Sunday, February 28, 2010

BREAKING News! EZ Braves “FRIGID… 58 Degrees” on Fold Bike!


Angles in Heaven are surely weeping, birds are surely happily tweeting and squirrels are surely jumping for joy, as old EZ WIMP Boy, does a 5 mile deploy… ;-) ;-) ;-) <LOL>

Recumbent with a “Sidecar”???


HUMMM, I honestly enjoy innovations and this rather unique recumbent with sidecar is no exception. I’m not sure where you might be able to actually ride it; but it still pretty interesting looking. Here's the link to read more about it. :-)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey EZ, READY to ride this weekend???


So EZ, how do you like this BRISK COOL weather? Are you going to be up and out on the road this weekend? We surely will be looking for you on A1A!!! Signed BILL & Susan.

UMMMMM Bill & Susan, Thanks for the email and you should be able to see my response in the enclosed photo… ;-) ;-) ;-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Recumbents, Rap and the Olympics! :-)


LOL, OK I found this at the BROL home page. It’s pretty FUNNY! Click on the photo or this link and get your SNAPPIN ON!!! :-)

OT – It’s time to set them FREE!!!


GREAT Camping & Biking Gear Website!


BROL poster Neil Cooper has posted an interesting post about light weight sleeping pads, being used in conjunction with bicycling. Coyboy provided a good response and link to a website that has excellent information on light weight camping gear, which bicyclists obviously can use too. :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now THIS is REAL WET Bicycling!!!


I bet this cyclist doesn't have to worry about any chuck holes or even vehicle traffic, except for maybe a skin diver… Here’s the link to read more about this WET endeavor! :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey EZ, Rumor has it you BROKE a bike!!! :-0


OHH GAWD…, I have gotten numerous emails inquiring about that…  little… happenstance… Josh at Atlantic Bicycles brought out a BEAUTIFUL metallic red catbike and I promptly ceased the chance to do a test ride on it. The chain happen to be in the BIG sprocket and so I was trying to shift the rear chain up to an easier to peddle gear; BUT I ended up muscling the shift and the wheel lodged into the stays and I broke one of the sprockets! EEEEEEEEEEK! I must have APOLOGIZED to Josh over 100  times during the rest of the day! Oh, by the way Josh; I’m REALLY SORRY about that! BUT WOW, what a GREAT ride! (On a white one, I had tried earlier… ;-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! * BINGO! Hate to say it, BUT I told you so...

image I had previously done a post on Critical Mass events, where numerous bicyclists show up and cause traffic jams; FANTASIZING this will sway vehicle operators to Love... and respect... bicycling. Apparently some legal eagle has found the possible silver bullet that may put the brakes on CM events, at least here in the USA. First is an opinion that’s posted at BROL front page. And here’s the BROL post: New York Court says "Get a permit, cyclists" (See the actual article here) This could set into motion other cities and states to follow suite. (Word has it, some cities are already studying the permit ruling) Some interesting comments have come out of this discussion and likewise a really CHILLING collateral issue, that could effect weekly and weekend bicycling events everywhere. I've ridden with some weekend rides that sometimes have 50+ cyclists at the ride. If our municipalities embrace this permit rule, we could clearly see weekend rides and annual bike events either downsized or discontinued altogether! The right of assemblage was brought up in the BROL thread. BUT keep in mind, we still have that right, as long as we don't break laws and CM events do in fact break numerous traffic laws. Needless to say, I have never been a fan of Critical Mass events and with this latest legal gambit, ALL OF BICYCLING WILL SUFFER BECAUSE OF THESE LAWLESS critical mass IDIOTS!!! And yes, I have purposely avoided jumping into the BROL thread; (So far…) as most of my anti-CM comments have already been mentioned.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florida HPVA Event – Part 2! I didn’t want it to end!














Well my poor old chuck wagon van managed to hold up and I made it to the Florida HPVA event! What absolute FUN I had; both in racing (Or turtleing for me) and taking photos! In fact I was having so much photographing; I almost missed a few of my events! SO you want to see some photos? Do you have time to check out over 200+ of them? :-) OK, here’s the link! I have a lot of thoughts about this event, but I’m too pooped to starting composing them at the moment. I’m going to pause on a few of my daily posts; until I can put together everything I want mentioned here. Some good things, some rather pitiful things and future thoughts will be fourth coming!  :-) UPDATE - 2-22-2010: Because of some really impacting BREAKING News, I’m going to save and post my thoughts on the HPVA event, for later this week. 

