Sunday, January 31, 2010

WOW EZ! Was that YOU with the A1A/Commercial Gang today?


Hi EZ, me and Mary were on A1A today heading North and happen to catch a look as some recumbent person on the tail end of the A1A/Commercial group. The recumbent had Aero Spokes and I remember you saying you were going to put them on your bike. You all were CRUISING! Signed Jan & Mary

Hey Jan, thanks for your email. I saw you all, but was a tad busy trying to hang with the group. Yep, I rejoined the bunch and decided to see if I could make it there and back on my added weight rims and WOOHOO, I did in deed manage not to get dropped like a brick. Although Sundays are usually take it easy ride day; so that might have had something to do with it. BUT now back home, the old bod is creaking and TIRED! :-)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How are your new rims EZ?


Hello EZ Biker, Teri here. SO how are your new Aero Spoke rims working out? (I saw your bike at Bike Spot last week) Do you notice any difference verses your previous rims? How about weight or any other issues or thoughts? Signed Teri

Hello Teri, Thanks for your email. So you got to check out my little beastie at the shop eh? WELL I took her out for a short… 49 mile ride today with a fellow recumbent rider, John. The wheels are WONDERFUL and every city meter hole or cross walk I hit; I DIDN’T HAVE A WORRY about my spokes! The ONLY thing I was less than enthused about were the tires themselves. The Primo Racer tire is OK and admittedly the bike felt like a PLUSH ride sensation. (Like marshmallow wheels…) Admittedly I’m a Continental  (Conti) tire guy and I really missed having them on the bike. (The Conti 26 size tires are ordered and should be in soon) Other than that, I didn’t notice the added weight; BUT my head rest is something I’ll have to be working on. Along with new rims, I included a Kevlar seat (Saving me 1.5 lbs) but it’s a tad different design; which now makes my head rest act like a wet noodle! :-( I’m use to having a lot more stiff head rest. Overall the bike performed WONDERFULLY and I don’t have to stress about broken spokes anymore! WOOOOHOOO!

Bicycle Events Calendar?


Dear EZ Biker, enjoy your site a lot. I was wondering if you can offer any links to Bicycle event Calendars? Signed Rachel.

Hello Rachel, Thanks for your email. And YES, I have a Local Florida Event site via Florida Bicycle Org. Now if you or others are looking for events elsewhere; here's two sites that offer up to date listings. &

Friday, January 29, 2010

OT - Hey! To anyone involved in Haiti Relief Efforts!











OK, I thought I’d briefly revisit the Haiti issues as it continues to be an on going tragedy of sadness and people in DESPERATE NEED for everything! To see these people living in make shift tents and some of the more luckier ones maybe in a real tent; got me to looking for an ALTERNATIVE living source.  Pictured above are 2 rather SIMPLE but at least MORE Livable types of dwellings that can be packaged and shipped rather quickly and easily. Clearly only for shot term residency; BUT better then some of the make shift drillings seen at present! Here are the website location link & link for anyone interested in checking these portable dwellings further. Also another item to check out would be shipping containers. YES, shipping containers that are manufactured into living quarters! Here’s a Google Photo search link, of all the possibilities! 

A Road Sign(?) I’d be HAPPY to obey……… ;-)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Many Folding Bikes Does It Take To Fill A Parking Space?


Here’s an interesting read environmentally-wise on how many folding bikes could be put into 1 vehicle space. Now that’s a lot of vehicles not being on the road, causing congestion and polluting the air. To find the answer to the question, please visit this link.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book holder for your bike… DUUUUUUUH Award!!! ;-0

image OK, I really want to give the company that has developed this item a serious benefit of a doubt and hope it's intended use would be “ONLY” on a bike connected to an door trainer; NOT while doing REAL bicycling. Having said this this, I'm quite sure some space head will probably try and do it while out in public bicycling. Hummm, I bet liability law firms are already licking their chops on this... product. Here's where you can read more about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Hi EZ, I thought I recommend to you a pretty neat website, candycranks that’s a very nice  collaboration of female riders from around the globe giving insight to bike culture in their home cities.  Signed Monik

Hello Monik, Thanks for your email and sharing a very informative and entertaining website. Its clear these High Cyclists are having lots of fun!

