone can vote!
    * Where Do I Vote? Vote online at
    * How Often Can I Vote? You can vote once a week, March 8 through May 23.

First-time voting takes about 2 minutes, but those 2 minutes could help secure $200,000 in support of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy!

Pass this along, tell a friend, and take a moment to vote now! Remember—return each week March 8 through May 23 to cast your vote in support of the rail-trail movement!”

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

YAWN! Bicycle Magazine snubs bents again… No BIG DEAL…


Hello EZ, I’m wondering if you have seen the latest post at BROL on Bicycling "Buyers Guide" - No Recumbents... Again. Seems some of the BROL local posters are sending nasty emails and protesting this SNUB. Any thoughts on this EZ? Signed Maria

Hello Maria, Thanks for your email and passing on the info / link to this subject. SORRY, BUT this is just a SNORE story; as it has been going on ever since I got into recumbents back in 95. And while I might have RANTED and Raved in the past; I find myself actually NOT SURPRISED and not honestly PUT OUT or upset about it! The name of the game here is advertising dollars and knowing where your bread is buttered. I’m pretty sure this bicycle magazine sees LITTLE OR NO advertising from any of your bent manufacturers. So really, that equates to receiving very little input into bents. How can you offer a buyers guide insight, when you have basically NO information on the product? Pick it up from other publications? <LOL> Could this ever change? Sure when you begin to see bent companies spend LOTS of $$$ in advertising, equal to that of your upright bicycle industry. Ummm, don’t hold your breath here. SO, NO, I have no issues with this publication or any other that chooses to not acknowledge bents. Further, I believe BROL's Bryan Ball has put in very eloquently in his Embrace the Niche article! We truly are a group of people that enjoy truly unique vehicles and thus bents provide that niche, for us to indulge! :-)

Monday, March 08, 2010

EZ moves to new Helmet Mirror… :-)

image The one happenstance I didn’t mention while at the Fl. HPVA event was that my beloved aerodynamic helmet mirror got broken. (Not by me though) So I went through the motion of rebuilding a new one and went to find an interim one, so I could continue to ride. (On a recumbent, you HAVE to have a mirror) So I came upon a really neat mirror, made by Blackburn at Bicycle Spot and though it was smaller than my 3rd eye one, it seem to have a fairly decent aero curved base in front of the mirror; so I decided to give it a try. Much simpler than having to build the aero bubble on the old one and it works just as good! Add a paper clip to the stem and the mirror is absolutely stable and doesn't shake at all. :-) I know a lot of folks continue to use handlebar mirrors, BUT I still much prefer a helmet one, as I can do a complete rear view sweep and know exactly what is behind me and where it is! :-)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hummmmm, YOU THINK???


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hummmmm, YIKES!!! Ohh YES, I agree! :-)

Yikebike Another interesting post by BROL poster Tooslow has popped up, concerning a… Yikebike. (Appropriate name...) By the looks of the vehicle license plates, this was obviously not taped here in the USA. OHHH YES, I could just see this puppy hitting one of our infamous city meter holes or road chuck holes and you will have INSTANT astronaut....... ;-) And no helmet; that's asking for instant brain MUSH... And FINALLY at the price they are asking for it; might likewise send you into orbit as well....... ;-)

Friday, March 05, 2010

OT – Spot The Lion…


And you thought recumbents were costly???


OOOOH, YES, I’m saving my coins for a couple of these babies, for sure… ;-) Surely a bike you would NEVER allow any common city folk street touch! BUT HEY, if you can afford THIS, you can surely afford to build your own street of GOLD to ride it on… ;-) Here’s the article on this MOST UNIQUE Bicycle!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

OMG! There’s still a pulse for Walking & Bicycling HERE in the USA!!! * WAY To Go, Rails To Trails Conservancy!!!


Quote from Rails to Trails website: “BREAKING NEWS: "Active Community Transportation Act of 2010" Introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. After years of organizing supporters around the country, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is excited to announce that on Tuesday, March 2, 2010, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) introduced H.R. 4722, the "Active Community Transportation Act of 2010" (ACT Act), on the floor of the House of Representatives! The ACT Act is the direct result of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s (RTC) Campaign for Active Transportation. The Act would create a $2 billion program to fund dozens of communities around the country to improve their trail, walking and biking networks. If this bill is enacted, communities around the country will receive the resources to better allow Americans to walk and bike to the places you live, work, play, shop and learn.” Here’s the link to this WONDERFUL NEWS Story!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

BREAKING News! San Francisco may put brakes on CM events…


Hummm, if it works in New York why not HERE! I got a very interesting email from a local Friend and SFRR member, J. Riley, about another metropolis researching the magic statute bullet, created in New York. Here’s the link to the article and still another link. Thanks J.R.! :-) Humm, I wonder who will be next?

Florida leads country in pedestrian, bicyclist deaths… :-(


Well EZ Biker Friends, once again Florida finds it’s self rated # 1, but for a VERY SAD TRAGIC reason. Here’s the story of our so-called # 1 accomplishment, from the USA Today Website. :-( :-( :-(

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

BREAKING News! What not to do in Shark Valley! :-(


Quote from Josh at Atlantic Bicycles: “Here is a post from one of the mountain bike forums. I am only posting it here so you can use it as a lesson on what not to do in Shark Valley, they were in the wrong and now have to pay the $$$ price $$$.” Here’s the link to the LESSON TO BE LEARNED! :-(

Monday, March 01, 2010

A few… upgrades for the folder… :-)


After cruising around on my nifty folder a few times, there’s a FEW things I’m planning on upgrading to. First a more comfortable seat or saddle. From all my years of being reclined on a recumbent, that MORE upright position brought back my earlier bicycle riding rear issues. So padded bike pants will probably also be added, to ensure a more comfortable ride. Next, item is Presta stems! I enjoy inflating my tires up and not having to fight to get the pump device off the present Schrader tube stem. The present gearing is actually OK and I have had no issues getting up any of our local bridges so far. Overall, my little fold bike has been a real bicycling pleasure; BUT not to the point, that I’ll give up my recumbent anytime soon! :-)