Here’s more links, Thanks to Shari! Fl. HPVA Results  More photos - link Racer46    Update2 - 2/24/2010: So here are some of my thoughts and observations on the Florida Challenge HPVA event. Garri Hill & Company put on an excellent event, that went very smoothly. Once again, there were more visiting cyclists than locals participating and basically little or NO spectators to be seen through out the event. My 70+ flyer mail outs did NOTHING to help in the attendance and I will have to think seriously, before I consider putting the $$$ into doing that again. :-(  However this was done out of Love and respect for the recumbent community! :-) I have to wonder if there will even be a Florida event next year, given the really SMALL turnout of participants and spectators. Garri & Co. deserve BETTER. Perhaps having an event like this over a 2 day period is overkill. Apparently a lot of folks that came out Saturday, passed on Sunday. I'm thinking high racer bikes must have made their presence on Saturday (Part 1 that I missed) because they were no where in site on Sunday. (Only 3, me and 2 other girls...;-) Rans was another MIA at least on Sunday. Low racers, including the Cat bikes dominated the event, period. However Trikes DOMINATED over all quantity wise! YES, there were actually MORE trike participants then other bikes! And less you think these were some poke a long kind of rides; you have not seen what happens when you add a strong cyclist to one. TRIKES are FAST, VERY FAST! I didn't place high in of the events; which is perfectly OK with me, because I went to have FUN and FUN was what I had. I did manage to break Atlantic Bicycles (Josh) Catbike demo he had brought out. Not the bike fault; but mine, as I tried to shift too hard still going slow and messed up the rear derailleur... Umm, SORRY (For the 1000 time) about that Josh! I did get to ride another Catbike and it's really a NICE (FAAAAAST) bike and a low racer to boot. The wide, (Double bar supported) seat is going to allow riders to do VERY long mileage rides. I've gotten some emails already about my photos. Yep, LOTS of them, I know. I had more fun photographing then racing... ;-) Overall, the Fl. Challenge was a Wonderful event and I was SORRY it had to finally come to an end. :-) UPDATE – 3/3/2010: The FL. HPVA event did manage to get a brief write up in our local newspaper, the Sun-Sentinel. :-)  UPDATE –3-14-2010 – MORE photos of the event by Catbike & crew!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hummm, let’s reboot and try again! – EZ MIA at Fl. HPVA today… :-(


Clothes were laid out, duffel bag packed, camera ready to go and off I went at 0630 hours to Brian Piccolo park for the Fl. HPVA event. Hummm, no one seemed to be around the Velodrom. Then a recumbent cyclist rolled up and advised me they had to pull a switch a roo and race on the crit track today and Velodrom tomorrow. YIKES! I had just planned to photograph today in the velodrom (Still getting over my cold) and then race at the crit track tomorrow. SO, I hadn’t brought my bike or gear with me.  I jump in the van and make a MAD FAST DASH for home, to collect my bike and gear. I’m packed up ready to go; when I notice my van is puking. I’ve seen this BEFORE and I knew what this problem was… Another water pump gone to Heaven… ;-) So I sadly unloaded my bike and gear and called to get my poor sickly vehicle towed in. It’s back home now and hopefully I’ll be able to salvage the weekend and participate tomorrow.  In the meantime, John Riley took some GREAT photos of the event, which you can see here. Nice Photos John!

GOOO Sandy Earl!!!


I have been seeing a lot of net chatter about this person and decided to do a little in depth research. I came away being VERY IMPRESSED with this person and her EXCELLENT bicycling skills! She’s actually going to be participating in RAAM and is presently in COLD Sebring Florida this weekend. There’s a lot of great websites that have all kinds of interesting info on this super athlete. Check out the following sites! Link, link and link.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What recumbents would you stock?


Hello EZ, Love your site and visit it often. I have a good bicycle shop owner friend that’s toying with the idea of maybe stocking some bents in his shop. He’s asked me my opinion on what specific bents should he seriously consider carrying? I don’t actually own a bent yet (Looking at a Bacchetta Corsa) but I hope to soon. SO EZ, any thoughts on what bents a bike shop should consider? Signed Lynn.