Monday, January 25, 2010



Once again I have found another interesting article at Spokes ‘n’ Folks blog site, on a subject that is forever steeped in heated debatable posts, in all kinds of bicycle / motorcycle forums all around the internet. Helmet laws appear to discourage bicycling concerning younger cyclists. I am of course PRO Helmet and have numerous stories on how a bike helmet kept me from sustaining serious injury while cycling. It’s funny how humans honestly believe they have total control and a handle on life and can control anything they are confronted with. BUT it’s that INSTANT, OUT OF NO WHERE moment, that you never saw coming that usually ends up BITING YOU BIG Time and can CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Case in point; while riding on my Gold Rush recumbent one time; I encountered glass, I didn’t see and my 20” front tire blew and in less than a split second, I was ABRUPTLY careening towards the curb, hitting the curb via my head (Luckily with my helmet on) and got a lovely… hard whack! I was shook up, with some serious road rash on my thigh and arms; BUT otherwise OK. Had I not been wearing a helmet; I would have SURELY encountered some nasty head trauma. OK, so helmets are not the best thing,  fashion speaking or being COOL wise to wear. What does one do, to make them so? Hummm, some homework is probably in order here. Enlist the services of those pro sports Icons, like Lance Armstrong, or other high Profile sports figures, who's sports utilize helmets and get some serious PR advertising going on. Kids look up to these individuals and humans as a whole tend to want to imitate what high profile sports people do, via their clothing or other mannerisms. Simply PUT, make wearing a bike helmet not only stylish, but a COOL THING to do!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look Mom, NO HANDS on the handlebars ON A…. RECUMBENT!!!

image Throughout my many years on bikes, I have on an occasion ridden without my hands on the handlebars; BUT on a recumbent (With the exception of a 3 wheel trike) I didn’t think it possible; nor have I ever even attempted such a fete. And you don’t even think about attempting to do this while in a turn! WELL, it appears a “2 Wheel” recumbent will be coming out soon, that does in deed allow you to ride with no hands on the handlebars and you can do so, even in turns! So what’s the BIG DEAL about being able to ride a bike or recumbent without holding onto the handlebars? “BALANCE” is word that comes to mind. When your bike has this kind of balance which equates into stability, it’s something that comes in handy in a hard braking or abrupt correction turn, you may encounter.  Josh at Atlantic Bicycles posted information (Including the VIDEO) about this extraordinary semi-low racer recumbent, being brought out by renown recumbent trike building company, Catrike. The is clearly a bike I want to go test ride, upon it’s arrival in March(?).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

OT - Hey! If it’s good enough for Haiti…………

image Ok, by no means am I trying to take away the importance of helping the Haiti Nation back on it’s feet. BUT it’s truly amazing how all these organizations, companies, corporations and big name celebrities are springing into action and taking the time to embrace this cause. I say, why not do the same and offer help to our own people who are in need of something to eat, a roof over their head or even helping find work for the millions of out of a job Americans! For a larger view of this photo and my T-Shirt version please visit my Google folder. (If it comes up half page, hit the refresh button)

UPDATE: 1-26-2010 – OK, I think I have the link fixed! I’ll check it first thing tomorrow (1/27/2010) at work! :-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

A STOLEN Bike finds it’s way home!!!


I just came across a REALLY GREAT post at BROL by BROL poster T Easy Does It, titled Stolen Recumbent returned to Grateful Owner. NOW this is the kind of story that clearly puts a smile on my face!!! CONGRATULATIONS T Easy Does It!!!!! :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

OT- EASY WAY to now send photos via email!!!


Frustrated by not being able to paste pictures into Gmail or  Google docs?  One of the most commonly asked questions on support  forums is ‘Why can’t I paste my picture into Gmail?’  The  answer is because web browsers simply do not support this  copy and paste function.  PicturePaste fixes this!!! Now instead of having to post a photo on line somewhere, you can automatically embed it into your favorite email client and send! I have down loaded this little program and it WORKS GREAT!

Funny post there EZ!


Hey there EZ Biker, I happen to see your post at BROL “A publication I’d like to see” and was wondering where you got that template from. Signed Jan.

Hello Jan, Thanks for your email and yes, I have gotten a few comments on that post. Over the Holidays I did an extensive search for all kinds of FREE online gadget sites and this was one of many I found.  Here’s the link, for you to create your own.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hand Made Bicycles!


BROL poster oknups has posted a really interesting site concerning HAND MADE bicycles, as you see here. (Click on the photo for a Google Doc view of these beauties – if page comes up half view; hit your screen refresh button) There’s some INCREDIBLE hand made works of art here; that can actually be ridden!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BREAKING News! Livestrong Quarterly (By Lance Armstrong) and… Bents are mentioned! :-) :-) :-)






In the BROL forum, BROL poster tjdale wrote: “Livestrong has just introduced a quarterly publication that is both in print and online. It is aimed at informing the public of cutting edge cancer research/treatment, telling the stories of survivors, and helping everyone learn how to stay fit and healthy. …It is filled with some great stuff. And since Lance is the man behind it all, there is some cycling in there too. Like some of his rides he used on the Tour. However, I did not expect what I found on the last 2 article dedicated to the "revolution" of RECUMBENTS… “

WOW, this clearly a Great Day for the recumbent world; when a bicycling Icon like Lance Armstrong includes recumbents in his publication!!! Thanks Lance!!! :-) For those that have not signed up yet, here’s a link to a Google folder for you to get a glance at the recumbent article. (If the G.doc comes up half frame; click on your refresh screen button) I have just added recumbent 3 & 4 photos; as I am now signed up for this Wonderful Publication and Tremendous Cause! :-) Here’s some of BROL posters comments on this.

OK, where are my TRAINING Wheels? ;-)


FINALLY, this weekend I got to “FINALLY” get out on a bike! Admittedly it’s not my Aero, BUT I had a BLAST on my little cruiser; even if I was a little wobbly… ;-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

We NEED MORE Men Like Him!


Let me take a SOLEMN and Sincere Moment and wish everyone a Happy Wonderful Martin Luther King Day! He was truly an INSPIRATIONAL Dynamic Individual that was sadly taken from us, well before his time! I hope we all can continue to WORK HARD to keep His DREAM Alive!

Thursday, January 14, 2010











I’m sure I’m not the only person to be totally SHOCKED in seeing the TRAGEDY that continues to SO SADLY unfold in Haiti. I know and have numerous Friends from that country and my HEARTFELT PRAYERS are with You & Your Loved Ones! I sincerely hope my EZ Biker Friends will join in with me and offer not only PRAYERS, BUT also some serious $$$ donation to the Red Cross, to help this devastated Country! :-(  PLEASE take time and go to and DONATE TODAY!

A Schwinn Stingray Time Trail Bike???


NOW THIS is my kind of bike DREAM! A front (Probably plastic BUT… possible composite) solid spoke wheel and a home made(?) rear disc wheel all included on a vintage Schwinn Stingray??? Ohhhh YEEEES! Here’s the link to find out more. :-)

PS… By the way, this is still another GREAT bike story from… (Where else)  Portland Oregon…

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now just IMAGINE……….


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OT - He wants me to sign one…


Hello EZ Biker, I know this is not really an area you cover; but hopefully you will hear me out. I have been riding my recumbent bike for over 2 years and I met this other cyclist, who rides a road bike. His opening line was, hey I saw one of those at a website called I responded, I visit that site often and it’s a very nice site for recumbent related stores. (As of this email; we continue to visit your site often) So Thanks to your website, I may have finally found Mr. Right, except… To make a long story short; we have been together ever since and NOW I just got the QUESTION POPPED on me! Of course I said YES; but then a few weeks later, he brought home some sort of contract, titled a Prenuptial Agreement. He brushed it off as no big deal, a simple formality, that his family would like me to sign. I’m a little taken back by this; as why would such agreement be needed, if we are truly in LOVE and will be together forever? So EZ, do you have any thoughts on this? Signed Heather.

Heather Thank You for your email and clearly interesting (And RED Flag) situation you find yourself in. Admittedly, I have never been married and have not had to encounter this kind of situation; but I have friends that have and thus my opinion is based on THEIR experience, concerning the matter. IMHO (In my humble opinion) anyone that gets presented with this kind of document, should seriously step back and take a SERIOUS look at their relationship. The picture I see in my mind is, someone is planning to walk down the isle with their finger crossed behind them. Yea, I Love this person, BUT if for some reason, it doesn’t work out; (Or if I get caught doing something with someone, I shouldn’t have; like a certain high profile sports figure recently) I can bail and my financial status won’t take hit. A prenup  is nothing more than an alleged unconditional commitment (On the surface) that has a secret back door escape clause. I’m SORRY Heather; my inclination would be to tell this person GOOD BIE. :-/

Monday, January 11, 2010

There’s The Tour De France Race and here's The… Tour De Folder Race! :-)


As I now am the PROUD owner of my little folder jewel; I’ve been visiting a lot of sites geared towards folding bikes. And YES, they actually do have an event, where they actually RACE on these little beasties! Check out this link. :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

BREAKING News! EZ Biker Seeks Guidance From! HOW DO YOU ALL COPE & SURVIVE?