Lynn, Thanks for your nice email! WELL there are a fairly good batch of recumbent manufacturers out there, these days. While I’m not a shop owner; I have dealt with a number of them and have heard all kinds of stories about getting / keeping bents in stock. And THAT’S the most single important issue, when considering what brand of bents to carry. Personally I’d seriously try and research bent manufacturers that are made here in the good ole USA, first! There are 2 that come to mind, Easy Racers and Rans Recumbents; which have been around for a long time. Both these manufacturers offer good quality bents (To which I have owned a few from each… ;-) with Rans probably offering more of a verity of bents. Now there’s obviously other bent manufacturers whose bents are maybe more popular out there; but being able to get their bents shipped to your store is very problematic! One store owner told me, he has a “Window” of about 4 months to be able to place his bent order and then it’s wait until 6 or 7 months before another batch of bents will arrive. I’m SORRY, but that’s just POOR business when talking supply and demand. When you have a customer ready to buy; you need to be able to get them the product they want ASAP! Less you lose the moment and they go else where, where the product they wan, may be ready for them to collect, immediately. BUT (In all fairness to some bent companies) when dealing with an overseas manufacturer, you are basically at their MERCY and usually are hamstrung to having to purchase a large inventory of bents; if you want them shipped in a timely fashion. So (Again) I would surely suggest your LBS research those manufacturers that build their bents here in the USA first and then if the demand takes off; look at other bents to consider to carry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just plain Aero Spokes EZ? :-( C'mon!


So Easy, I’m happy to hear you have joined the Aero Spoke Club. I have used them for many years and they are wonderful. SOOO, why didn't you have them painted up, like THESE in the included photo? Signed Aaron.

Aaron, Thanks for your email and GORGEOUS photo, errrr ummm, the Pink Aero Spoke wheels that is. And NO, my Aero Spoke wheels are just your usual standard black color. Anyway, I did some further research on this photo and found the website; which has all kinds of bikes with the PINK motif! Pink Bike is the website and it’s an Excellent website gallery showcasing cyclists with their PINK bicycles! I’ve added the site to my links! :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BREAKING News! Recumbent Trike featured on the Price Is Right Television Show!

image I caught this news flash at BROL earlier the week and am just now getting to post it. They apparently did a brief showcase on a recumbent trike; whereby at the end Drew actually got on it and tooled around! You can see the joy ride at 4:34 minutes of the video. HEY! Any kind of TV exposure is GREAT and BENEFICIAL exposure! :-)

OMG! They actually RACE these things!!!


I must confess, I actually tried to mount one of these beasties, years ago and proceeded to kiss the payment face first and then on back & bu… And yet I have already did one post, (RAGBRAI is an event I WANT to DO) where a cyclist rode one for miles and miles! Now I come upon an article at, where they actually RACE these little animals!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

OT - He EZ, What Prosumer Camera should I buy?

image Hello EZ, I know the theme of your blog is recumbents and bicycling in general. BUT surely you use some sort of camera to photograph some of your photos. So do you have any suggestions on a prosumer type of camera? I’m looking to photograph bike rides, vacations and just general fun photography. Signed Donna.

Thanks for your email Donna. You are talking to a person who has been into photography, just as long as into bicycling. I started off with a Kodak Brownie, then in college a, Mamiya 1000 camera and moved onto numerous system cameras like Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Pentex… You name it and I’ve probably used it at one time. Of late, my digital camera acquisitions have not been as wild and woolly as  back in my camera FILM days. My 1st digital camera was a Sony Cyber-shot DSC F717 and my present camera is a  Panasonic FX-01. BUT, a NEW camera may get ordered as soon as this weekend! Now I know there are TONS of Excellent cameras out there; but honestly, there’s only ONE that offers a feature, I just thrive on! The Canon PowerShot SX20 IS is NOW my latest CAMERA! Besides all the included NEAT features and gadgets, IT’S THE REAR ALL MOVEABLE POSITION VIEW FINDER THAT MAKES THIS “””the””” CAMERA TO HAVE! Thanks to my Hasselblad Camera days, I LOVE taking unexpected or natural photos of people. Meaning, they don’t realize I’m pointing a camera and looking at them; so they can prepare themselves for the shot. Instead I’m looking down at the camera and looking like I’m doing something other then preparing to take a photo of someone. Self posed photos (Where you can get the right pose or position is also possible due to the all positioning viewfinder) So Donna, that’s my camera choice! As I’m now about to post this; I have in fact received my camera and am having a GREAT time, trying out all the cool features!!! This camera ROCKS!!! :-)