Dear, I NEED YOUR HELP! You clearly are the Mecca  of Bicycling, at least here in the US. I continue to post numerous FUN and Great bicycling stories and photos, that originate from you all. SO NOW, I DESPERATELY NEED TO KNOW, HOW DO YOU ALL SURVIVE, DURING THE WINTER SEASON? HOW, HOW HOW? As you may know, South Florida has been enduring unusually LOW / COLD under 35 degree temps this past week. (As I some how compose this with 2 sets of gloves on, the temp has FINALLY Mercifully… hit 40 degrees) Also this weekend we got LOVELY COLD DREARY RAIN added to the plate! I have not been out on my bike, in over a week! ARRRRRGGGREWSDF&^%$#@(*&^%!!! I’m seriously considering finding a bicycle riding addiction center and checking in immediately! I continue to search for bicycling movies like Breaking away and spend every waking moment on YouTube watching bicycling videos over and over. My indoor trainer is now my only source of near like bicycling! In fact, as you see pictured here, I’m HUNKERED DOWN, with my industrial strength “0” degree sleeping bag in my room, with my water bladder now being used as a hot water bottle! I have so much clothing on, I look like a Michelin Tire Person clone! I’m seriously like a SERIOUSLY CAGED animal and ready to POUNCE on taking sick days off from work, at the first tick of above 55 degree weather temps! BUT YOU ALL, deal with this on a yearly basis! Again, HOW DO YOU COPE with no bicycling for weeks or months on end and then only to graciously erupt with all kind of WONDERFUL FUN BICYCLING EVENTS come Spring?

Signed: Your fellow bicycling family member in FREEZING Florida DESPERATELY needs your guidance!!! :-) :-) :-)  EZ (FROZEN) Biker :-)

UPDATE! Got a GREAT response from Elly at! “Hi Kenneth, Ha, pretty funny. It actually rarely goes below 40 here for more than a week or so. Everyone pretty much just keeps on riding -- black ice is the only thing that really deters people from biking, though as a rule we're about as unprepared for real cold and snowy weather here as you are. So all I can say is check out, stock up on Goodwill sweaters, and get back out there! Cheers, and thanks for the compliments!   Elly”

Anti-Bike Group on Facebook, needs to go… :-/


I happened onto this article at Bike and I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE, that this group should be removed immediately. I have nothing against FREE Speech, until it advocates threats, violence and portrays photos of these actions directed at individuals or a specific group; in this case bicyclists. I would hope enough people see this and will write into Facebook and voice their displeasure in allowing a DIRT BAG to post and continue voice and advocate violence against cyclists. :-( Apparently Facebook has reviewed the group and finds nothing wrong with their site; so I guess we can expect terrorists groups to embrace  Facebook as well…) Just another one of the many reasons, I’m not interested in participating at their site.

UPDATE: Some fellow facebook people have countered and setup their own facebook site at the following link and link. :-)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Definitely a STAY IN DOORS kind of day… :-(

image Well I just looked outside and it’s about 40 degrees and RAINING… Got on line and went to the and now I see what Florida has to put up with today… :-(  Also, keep in mind the 1st Brevet in Jupiter Fl. is scheduled today. I know at least “1” HARDCORE cyclist that will be attending and it’s not… me… ;-)

UPDATE: 1/11/2010 - I found out there were actually 25 BRAVE souls that went and did the Ice Box Brevet! WOW!

RAGBRAI is an event I WANT to DO!


Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa sounds like a REALLY GREAT event! You obviously have the potential of seeing ALL KINDS of Cyclists; like you see in the photo. BROL poster Steve W aka bent eagle just did a post about his experience at this MARVELOUS RIDE. And if you like photos; WOW, there are some EXCELLENT ones! His in depth RAGBRAI, explaining what the event is in detail; along with a BUNCH of super photos can be seen at his website  crazyguyonabike.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Bike Building 101… :-)


I found an interesting post at BROL about design students that are given the task to build their own bike out of Bamboo at the Bamboo Bike Studio. From the look of this, I believe it’s pretty EXTRAORDINARY. Here’s the link to this interesting story. :-)

Thursday, January 07, 2010



Will my infatuation with folding bikes continues and now I have come upon some rather UNIQUE fold bikes that USE NO CHAIN! NOW this could be VERY Interesting, as chain cleaning has always been a PAIN to me. The name of the bike company is abiobikes and there appears to be at least 2 models as seen in the photo here. The price range is not that bad either for about $550.00! This is clearly a site to check out!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First it was Folding Bikes, Folding Rims and NOW… Folding Helmet???










I found THIS rather interesting tidbit about a possible FOLDING HELMET that might be in the works from Palm Beach Bike Tours website. While it might make for a handy helmet in a pinch,; I’m not sure I’d want to trust what little brain mass I have left, to this folding Helmet product.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010



I just know I’ll get plenty of responses on this post… Yep, WINTER has an absolute GRIP on South Florida and yet… I know of some HARD CORE Cyclists that will STILL be out there riding! I’m NOT one of them! The last time we had this kind of weather was back when I did Sebring back in 2008. That was considered a POLAR Cold event… This must be a POLAR LANDSLIDE version!