FEMALE Bicycle Couriers? You bet!

female courior

YES, in fact there really are “Female Bicycle Couriers” that brave some of the most crowded, congested and dangerous streets out there! Here’s an interesting article I found at Bike Blog NYC, concerning these BRAVE road courier Divas.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

BREAKING News! * Wing1 photos of Sebring participants!!!!

image We are now beginning to get some input at the BROL post from the 12/24 Sebring CHILLER event. (Possible new title for this event??? ;-) Wing1 has posted some FABULOUS photos of those REAL cyclists that endured the Refrigerator ride. (2-Possible new title for this event???) Here’s the link to these GREAT photos! Congratulations to all the participants, recumbent bike, trike and road bike! You all endured some CHALLENGING weather and adversity! Update - 2/16/2010 MORE Sebring photos here, by jkeenan7! GREAT photos you all!!!

To “ALL” My EZ Biker Friends & Visitors… :-) :-) :-)

VD-for ezbiker-blog

By all means I want to wish EVERYONE a Wonderful Happy WARM & Fuzzy (Bicycling… Of course) Valentines Day!!! The really neat gif was found at; which has a lot of other COOL (FREE) Glitter subject matter, comments that you can easily add to your website or blog. :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey EZ, we looked for you today!


So EZ, we were out and about rather early today, braving the COLD and WIND and were looking for you! Did you go into your hibernation mode or what? Signed Alex & Marie.

Alex, Marie, Thanks for your email and… WOW, you all were really out in THIS WEATHER, that EZ Wimpo, usually tries to avoid??? WELL OK, I have a touch of a rather NASTY head cold at the moment. Been dealing with this the whole week. :-( So, what with the Florida HPVA race event next week; I’m DESPERATELY trying to shake this mess, before then! So yes, I’m in that stay close to home and bed mode for this weekend.

Bike Shop Girl – Helping every woman find their way through cycling!


I visited today and they have some really GREAT postings, you should go check out! The one post that caught my eye was A very informative site for bike maintenance by none other then bikeshop girl. :-) Now I know there are a lot of bicyclists that still don't have that "How to change a flat tire" routine down yet. SO, here's really excellent video done by the Bike Shop Girl, that shows you EVERYTHING, on HOW TO change a bicycle tire. Yep, this is a must visit OFTEN website! :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Only SERIOUS Cyclists need show up… :-0


Yikes! OK, I know I did a previous post on Sebring and how I really really wanted to participate in it. And of course here's my previous post and post about my Sebring endeavor back in 2007. SOOOO, I did a weather check for there and folks..... it's going to be almost as cold as when I did it back in 2007. At first, you really start thinking on IF YOU REALLY REALLY WANT TO GET OUT AND RIDE IN THESE TEMPS.... :-) Then you commit at 0630 hours you begin and take 3 laps around the track (Which is still rather DARK... (Remember there's NO LIGHTING on Sebring Track, except in the pit area) and start trying to peddle REALLY FAST, to get warmed up somewhat. Then you remember you have about 90 miles to do initially and you settle in on a pretty good pace. After the 90 mile trek; you basically start doing laps around the Sebring area (Not on the track yet) This is basically for the 12 hour bunch. Once the 12 hour side is done, (And you're doing 24 hours like I tried... to do) you are directed up this incline and onto the track. Now you get your lights ready and start doing laps. OK, the following advice will be in all caps, because I want to SHOUT OUT what you should and should not do in bicycling in these temps. IF / WHEN YOU NEED TO TAKE A SHORT BREAK, MAKE IT JUST THAT! DO ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND GET BACK ON YOUR BIKE... ASAP, ASAP, ASAP, ASAP! Once back on your bike, you MAY be PHYSICALLY shaking / shivering all over. Push yourself to ride as hard / fast as you can, early on, so you can get your overall body temp back up. After a few laps you should be good to go. My over all concern was that I would be too tired and sleepy to do 24 hours. THAT WAS NOT CASE! I had plenty of energy and was wide awake and not sleepy at all, at the 16 hour mark. My body just felt like shutting down, from the cold and kept seducing me to take longer breaks. BAD THING! The longer you take, to get back on your bike, the MORE your body starts convincing you, that's what you need to do. After 16 hours, I was covered up by a sleeping bag on the concrete and just didn't want to ride anymore. (Not from being tired; BUT just COLD) Needless to say, the temperature in Sebring this weekend WILL BE A CHALLENGE for some! By 0630 hours Sunday morning, cyclists will have truly endured some tough bicycling!!!  UPDATE: 2/13/2010 For those that want to check current weather conditions in Sebring from time to time, please click on this link.

Gregory, your observations are partially right…


I was doing a Google search for something and came upon a recumbent article in ehow and a persons observation of positives and negatives of bents. While he is correct that bents tend to be less efficient on hills, they clearly make up for that on the down side of them. BUT his observation that bents don't handle as well as uprights, is well... WRONG. Bents do in FACT handle MUCH BETTER than uprights, due to the body being more diversified or equally spread out over the frame. :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need to find a patent???


I had been trying to find a certain duel hand and foot crank bike, via Google search and photos and just couldn’t find the exact match. During my search I came upon a really neat website that allows you to search and retrieve information on “All the inventions of mankind.” freepatentsonline is the site and it’s been very helpful in researching patents!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MORE information of the HPRA Florida Challenge Event!


WOW! I continue to get a lot of inquiries about the upcoming Florida HPV race event, February 21/22, 2010. Some folks are wanting to know the specifics of the event, types of races and on and on. The has done up the PERFECT post, that answers most of all the inquiries I’ve gotten. Check it out at this link! I’ve also borrowed a photo from the kind folks at that shows examples of the various kinds of bents that are used at HPVA events.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An online NEWS Journal for Recumbents!


While browsing the BROL forums, I happen to find a link posted by BROL forum poster TravisP on a site titled Recumbent Journal. After visiting the site; I have to say… What a really NICE INFORMATIVE site it is! Clearly a must save link to your favorites!

Monday, February 08, 2010



WELL EZ Biker Friends, once again, my “MOST FAVORITE” bicycle event is just around the corner… 12/24 Hours Of Sebring. Alas, my continued watch how I spend my $$$ and possible (VERY RARE THESE DAYS) overtime at work, is causing me to once again, miss my again… “MOST FAVORITE” bicycle event :-( Now to add even MORE to my torture, I’ve posted the following thread at BROL: Sebring… Who’s doing it? So you all are Welcome to join in on my self inflected TORTURE / pain and read up on all the juicy tidbits of those LUCKY one’s that get to go to it!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The local masses will learn of HPVA Florida Challenge! :-)


Well besides having 2 GREAT Days of Kick Tail Bicycling, I also got my HPVA – Florida Challenge mail outs done. Most of all the area bike shops, news media and publications should be receiving them, sometime this week!

FORGET SAFETY… My mind is ONLY on Super Bowl… :-/


Traffic wise anyway! I can’t begin to count the abnormal amount of CLOSE encounters with day dreaming vehicle operators these past 2 days! Rolling through lights, close brushes and 1 especially goofy New York driver who thought it’s OK to turn onto A1A, from a blind intersection, even with a cyclist (With a green light) already in the intersection. It’s like I have nothing on my mind except super bowl. (Which isn’t even in Fort Lauderdale! – I’d hate to see the traffic around the stadium and surrounding city areas!) I for one will be glad when it’s done and over with! And the next one that comes to town; (HOPEFULLY not for awhile) me thinks I’m going to lay low until all the DAY DREAMING drivers leave!