This is clearly a must visit website!


You know EZ Biker Friends I post a lot of sites at my site and YES, I do actually visit them myself from time to time. With some time on my hands, I went to crazyguyonabike site and took some MORE time to check that site out more thoroughly. WOW! What a Great site for ALL KIND of Bicycling and subject matter dealing with bicycling. I took a long photo of the front page and have put it into my Google Doc link as a PDF file. (Or click on the photo) (If it comes up half page, hit your screen refresh button) There’s also LOST OF Photos by individuals, on their trips and showing their bikes and all. As the title of this post says… This is clearly a must visit website!

Monday, January 04, 2010

OMG! I took my Fold Bike for a ride… AND I… I… LIKED IT! :-O

LoveHummmm, WELL EZ Biker Friends, I have to tell you, I feel like a High School little perv all over again… ;-) I took my little UPRIGHT FOLD bike out for a short ride and the ride was VERY NICE! I almost feel guilty though as my steady longtime Faithful Companion is in the shop getting an upgrade and I’m kind of MESSING around! Anyone seen my golf clubs? ;-)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

OMG! Thanks to EVERYONE for all the VISITS!


I don’t REALLY tend to pay that much attention to my hit counter… ;-) But I did happen to notice it today! WOW! I’m really AWESTRUCK by the number of visits to my SIMPLE Blog! Thanks to you all, for the visits and I hope you will continue to return! :-)   EZ Biker :-)

EZ Biker’s 2010 PREDICTIONS!

oie_1869405_Future OK, EZ Biker Friends, here we go again with my FEARLESS (What should probably be FEARFUL though...) PREDICTIONS!

1. EZ will FINALLY reveal his (Failed to launch) Innovations! (Yea, I've been there before... BUT the difference IS... it's the # 1 prediction! ;-) And once he's FILTHY RICH, he will offer the nation a real bailout and give every American $20,000 dollars. (Humm, could be coming up to medication time)

2. EZ will sink lower into the evil upright empire grasp, by adding a 2nd upright (Fold) bike to his stables. (I have NO IDEA, where any intelligence for that prediction came from........... ;-)

3. Sadly, I believe there will be a major recumbent manufacturer folding this year. (I hope not though) BUT recumbents continue to flat line sales wise.

4. I FEAR certain recumbent bicycle friendly organizations will pull the "friendly" plug and ban recumbents from participation. The EVIL upright empire surely has the $$$ to seduce anyone they want, to ban recumbents.

5. EZ will finally meet the female bicycle companion of his dreams, win the lotto and live happily hereafter. Ummmmmmmmmm, medication... ;-)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

So EZ did you RIDE off any HANGOVER?

Fireworks smoke

Hello EZ, I hope you had a Happy New Years Day. So did you get out and go ride off any hangover you had? Signed Jake.

Jake, Thanks for your email and Happy New Year to you too. I spent my New Years Eve, early to bed and then headed into work, New Years Day. No hangover worries; as I don't consume alcohol. In the past I use to definitely get out and go do some bicycling miles; until I became aware of the fireworks SMOKE / HAZE aftermath. (Didn't even have my Windows open, because of the same thing) There were areas that were as bad as you see in the photo. SO NO, I decided to pass in hailing all that mess. :-)… WE HAVE A PROBLEM…


OH YES, EZ Biker Friends, what a WONDERFUL way to start off the New Year with my internet service being DOWN for 6+ hours! :-( I so did want to post my annual goodies on New Years Day, BUT the internet GODS though otherwise… SO, I’m already playing catch up 2 days into the New Year! :-( *&^%$#)(&^%$

Friday, January 01, 2010

To all my EZ Biker Friends! Happy 2010 New Year!!!

Well ANOTHER year has come and gone and I continue to ENJOY posting and all of you all’s WONDERFUL emails! And YES, that’s me back in my DJ years doing a New Years Eve Party back in 1992! So I guess a few of you are wondering about the photo? WELL I have a post coming soon that’s going to have TONS of EXCELLENT “FREE” Websites that allow you to take a basic photo and go…. WILD, like I did here! Adding glitter, gifs and wording is a snap! For this photo check out the following website: Blingeasy. I’m also going to be sending this photo to Friends and it will be embedded into my Gmail, to where they actually see it when they open the email! Watch for my video, showing you how to do this, using ALL FREE SOFTWARE!  Update: 4/18/2010 Blingeasy apparently has gone away and graphics and gif done from there have likewise disappeared. :-(