Road Bike Cyclists will probably PASS on Fla. HPVA event… :-(


Hello EZ Biker I was one of the bike shops that received your Florida HPVA Challenge flyer in the mail. It sounds like a very interesting event and something Road cyclists might enjoy… WATCHING BUT NOT Participating in. The reason? The “2 mirror” requirement. I can see some cyclists maybe doing 1 mirror, BUT a lot of cyclists I’ve recently talked to, were not enthusiastic about having to use more than 1 mirror, much less than any mirror at all. In normal velodrome bicycling events, (The Tour de France and general bike federation sanctioned events) road cyclists just don’t use mirrors at all. Still, I and some of my fellow cyclists, may come out and watch you all anyway. :-) Signed James.

James Thanks for your email and actually Great feedback on my flyer mail out and thoughts on mirrors. Mirrors are just a clear necessity when riding a recumbent bike. I use a SINGLE helmet mounted one, even when riding on my new Dahon upright fold bike. Obviously the main focus of the HPVA event is racing; but doing so with absolute SAFETY in mind. I will have to add a second mirror on my bike; as I am planning on participating on Sunday, on the crit track. However regardless as to if you and friends plan to participate; we will whole heartedly WELCOME you all at the event!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

This is just SOOOOO WRONG!!!


OK, I don’t mean that in a BAD or sinful sense; BUT there’s just NO WAY, I could honestly be out bicycling in THAT kind of weather. Yep, ole EZ WUSS just can’t deal with the elements like that anymore. And YES I have ridden in rain many times before; I guess it’s that having to deal with various things… Traffic, flatting, cleaning the bike afterwards… YUK! Photo from the following link.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Hummmm… A new kind of BEACH CRUISER???


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Not High Tech, BUT they work!!!


I know a few other sites have picked up on Easy Racers new website that is still “Under Construction”. The following BROL post has me a tad TWEAKED, as certain “think they know it all web designers,” have seen fit to shoot their mouth off; knocking ER’s new site, which (AGAIN) is still under construction. Others seem to have some sort of issue with Easy Racers hose clamp devices, that they still use on their bikes. To all these CLOWNS, I’d say ER has been around making recumbents and HPV’s long before a lot of you, even knew what a recumbent or HPV even was. As far the hose clamps, they might not be fancy or high tech, but they SIMPLY… WORK; unlike certain other more modern clamp technologies that have failed. I’m proud to say I have owned 4 ER products and NEVER had one frame or hose clamp related issue with any of them. :-)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Catbike to be on the PROWL at Florida Challenge!!!

image I have gotten A TON of emails about my earlier post concerning Catbike. Word has it that Catbike company reps will be at the HPRA event in Cooper City! Josh from Atlantic Bikes is also suppose to bring one of these beauties out as well! Lots of locals looking to be there as well to check it out!!!

OMG! Penny Farthing High Wheelers racing in a velodrome!!!


I would not have believed it; if I didn’t see it here! As much as I’d like to MAYBE try one of these Penny Farthings (On a very isolated FLAT parking lot, with no one around…) I could NEVER see trying one in a velodrome! EEEEEEEK! Now the blog I got this from is titled The Bike Blog Book and it has lots of GREAT bike photos! A recommended must visit site!

PS: Sorry this got posted SO LATE today! I had put the wrong time and then forgot to set the advance post… A possible SENIOR moment… ;-)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day Everyone!!! :-)


Monday, February 01, 2010

ALRIGHT on the recumbent races!


Hey EZ, LOVED your breaking news about the return of recumbent racing to Bryan Piccolo Park! I was at the previous ones and that’s how I fell in LOVE with bents and have 3 at present. So EZ how about the tracks. Are there any possible aerial views of them? And lastly, can upright or road bikes cyclists participate? Signed Hank.

Hello Hank, thanks for your email and YES in deed I managed to find an aerial view courtesy of And here’s the link to the Google photo seen here. I’ve also added an enlarged version into my Google docs folder.


BREAKING NEWS! Recumbent Racing Returns to South Florida!


I had heard rumors that this Exciting, FUN and interesting event was going to be resurrected again and sure enough a visit to confirms that! This will be a 2 day event and held at Brian Piccolo Park, in Cooper City Florida! Even if you are not into the actual RACING aspect, it’s a GREAT event to come find out MORE about recumbents and also see some of the more Exotic ones, (Like streamliners or Back 2 Back Recumbent Tandems) that may be at the event. Here’s a Google link to find out more about Brian Piccolo Park.